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December 1984: C64 Top 20 Games Chart

Ever wondered what the top 20 games were on the Commodore 64 back in December 1984 ? What do you mean no ? Of course you do ! Some peer pressure never hurt anyone. Gaze below to the games chart, courtesy of ‘Your 64 & VIC20’ magazine, edition number 5. I bet the chart brings back memories (for us older retro gamers). [Read more…]

Contra vs Paperboy

If you mashed Contra with Paperboy, what would you get ? Absolute pure mayhem ! Daneboe has cross-bred these two awesome games and has come up with one awesome video. Feast your eyes below. [Read more…]

Video Game Art Exhibition: Monchhichi72

Since discovering social media, I have been privileged in meeting thousands of amazing and talented people. Julia (monchhichi72) is no exception. I recently discovered Julia’s artwork talent. My interest was piqued over a conversation about video game drawings and a cute blue cat called Doraemon (or more affectionately known as, Ding Dong – more on that at a later date).

Showcasing her artistic flair, here are some of Julia’s video games inspired drawings – Enjoy ! [Read more…]

Top 5 Games Charts: Oct 1990

Back in 1990 the three biggest consoles on the planet were Sega’s Mega Drive, Master System and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

If you want to know what the chart toppers were in October 1990, cast your eyes below. [Read more…]

PC-FX: The Other NEC console

Written by: Kimimi

The PC-FX, like it’s older and far more popular brother the PC-Engine, isn’t actually a PC of any sort. You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise – it looks very much like a traditional tower PC and confusingly you will find Youtube videos of people running PC-FX games on PC hardware (using a PC-FX GA card, more on that later) but in reality it’s just a regular console, albeit one that could also play CD+G and photo CDs as standard. [Read more…]