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Wreck-It Ralph: Film Review

Wreck-It Ralph

WRECK-IT RALPH ©2012 Disney. All Rights Reserved

Film: Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
Rated: PG
Running time: 108 minutes
Director: Rich Moore
Screenplay: Rich Moore and Phil Johnston
Cast: John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Lynch [Read more…]

Top 5 Games Charts: September 1995

There was a shift in the mid 1990’s: the SNES and Mega Drive were still being enjoyed by millions around the world, however, the tide had started to turn towards the more powerful gaming systems.

Cast your mind back to September 1995. Try and recall what the top 5 games were on the Atari Jaguar, 3DO and the venerable Amiga. If you can’t remember, then I hope these charts jog your memory. Happy gaming !

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Retro Video Casino Games

In a matter of minutes, you can go to any one of the thousands of online casino and poker sites like those recommended at Pokersites that have popped up in the last few years – but things weren’t always this simple. Once upon a time, and not too long ago, digital gambling games were extremely limited. Their graphics were rudimentary and there was no way to play for real money. Let us take you on a trip down memory lane with a look at five retro casino and poker games that reigned supreme before the internet revolution! [Read more…]

A Retro Gaming Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us ! This time of year always brings back those awesome nostalgic memories of playing video games with friends, family and even by yourself. [Read more…]

Cool Nintendo Videos

Feast your peepers on these cool ‘start of week’ Nintendo themed videos. I guarantee, you will not be disappointed. If you are, drop us a comment. [Read more…]

December 1984: C64 Top 20 Games Chart

Ever wondered what the top 20 games were on the Commodore 64 back in December 1984 ? What do you mean no ? Of course you do ! Some peer pressure never hurt anyone. Gaze below to the games chart, courtesy of ‘Your 64 & VIC20’ magazine, edition number 5. I bet the chart brings back memories (for us older retro gamers). [Read more…]

Contra vs Paperboy

If you mashed Contra with Paperboy, what would you get ? Absolute pure mayhem ! Daneboe has cross-bred these two awesome games and has come up with one awesome video. Feast your eyes below. [Read more…]