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Katy Perry and John Carpenter Have Something in Common

By: D.C. Cutler, U.S.A. Pop star Katy Perry is lending her likeness to several characters in the mobile role-playing game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. The … [Read More...]

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Film Review: Easy To Learn, Hard to Master – The Fate Of Atari

The story of Atari has been told many times, from books like Atari Inc: Business Is Fun to umpteen documentaries, but none tell the full and complete story as well as Easy to Learn, Hard To Master: The Fate Of … [Read More...]

A Rare Look Inside SEGA In The Mid 90s

We couldn't only feature Nintendo, so to balance things in the universe, here is the follow-up to the series of translations from the French documentary "Otaku", this time taking a rare look inside Sega, their … [Read More...]

A Rare Look Inside Nintendo During the SNES Era

If you've ever wondered what it was like in the Nintendo offices during their Super Nintendo days, then this excerpt  from the 1994 French documentary film Otaku is exactly what you are looking for! Thanks … [Read More...]

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