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Donkey Kong Advanced

Yep, you read that heading right - an advanced Windows version of the seminal Nintendo arcade classic, Donkey Kong. Take a bow on a job well done, Mr. Justin … [Read More...]

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Donkey Kong Advanced

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Contra: Celebrating 30 Years Of Awesomeness

Contra, Gryzor or Probotector. No matter what name you know this classic Konami run and gun game by, you will definitely remember it as one tough mother of a game! Konami had an instant hit on their hands when … [Read More...]

Movieland Arcade: A Hit Of Nostalgia In Vancouver

Ah Vancouver, the city of many cruise ships and retirees boarding these massive vessels! This post has been a long time coming, but that's because we've been distracted - till now! Continuing on with cool … [Read More...]

It’s-A-Me, Charles Martinet! Let’s-A-Go!

Mamma mia! Surely by now you should all know the great Charles Martinet. For those of you that don't recognise him or the name, we bet you've definitely heard him. Charles is the voice of our favourite video … [Read More...]

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