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C64 Barbarian – Masters Of The Universe Edition

We got quite giddy when we came across John Henderson's tweet depicting his bitmap creation of Palace Software's Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior as C64 … [Read More...]

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Where To Play Pinball in Melbourne

Location pinball is experiencing a renaissance where the silverball game is popping up at more locations in and around one of the world's most liveable city. If you want to get your pinball fix you may want to … [Read More...]

Mad Max Pinball – The Original 1979 Movie

We have featured quite a few custom re-theme homebrew pinball machines, like Doom, Kill Bill, Undertale (Underpin) and Dragon's Lair, but this custom re-theme by Australian Kurt Savage (aka: Jakusu on Pinside), … [Read More...]

Super Awesome Pinball Birthday Cake

Once we saw this pinball shaped birthday cake, we knew we had to track down its creator to ask her some hard hitting questions about pinball, and of course, the flippin' amazing pinball birthday cake! So sit … [Read More...]

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