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LEGO Piranha Plant Kinetic Sculpture

Jason Allemann has made an amazing working LEGO Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros.

“The model features some interesting mechanics in order to get the plant’s mouth to open and close as it is raised and lowered in the pipe. In this video I explain how it all works. More information can be found on my website

Source: JK Brickworks via Technabob


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Top 5 Games Charts: December 1999

Thinking back to the 1999 Christmas season, we were still playing our Nintendo 64 quite a lot, but we were saving up frantically for a Sega Dreamcast. Star Wars games featured prominently in December 1999, but after the massive disappointment of The Phantom Menace prequel released earlier that same year, we steered clear of these games as a matter of protest. It was our loss, as some of these new Star Wars games on the 32-bit and 64-bit platforms were absolute crackers! Other notable games that we loved playing around that time were Driver and Soul Reaver on the Playstation.

Casting an eye over the top 5 December 1999 games charts for each platform, we were mostly looking forward to slicing and dicing in SoulCalibur and shooting zombies in House Of The Dead 2 on Sega’s Dreamcast!

What were your gaming memories from the 1999 Christmas season – tell us now on Twitter or Facebook!

PSX_150x150 1) Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace (LucasArts)
2) Driver (Acclaim)
3) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (Activision)
4) South Park (Acclaim)
5) Soul Reaver (Eidos)


N64_150x150 1) Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (Nintendo)
2) Star Wars: Episode 1 – Racer (Nintendo)
3) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (Nintendo)
4) F-1 Grand Prix II (Video System)
5) Quake II (Activision)


1) SoulCalibur (Namco)
2) Sonic Adventure (Sega)
3) Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 (Sega)
4) Ready 2 Rumble (Midway)
5) House Of The Dead 2 (Sega)


Get Sponsorship for your IFPA Pinball Event

The good people at Playfield Protectors are putting their money where their mouth is, not only as the manufacturer of products for protecting pinball machines, but as passionate pinball players.

Playfield Protectors value the IFPA’s efforts in boosting the profile of competitive pinball, they have decided to support IFPA endorsed tournaments.

If you are organising a tournament that is registered with the IFPA and you have 25 or more participants, Playfield Protectors will contribute a prize voucher for the tournament winner worth:

• € 25 for tournaments with 25 or more participants
• € 50 for tournaments with 50 or more participants
• € 100 for tournaments with 100 or more participants

In addition, if your tournament takes place before the next IFPA14 World Pinball Championship (June 2 to 4 2017), they will also provide you with a 10% discount code for each registered player in your tournament.

If you are an organiser of a pinball tournament and are interested in getting a tournament package (including the voucher and an information card) then get in touch with the good folks at Playfield Protectors via email.

The small print: This offer is available worldwide until the sponsorship fund of € 5,000 is exhausted.

Get flippin’

title image source: Playfield Protectors and IFPA


Awww – A Tiny Commodore PET

pet-2 Follow this Adafruit tutorial and you can have your very own 3D printed mini replica of the iconic Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) computer.


Video source: Adafruit Industries on YouTube

Source: Adafruit via Laughing Squid


msausretrogamerMs. ausretrogamer
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The Bitmap Brothers: Universe

One thing is a certainty when it comes to Read-Only Memory publications – they are of the highest quality, both in content and presentation! Their new book, The Bitmap Brothers: Universe is certainly no exception to this rule! This high-end book for the historically-minded videogame enthusiast is a comprehensive history of the visionary British software house behind seminal titles such as Xenon 2: MegablastSpeedball 2: Brutal Deluxe and The Chaos EngineThe Bitmap Brothers: Universe tome combines an authoritative inside story by Duncan Harris (Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Edge), thoroughly researched via new, first-hand interviews with The Bitmap Brothers’ key figures – including founder Mike Montgomery and lead artist Dan Malone – with a breathtaking haul of never-before-seen archive material. The cherry on top is the awesome CRT emulation (by Timothy Lottes) and screen capture (by Kerry Brunskill) art which propels this book into the sublime.

As Christmas is fast approaching, The Bitmap Bros: Universe should be at the pointy end of your wish-list! Better still, get this book for yourself and for your fellow nostalgia-minded friends – you will not regret it! Actually, while you are at it, you may also like the Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Print, which compliments the Universe book perfectly. This high-spec print features a new illustration by original Bitmap Brothers artist and co-designer of Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, Dan Malone. Screen printed in black onto a luxurious grey heavyweight stock, the edition also features the distinctive Bitmap Brothers logo, micro-etched into holographic foil. Each print is signed by the artist and shipped in a durable archival tube.

Make this Christmas a Bitmap Brothers one!

Vital Stats:
Title: The Bitmap Brothers: Universe
Price: £30.00 (plus shipping)
Size: 190mm x 240mm
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 300
Specials: Quarter-Bound



Ho, Ho, Ho, More Lemmings For Your Amiga

AmigaJay from Amiga CD32 Alternate Covers proudly presents, the unofficial CD32 / CDTV / Amiga release, ‘More! Lemmings‘. Containing 120 new never-before-seen levels on the Amiga, this game is fully playable via mouse, joypad and infrared remote (CDTV only) on the Amiga CD32 and CDTV. Oh yeah, there is also an ADF disk version for you Amiga computer owners too!

But wait, there is more! As it is the season for giving, AmigaJay is also offering his Lemmings – The Ports book, containing a whopping 300 pages about the different Lemmings ports – absolutely free! Looks like Christmas has come early for all you Amiga and Lemmings fans!

‘More! Lemmings’ now available for the Amiga CD32 and CDTV

While you are at it, grab AmigaJay’s FREE Lemmings – The Ports book!
source: Amiga CD32 Alternative Covers


Melbourne’s Pinball Paradise

So why is Melbourne the most liveable city? Well, one good reason is that we have our very own dedicated pinball and whisky bar, aptly named, Pinball Paradise. Perhaps when Guns N’ Roses sang about Paradise City, they meant this place!

Set in the north-west part of Melbourne’s Central Business District and across the road from the Queen Victoria Market, Pinball Paradise is a pinball wizard’s dream come true – fifteen pinball machines covering multiple eras and a bar stocked with alcohol to quench your hard earned thirst. There is definitely no better place to meet with friends, have a drink and get flippin’!

The lowdown:
What: Pinball Paradise
Where: 1st Floor, 213 Franklin Street, Melbourne, Australia
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 4:00pm to LATE
Pinball Competitions: monthly Melbourne Silverball League

Our only problem, what to play first?

We started with some old school pinball

And then we ended up on Jersey Jack Pinball’s Wizard Of Oz, 75th Anniversary Edition

Check out Martin Robbins’ ‘Grand Opening’ vid to get a feel of Pinball Paradise, oh and its secret entry!

source: Melbourne Silverball League