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Wizard of Wor: Arcade

Who would have thought, a game released in 1981 would still be played and enjoyed in this day and age ! It just proves that quality always trumps quantity.
This game has simple graphics and even simpler sound effects. But what it does have, is oodles of gameplay, and let’s admit it, that is the most important part of any game, retro or new.


Wizard of Wor is a timeless classic. Game play is simple – one or two players, known as Worriors, move around a variety of line-drawn dungeons (mazes), shooting the creatures that wander within. These creatures, or Worlings (Burwors, Garwors and Thorwors), are eliminated so that the player progresses to an even harder dungeon. On each of these levels, there are bonus monsters, called Worluks, and occassionaly, the Wizard makes a special guest appearance – see The Dungeons of Wor.

Each dungeon has different maze patterns, with escape doors that your Worrior can walk through to re-appear on the opposite side of the maze – this is great for when things get tough and you need a quick exit. Be warned though, the Worlings and Worluks can also use these escape doors !

The Dungeons of Wor:
Basic Dungeons – consist of short passages and long corridors.
The Arena – appears after the first bonus Worrior is awarded. The most difficult of the basic dungeons with an open central maze area.
Worlord Dungeons – Dungeons ‘8’ (and subsequent dungeons) are more difficult where the player is likely to engage the Wizard. In these dungeons, the player is addressed as “Worlord”
The Pit – the 13th dungeon appears after the second bonus Worrior is awarded. It is an entirely open area, with no place to hide and requires the greatest skill for survival. Eliminating all Worlings, Worluks and Wizard earns continued play.


If you doubt how good this is game is, I urge you to give it a try. Game play is simple enough for any player to pick up in an instant. Mastering it is another story. I do warn you though, once you enter the dungeon, it is difficult to stop – you will be hooked !


Graphics Simplistic, but that doesn’t matter


Sound The tempo of the effects and droning music picking up as you are about to clear out the last Worling, gets the heart racing !


Playability Easy to get into, you just move up – down – left – right and then fire. Sounds simple enough !


Lastability If you clear out the Pit dungeon, then you earn continued play. You may find this exhausting and a bit samey, but rest assured, this is the game’s magic – you will want to keep on playing.


Overall If you do not have access to the arcade version of the game, then hit up the brilliant C64 conversion. WoW is a classic !



Manufacturer:Bally Midway
Year: 1981
Genre: Labyrinth / Maze
Number of simultaneous players: 2
Maximum number of players: 2
Gameplay: Either
Joystick: 4-way
Buttons: 1 (Fire)


Show us your collection

Show us your collection - Australian Retro GamerI was contacted recently by RetroGamesCollector (UK) who asked if I would like to be interviewed in his new retro gaming collections feature, ‘Show us your collection’. I didn’t need any time to think about it – I jumped at the opportunity!

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Exactly how compatible IS the PC compatible ?

Written by: J.P. Hays

Hey there ! My name is J.P. Hays, more commonly known on the net as Amadeus484. I am an avid collector of all things vintage computing and gaming, and I also enjoy studying various topics on the subject of vintage computing.  I also enjoy doing experiments on my vintage and modern computers.  The following post is one of those experiments, done about 4 months ago. Presenting – “Exactly how compatible IS the PC compatible ?”.

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Retro Gaming Expo: News

If you are a Retro Gamer and are in the Seattle or Portland area, then you are in luck !
The SRGE (Seattle Retro Gaming Expo) and PRGE (Portland Retro Gaming Expo) have announced their respective event dates for 2012.

The Portland event will be at a new, larger capacity venue, the Oregon Convention Centre. The PRGE crew have also announced that 20,000 square feet of floorspace has been earmarked for an arcade area, called the Mega-Cade. This area will feature full-size video game and pinball machines. There is also an expanded exhibitor area and more speakers and panels lined up for the event. Last but not least, for the first time ever, PRGE and Ground Kontrol will host an after hours party, with free play arcade and console machines. The party is opened to all paid attendees (ages 21+).

Make sure you put these events in your diary !

Seattle Retro Gaming Expo
Date: June 16 – 17, 2012
Venue: Red Lion, Bellevue WA
Ticket information:

Portland Retro Gaming Expo
Date: September 29 – 30, 2012
Venue: Oregon Convention Centre, Portland OR
Ticket information: