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Shotgun: 4-Player Death Match On Your C64

What's better than playing a death match with a friend in the same room? Playing a 4-player death match with your closest mates in the same room on … [Read More...]

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End Game: The Different Goals In OutRun

Ah, OutRun! It was the first street racing arcade game where you drove a Ferrari Testarossa at breakneck speeds with a female passenger in tow, feeling the wind in your hair as you raced to your next checkpoint … [Read More...]

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The Commodore 64 Store

Commodore will always be our first true (gaming) love. Yeah, we may have wanted an Atari (VCS/2600), but then we saw the C64 and the rest, as they say, is history. You could imagine our delight when we came … [Read More...]


Blast From The Past: Hewson Consultants

There were a number of big name publishers back in the day that had multiple chart toppers with an equal share of stinkers on the Commodore 64. The exception to this rule was Hewson Consultants (or simply … [Read More...]

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