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Nintendo Life interview with ausretrogamer

ausretrogamer in 8-bitIt is not every day you get an email from a world renowned Editorial Director, especially one as big as Damien McFerran of Nintendo Life.

When Damien got in contact with me to be interviewed in the Nintendo Life ‘Ninterview’ segment, I jumped at the chance.

You can read the full interview (I mean, Ninterview) at Nintendo Life




PAX Australia 2013


It is official ! ausretrogamer (Australian Retro Gamer) together with Retrospekt, Retro Gaming Australia and Retro Domination will bring the ‘Classic Consoles’ area to life at the first international PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) event to be held in Melbourne, Australia.

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Nintendo World Store

My bucket list is quite extensive. Amongst the usual things to do or see once in a life time, I managed to cross-off the big one – visiting the Nintendo World Store in New York City! Not only did I visit it once, I returned many times to soak it all in and stock up on Nintendo products. I even managed to take a load of photos and video for all you to enjoy – browse at your leisure over here.   [Read more…]

DIY: Mario Birthday Party

Have you ever wanted to create your own ‘Mario’ themed birthday party? If you are a fan of Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber, then of course you would.


Who wouldn’t love a Mario hat (Source:

For those of you that are into arts and crafts, or even a budding DIY’er, you are in luck. Head over to giverslog and check out the cute Mario inspired gear you can make for your next birthday party. The kids (and even adults) will love it.

Robotron:2084 – Arcade Review


Eugene Jarvis sure knows how to design intense and playable games. From his plethora of awesome creations, Robotron:2084 (or simply, Robotron) stands out for its sheer mayhem. Yes, I am aware that Mr Larry DeMar was also part of the design duo that brought us this fab game.  [Read more…]

Best-Selling Portable Video Game Systems Of All Time

GB    Lynx    Game Gear_1

In last week’s Best-Selling Video Game Consoles: 1972 to 2002 post, it was clear that Sony had taken the stranglehold in the consoles market in the mid 90’s. The portable games market is a different beast. From the early days of crude portability with the tabletops, to Gunpei Yokoi’s wondrous Game & Watch series, the pedigree of portable gaming had been set quite early. Once the Game Boy burst onto the scene (another Gunpei Yokoi creation), Nintendo knew they had a winner. Which portable systems gave the Game Boy a run for its money ? Look below, there should not be too many surprises.  [Read more…]

System Failure: Konix Multi-System

The Konix Multi-System, codenamed Slipstream, was an innovative idea that went horribly wrong, all  due to a lack of funding and some lofty ambitions.  [Read more…]