2018 Reset64 4KB Craptastic Game Competition Preview

Development for the 2018 Reset64 4kb ‘Craptastic’ game comp is in full swing. Deadline is fast approaching (June 30th) so we thought we’d give you all a quick look at what some of the devs are up to for the comp.

Best of luck to all the competitors and we can’t wait to try your craptastic creations!

Title: Rabid Robots 4K – Out of Control

Credits: Code & Sound Effects by Richard Bayliss, Graphics by Alf Yngve.

This is a score attack game, consisting of 8 levels. You are a schoolboy, who was playing outside his house with his dog. Suddenly out from nowhere comes a rampage of robots. Your quest is to protect yourself or your dog from incoming robots. For every robot shot with your water pistol, you will score points. If you or your dog makes contact with any of the robots. You’ll run away from the street and the game is over. The robots will be appearing from both sides of the screen. You can only fire left or right. Good luck.

Programmed using CBMPRGStudio by Arthur Jordison.

Title: Shinobiden Gaiden 

Author: @_fou_lu

Shinobiden Gaiden is a short survival adventure game where you are a ninja who must collect a few magical items from a maze-like map before you die or time runs out. You’re pursued by undead the whole time, and all you can do is throw shurikens to stun them. The idea was to practice C64 assembly coding (using a Mac) and enter a silly prologue game to a more serious title I intend to make into the 4kB competition. I only have about 600 bytes left after compression; luckily all that’s left besides filling in the map is game loop and game over logic.

Title: Orb

Author: Annina Games

The game is a demake of Duet, which is a game developed for android/iphone that fits well on the c64. The goal is to manoeuvre two balls in sync, avoiding blocks by rotating either clockwise or counter clockwise. The engine is 90% complete. At the moment the level design is the more difficult stage.

Title: Wave Hero

Author: Geir Straume

How far can you go on your personal watercraft, without hitting any rocks or reefs?
You start off slowly, but the speed automatically increases as you reach various distance milestones. The watercraft is controlled using the fire button only.

Title: G7000 Racer!

Credits: Code by Igmar Coenen, Charset by David Almer

Drive your car as long as possible without crashing into other cars. Try to get 10000+ points to finish the game. You can choose the level of difficulty (easy or hard). The longer you drive the harder it gets (up to three levels).

Interesting info: My first c64 machine language game coded ever. Inspired by the race game on the Philips Videopac G7000 game console. First game I played (besides Pong of course).

Title: Neptune’s Oil

Author: Oziphantom

You are an oil mining company harvesting oil from Neptune, however the Plutonians are not happy and want it for themselves, so they have sent multiple attack drones. Your job is to defend the pumps in this side scrolling blast’em up.

Title: Snake-a-Space

Author/Credits: Designed by Molly Fuller, Coded by Jamie Fuller

Get up on a poorly, planetary-protecting-snake and defend IT for a change!

A simple run-and-jump joystick-mashing bit of craptastic fun! All the ideas for this game came from the imagination of Molly Fuller, my 6 year old daughter, who also helped with some of the graphics and play testing.

Title: Freaky Fish

Credits: Programming by Chris Page, Graphics and Sound by Chris and Brent Page

Freaky Fish has the ability to blow bubbles and must protect himself and his friends over 30 levels from the redneck who is fishing from his boat with dynamite!

This is our first Commodore 64 project since the early 90’s. At the time of writing the game is almost code complete with 88 bytes free when compressed, but space is at a premium and every addition now has to be weighed and optimized. At one point the game looked great but it blew out to a bit over 5k without some “essentials” such as collision detection so we had to spend a few weeks rewriting, cutting features and paring the graphics down. Given the 4k limits, there are lots of sprites, sound effects, music and code that didn’t make the cut so there is the possibility of an enhanced version after the competition.

For development used Kick Assembler, Visual Studio Code, Exomizer 3, VChar64 and Spritepad and we have also used our home grown SFX Editor on the C64.

Title: Kalle Kloakk 4k (Megastyle)

Credits: Code by Docster, Graphics & Music by Rotteroy

The game is about an old man who get stuck in the bathroom on the shopping mall and his struggle to pick up toilet paper that he can stack under the window and climb up and escape. It’s a plattformer with a twist; first you have to set all plattforms, then you have to complete the level. Memory eating music made in Goattracker!

Title: Trump Towers (Megastyle)

Credits: Code by Docster, Sprites by Rotteroy, Graphics by FX

Control the president around in his tower, grab the pussy when you can to get extra points.
No screenshot to be shown yet, Docster just started working on the engine.

