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Double Dragon: 1987 vs 2012


They say imitation is the best form of flattery. So what do they say about a reboot of a classic ? I know, DON’T do it, leave it alone ! [Read more…]

Top 5 Games Charts: July 1988

Do you remember what games you were fascinated with on the C64, Atari ST or the Amiga back in July 1988 ? What do you mean you don’t !
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Chiptune: L.E.D. Storm

Being an avid C64 gamer, I get asked (quite often) if I have a favourite chiptune (8-bit music) from that era. Picking one favourite out of a sea of fantastic chiptunes is literally like finding a needle in a haystack. Music from maestros like Rob Hubbard, Matt Gray, Ben Daglish, Steve Rowlands, Martin Galway and Tim Follin spring to mind immediately.
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Top 5 Games Charts: Dec 1992

Welcome to the new feature on ausretrogamer.comTop 5 Games Charts from years gone by. This feature will become a regular.

Ensure you check back often for these gaming charts (or subscribe) to see if an old favourite was in the top 5 ! [Read more…]

Event: Pacific Pinball Exposition

Event: 6th Annual Pacific Pinball Exposition

Dates: September 21 – 23, 2012

Fri & Sat 10am – midnight
Sun 10am – 8pm

Marin County Civic Center,
Exhibition Hall, San Rafael, California

Child (U 12) $15 / Adult $30

Details: The world’s largest pinball event: a half-acre of pinball goodness from Bagatelle (1870) to Wizard of Oz (2012). Over 400 machines set on free play !
There will be a “space and science” theme by Chabot Space & Science Center and the Exploritorium. Four new pinball murals revealed – Domino, Golden Gate, Slick Chick and Jungle Princess. 17 more amazing backglass murals on display. Seminars, events, movies and tournaments plus special guests: Tim Arnold, Clay Harrell, Jersey Jack and Gary Stern will be there !

Do yourself a favour, attend this huge event and keep America fun !