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Book Review: GameCube Anthology

Geeks Line Publishing's Anthology book series have so far been nothing short of brilliant. Their new GameCube Anthology is no exception, with excellent content … [Read More...]

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A Rare Look Inside SEGA In The Mid 90s

We couldn't only feature Nintendo, so to balance things in the universe, here is the follow-up to the series of translations from the French documentary "Otaku", this time taking a rare look inside Sega, their … [Read More...]

A Rare Look Inside Nintendo During the SNES Era

If you've ever wondered what it was like in the Nintendo offices during their Super Nintendo days, then this excerpt  from the 1994 French documentary film Otaku is exactly what you are looking for! Thanks … [Read More...]

The Completely Insane Policies of Nintendo’s President

Wow, imagine for one minute that Hiroshi Yamauchi was your boss! Actually, as much as he wasn't a fan of video games, he did modernise Nintendo and transform the video game market, so he couldn't not have been … [Read More...]

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