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Blast From The Past: A Zzap! Retrospective

In issue 6 of Reset, it was abundantly clear which C64 related magazine the staffers held most dear - the one and only, Zzap!64. How apt then that we are … [Read More...]

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Coin-Op Hits: July 1993

Cast your mind back to mid 1993, when arcade parlours were a place you could go to and get your fix of unparalleled gaming experiences from industry heavyweights like, Sega, Taito, Atari (Ed: Yep, Atari!), … [Read More...]


The History of Mario’s Power-Ups

The Super Mario Bros. Tree of Power  Image source: Nintendo Enthusiast Watch Jason from Nintendo Enthusiast take us through the history of Mario's power-ups  starting from the very first mushroom in Super … [Read More...]


Commodore: The Amiga Years – Phoenix Rising

Just when you thought Brian Bagnall's book, Commodore: The Amiga Years was dead and buried, some good news has come to hand! Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, the book is now available for pre-order … [Read More...]

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