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Video Game Art: Iconic Characters

Let’s be honest, the only art we gamers love is art revolving around video games and pop culture icons, and that’s exactly what this incredible ‘Holly Wood’ digital sculptures series is about.
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Review A Bad Game Day: Hard Drivin

August 8th is upon on us. Why is this date so significant you ask ? Well, let me tell you why, today is “Review A Bad Game Day”, and have I got a bad game for you !
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Retro Gaming: System Rarity Guide


Collecting ‘rare’ retro gaming systems can be heaps of fun, but you need to have a rough idea how sought after a retro gaming system is. Usually, the principle works like this – the rarer the system is, the more it will cost. This guide is exactly that, a guide, or a companion to assist you in your research of older gaming machines. Happy hunting ! [Read more…]

TurboGrafx-16: What is in a name

Right from the outset, NEC faced an uphill battle in launching their console in the US market. Not only didn’t they know their market, they also faced the impending release of the 16-bit Sega Genesis. [Read more…]