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PAX Aus 2014: It’s On Like Donkey Kong

PAX Aus 2014 is (almost) here people! There was a certain buzz today as exhibitors were scrambling to set up their respective areas. Speaking of which, the … [Read More...]

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Celebrating the Atari Lynx

It may have started life on a napkin back in 1986, but it wasn't officially released to the gaming public as the world's first 16-bit colour handheld till October 1989 (Ed: the Atari Lynx was officially … [Read More...]


Activision: Happy 35th Birthday

What do you do when the company you make video games for does not want to recognise nor pay you royalties for your efforts? You become disgruntled and leave that company with a few of your programmer co-workers … [Read More...]


Retro Gaming: Solid State Media

There is no point in pretending that I am a fan of downloadable content (DLC) - just for the record, I am not a fan! However, I can't deny that it is the way of the future, unfortunately. There is a sense of … [Read More...]

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