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The Thrill Of The Chase: Game Over For 2014

As the year draws to a close, it had to happen, we had to go for one final thrill of the chase!

With the adrenaline rushing at this time of year, there were classic gaming items to be found and bargains to be bagged. While everyone else was recovering from their Christmas festivities, Ms. ausretrogamer and I hit the road to find those elusive retro games and vintage toys.

There were a number of places that were closed due to the festive season, but that didn’t deter us from going to the next stop on our hit-list. We did hit the jackpot at our final stop – we may not have found what we were looking for, but we did have a blast playing some Daytona USA, Speed Race and the three-screen extravaganza, TX-1.

So with another year in the history books, we eagerly await the new year. Roll on 2015 for more thrills! Happy New Year to you all!

Spotted! Topless Skeletor

Open Pokemon

Close Pokemon. See, I can do magic!

Namco made digital alarm clocks? *Mind Blown*
Master System games + Hillbilly Jim = Perfect!
No way, A (broken) Robot Armatron! 

Seeing is believing

Don’t get these two wet!

Give your TV some old school action!


20c for some action? That’s cheap as chips!

Go Speed Racer!

Gotta get pole position!

Nooooooo, it’s GAME OVER!

Commodore Club – Going Out With A Bang!

Amiga_TitleOn a warm Sunday afternoon in December, just before Christmas, the Melbourne Amiga User Group held their final Commodore Club meet for 2014.

The final meet had everything, from the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500, to the CD32 and the Amiga 4000 beast. There were a few rarities present, the Paravision SX-1 and FMV module for the CD32 – security was quite tight around these two items (Ed: and so it should be!). There were magazines and controllers aplenty, with not one, but two Battlestations for those that like to play as if they were in an arcade.

amiga_1The highlight of the meet is always the people. Playing games is secondary, especially when you have your behind handed to you in Hat Trick on the C64!

In between the festive mood and feverish discussions, there were pizzas consumed by the bucket-load and fizzy drinks downed to quench our thirst.

As 2014 draws to a close, so does another Commodore Club event for the year. We are already looking forward to reconvening in 2015! Have yourself a Happy Commodore New Year!

The SX-1 and FMV module! I’ll tuck these into my bag…..

Giving the Amiga CD32 some boost juice!

The Amiga CD32 in its fully glory

Code in Assembler, like a cracking boss!

Drive Power!

Man your battlestations!

Look at all those lovely connectors!

This makes life easier

Lightning fast loading!

Serby says it’s Doritos Crunchy Crust pizza or bust!

Play to win

Love me these publications!

A classic C+VG Book of Maps!

Hints and tips, 1985 style

Taking control one last time for 2014!

Sponsored Video: Don’t Mess Up Christmas

PS_TitleDear Family,

Thank you very much for all the socks and undies from Christmas’ past. My feet and bottom will be well covered for years to come.

I know it is the thought that counts when it comes to receiving gifts, but for this year, I thought I would make life a little easier and let you know what I wish for – It will save you from hunting those elusive elf printed socks in size 7-11.

My gift wishlist contains wondrous Sony PlayStation items that would bring lots of happiness, fun and entertainment. Not only can you play video games on the PS4, but you can also watch TV and surf the web! Heck, I’d even share the fun with you. The PS4 is truly family friendly.

Video gaming has come a long way since we all played Pong, but the essence remains the same – it brings families together in the spirit of fun. You guys remember how much fun we used to have turning the knobs and hitting a white square from one end of the screen to another? Well, the PS4 does this, but infinitely better. As the say, families that play together, stay together.

Just in case this message isn’t getting the point across, perhaps you should watch the video below. Look at how Shaun reflects on past Christmas gifts (sound familiar?) and then receives the gift he has always wanted. See his joy? That’s what I would like to experience this Christmas.

Loving you always,


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Wanna Buy The World’s Largest Video Gaming Collection?

Games_TitleStruggling to find the perfect video gaming present this Christmas? Perhaps you have about three quarters of a million dollars gathering dust and would like to procure the world’s largest video games collection? Well, if you do have some spare cash lying around or you have won the lottery, you could get instant Guinness World Record recognition by grabbing Michael Thomasson’s massive 11,000+ video gaming collection! You can view the games room full of goodies in an interactive panoramic view over here – get zooming!

If you are serious about buying this massive lot, head on over to Good Deal Games and get the low-down on this once-in-a-lifetime collection.




Games_4source: Good Deal Games

Meme Ball Pinball: Much Flipping

MemeBall_DogeThe classic Segasa electro-mechanical pinball table, Baby Doll, has been saved from the scrap heap and morphed into the fully fledged Internet Meme Ball pinball!

Those games room specialist, Liberty Games, are so adventurous and clever! Their pinball creation is perfect for that void in every office breakout area. Right, I am going to raise a new purchase order and send it to my boss – we really need this table to boost morale around here <winks>.



MemeBall_playfieldsource: Liberty Games

Video Gaming Film Of The Year: From Bedrooms To Billions

From Bedrooms to Billions_TITLEDuring the pioneering days of video gaming and home computing, our industry may have been small when compared to Japan, the US and UK, but we were (and still are) proud of our gaming heritage – we will always be proud of John De Margheriti’s Micro Forté and Alfred Milgrom’s Melbourne House and Beam Software amongst the initial big industry players.

JEFF MINTERAs Australian gaming enthusiasts, we always paid attention to what was happening around the world, like we still do till this day. In the early 80s, when home computing took off in Australia, we were on a parallel with our gaming brethren in Europe and the United Kingdom, more so than Japan and the US.

IAN LIVINGSTONEWith our nascent video gaming magazine industry barely keeping up with our veracious appetite for gaming information, we turned our attention to the British media to satisfy our craving. Our newsstands were filled with brilliantly  written British magazines, from Crash and Zzap!64, to Zero, ST/Amiga Format and Computer & Video Games (to name a few!). These magazines were our only channel to what was going on in the home computing and gaming industry. The magazines introduced us to household British developers, bedroom coders, musicians, publishers and journalists, so it is satisfying to finally watch a film based on this history.

JULIAN RIGNALL 2From Bedrooms To Billions, the successful crowd-funded production, shows how the early UK games business began and evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. The story is fused with interviews with key contributors that helped shape the video gaming industry – the enthusiasts, hobbyists, schools kids, bedroom coders, music maestros, journalists and entrepreneurs. Through these interviews, the film reveals the remarkable stories, struggles and successes of the people involved in the invention, creation and evolution of the UK video gaming business.


ROB HUBBARD 2From Bedroom To Billions connects us over here in Australia (or anywhere around the world for that matter) with the pioneers of the gaming industry, from the bedroom coders, developers and music maestros, to the journalists and publishers we grew up with in the late 70s, 80s and 90s. This documentary is essential viewing, either to reminisce, curate or just to learn how the UK video gaming industry went from nothing to a force to be reckoned with. If there was a category for a “Video Gaming Film Of The Year”, this film would win it hands down. We applaud you Anthony and Nicola Caulfield for a job well done.


The Neo Geo Song: Music Video

NeoGeoSong_titleJust when you thought you got this song out of your head, I come along and ram it back in there! This is such a feel good song – it is absolutely perfect for the festive season!

Get singing people, “Neo Geo, Neo Geo. Four bright buttons and two joysticks. Neo Geo, Neo Geo. Cool red cab and a name that sticks“! The Neo Geo rulez!

source: Nathan Barnatt

Lyrics: Keith Apicary