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Chip It: The Chiptune Cover Challenge

Soundfly, the guys that brought you the free online chiptunes crash course  has launched the "Chip It Challenge"! The Chip It Challenge is a one-month … [Read More...]

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Get Your Gaming Fix At ACMI’s Screen Worlds

If you are struggling to keep yourself and the kids entertained during the summer break, why not head on down to the free Screen Worlds Exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) at Fed … [Read More...]

Final Fight: The Complete History

We reckon  Daniel Ibbertson from Slope’s Games Room must have a direct link to our gaming memories. Either that or we have identical tastes in video games - which is a great thing! Daniel's Double Dragon, … [Read More...]

Back To The Virtual Future

image source: VR Source We live in a brave new world of virtual reality and ‘real’ 3D experiences. The race for full-immersion is on, with big money invested in tech to transport you into a virtual world. It … [Read More...]

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