Title: Fire (Megastyle)

Credits: Code by Docster, Graphics by FX, Sprites by Rotteroy

Game and watch go C64 4k!

Title: WTF

Credits: Code, Graphics & Audio by Mika “Misfit” Keränen

Bouncing ball has own intelligence. The player only manages the scrolling and the desperate ball tries to keep itself in the middle of the screen.

The main logic and graphics are finished. Needs audio and more levels. I’m very pleased. This game is so frustrating that players will hate me.

Title: CONGA4096

Author: Paul Koller

Game will be an arena shooter with a twist. Game is practically finished. I am currently working on getting some music and sfx into the game. I’ve added a teaser screenshot, which doesn’t show too much, to keep the surprise high.

Title: Dustin’

Author: Graham Axten/Pond Software

Credits:  Code & Graphics by Graham Axten, Music and SFX by Vanja Utne

Dustin the robot has been tasked with cleaning the dust from the precious innards of the world’s best 8-bit computer! Guide him around and help him clean up the dust particles, but watch out for electrical pulses that move across the circuit, they will fry him!

Title: Fire Rescue

Author: Syed U Rizvi

Well to describe the game, I guess you could say the name sums it up but to be honest. It’s a simple rescue mission whereby the ambo guys with a stretcher have to save people jumping from a burning building! And then make sure they make it to the ambulance without falling. Simple eeh!

The progression? So far, so good! I would say the game is 60 percent complete and I am currently working on collision detection and score updating. The rest would be straight forward with setting character graphics on the screen (burning building and other graphic objects).

Title: Chef Quest

Author: Anthony Stiller/Pond Software

Credits: Code & Graphics by Anthony Stiller, Music & SFX by Vanja Utne

Oh no! Chef is out of ingredients so it’s time to venture into the restaurant’s dungeon to restock the larder with delicious monsters. Chef Quest is a tiny, action-oriented RPG and will almost certainly be ready by the deadline.

Title: Elevator Eric

Author: Derek

It’s not a game that’s going to shatter any records of quality, rather just a bit of fun that I knocked together over last day and a half whilst off work.  I haven’t really done much with the C64 for coming on 30 years now I guess it must be (and it shows! lol – I’m about as good or should I say bad now as I was back then!). The game concept is based on games such as Nifty Lifty and Wack Waiters.

Title: $100 Box

Author: Cout

This one is based on a mathematics game theory problem for 100 people, but the game simulates the problem with just one player. The computer selects a random number from 1 to 100 as your lucky number. You will need to guess which box from 00-99 where the lucky number is hidden. The game allows you to have up to 50 guesses, but it’s not easy to win as it sounds!

Title: I Found A Moon Rock In My Nose

Author: Cout

Title Reference: The title comes from a line from the character Ralph Wiggum which is seen on The Simpsons from the episode This Little Wiggy from Season 9, Episode 18.

About the Game:

The object of the game is to pick your nose to find ‘moon rocks’.
You can pick from either your your left or right nostril at anytime.
The more you pick the more points you score!
However, don’t pick too much or you will get a nosebleed!


PETSCII Nose Graphics and SID Sound Effects!

About the Author:

Created from the developer of I Ate the Purple Berries from the 2016 Reset ‘Craptastic’ 4kb Game Comp and My Cat’s Breath Smells Like Cat Food which was developed back in 2003. Cout Games creates unique games from some of The Simpsons most popular quotations.

Title: Plunko

Author: Cout

This game is based off one of the pricing games from the US version of The Price Is Right. The player is given 10 flat discs which are released one at a time from the top of the board.  The game board consists of a number of pegs which bounce the disc randomly around. As the disc falls to the bottom, it is impossible to determine where the disc might end up. At the bottom of the board, the disc stop and lands in a money slot the player can win.

I put the game through 100,000 rounds and it is theoretically possible to get the top amount from anywhere the disc is dropped from on the board. However, you do have a greater chance of winning money from the middle, it is also twice as likely that you will get nothing as well. Statistics are available upon request.

Title: Role Role Role

Author: Cout

Roll Roll Roll is a dice game where you roll a single six sided dice where you can win money.

On the first roll, you have the option to keep your roll as cash or roll again. Similarly, on the second roll, you have the same two options again. On the third and final roll, you keep whatever you roll (whatever the outcome). There are 10 rounds to a game.

This is based on a mathematics problem with worked out from the averages of rolling three dice in the hope of scoring the most points. The aim of the game is to beat the average (3.5) or optimally (4.66 for 3 rolls).


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