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Wishing You All An Awesome Xmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

No matter where you are on this beautiful blue marble of ours, and no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, on behalf of the Ausretrogamer and Pinball Press team, we wish you all a safe and awesome Christmas / Festive Season! All the very best to you all for 2019!

Thank you to all of you that come and visit our site – you all rock!

Oh yeah, if you have all been good, we hope Santa can drag himself away from playing pinball and deliver your presents!

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Handcrafted, Vintage and Unique Retro Gaming Goodies

When our friends at Pinball Press covered handcrafted and unique pinball products on Etsy, we have a lot of you asking us to do the same for retro gaming. So your wish is our command!

Here is a selection of pretty cool retro gaming items on Etsy to suit any budget and any occasion – let’s go shopping!

Sega Seal Of Quality

Streets Of Rage 3D Shadow Box Art – framed

Hylian Shield Wooden Pin – Zelda

Awesome Nostalgia Retro Gaming T-Shirt

Game Over – enamel pin

Street Fighter – Ryu: 3D Shadow Box Art (framed)

80’s Retro Gaming Cartridge Throw Pillow Case

Altered Beast T-SHIRT / Beast Mode Gym / Retro Gaming / Unisex

Video Game Controller Poster

Oregon Trail Mug

Pokemon 3D Shadow Box Art (Framed)

NES Controller Patch

Retro NES Controller Card – A Card For Any Occasion (Birthday, Christmas, Gift)

Pixelated Heart Deco Coin Necklace

Custom Commodore 64 Printed Converse Sneakers



Review: Solar Flux – Nintendo Switch

Save some suns in Solar Flux, the latest Switch release from Firebrand games. A unique and challenging puzzler that feels a bit out of place on the Switch.

Solar Flux is an interesting little puzzle game that follows the age old premise “Easy to learn, difficult to master.” You control a ship that collects plasma to shoot into dying suns, saving them in the process. Each level is ranked by either time taken, shields depleted or fuel used. You are then given a ranking out of 3 stars depending on how well you perform. The game itself can be quite tricky but once you get that “Ah ha” moment getting at least one star is quite manageable. The real challenge comes from trying to get a perfect 3 stars in each level.

Listening to the sparse soundtrack and simple audio cues give the game a nice relaxing atmosphere. This really helps to create a sense of isolation in each level. Visuals are nicely contrasted, making each object clearly visible and easily recognised. Overall the look of Solar Flux is very minimal which works in its favour as a puzzle game. Level design can range from twitch reflex or timing based puzzles to pure patience and precision puzzles. Solar Flux’s level and puzzle design certainly make it well suited for some quick pick up and play sessions.

When it comes to controls, Solar flux is a mixed bag. Playing in docked mode the game uses twin stick style controls for thrusting and firing plasma. These controls feel nice and tight, making the game responsive and rewarding. Playing in handheld mode the game defaults to touch only controls, which seems very strange. The touch screen controls do feel fine but a few controls simply don’t work or feel finicky. If you are anything like me, touch screen controls are not exactly first choice when it comes to the Switch.

Solar Flux is a well-designed puzzle game that will have you hunting perfect runs and challenging friends. Puzzle fans will get some real enjoyment out of it at home but may want to give it a miss as an “On the go” title.

Developer: Firebrand Games
Publisher: Firebrand Games
Release Date: December 11, 2018


Mat Panek
Retromancer – Collector, repairer & fan of retro games & tech. Atari to Amiga, Nintendo to Sega! LD, Zip, Beta and a proud dad! One half of the TiredParents on Twitch.

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Disclosure: Solar Flux [Nintendo Switch] was kindly provided by HomeRun PR for this review.


Book Review: GameCube Anthology

Geeks Line Publishing’s Anthology book series have so far been nothing short of brilliant. Their new GameCube Anthology is no exception, with excellent content and overall quality that will draw you in.

The GameCube Anthology, just like its predecessors, comprehensively details everything that is to know about Nintendo console. Chronicling it’s early days, this tome pulls no punches when it comes to detailing the stiff competition from Sony and its foundation for its successor, the Nintendo Wii.

Accompanying the great written content is the equally impressive photography – the breadth of photos cover the full gamut, from detailed hardware shots to exhaustive photos of GameCube games.

As mentioned, the depth of information and facts covered does true justice to Nintendo’s excellent GameCube system. This book is truly hard to fault. One of our fave sections in the book is the coverage of unreleased titles – which rounds off what is a must have book for any GameCube fan or gaming historians.

This book is an easy recommendation – go and get it right now!

Title: GameCube Anthology
Publisher: Geeks Line Publishing
Available from: Amazon

Disclosure: GameCube Anthology (Classic Edition) was kindly provided by Geeks Line Publishing for this review.


Merry FlipMas: Pinball Gifts For Any Occasion and Any Budget

Do you like pinball? Do you have a special someone in your life that is into pinball?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then we have some really unique and cool handmade and vintage pinball related gifts (to suit any budget!) so you are all sorted for Christmas (or any other occasion)!

Oh yeah, just click on the link or photo to take you straight to the product item.

Attack From Mars Shadowbox Art

Same Player Shoots Again Enamel – Pinball Pin

3″ Vintage Reproduction Williams Electronics Manufacturing Corp. Pinball Company

Guns & Roses Data East Pinball LED Backbox Display light box

Gottlieb Haunted House Pinball Shadowbox Art

Vintage 70s Pinball Wizard t-shirt

Pinball Flipper Pendant Necklace in Brushed Pewter

The Machine: Bride of Pinbot Williams Pinball BackBox LED Display light box

Mini Virtual Pinball Machine

The Walking Dead Pinball – Pile of Skulls: Pinball Flipper Bat MOD

25 Cent Pinball Arcade Video Game LED Night Light

Pinball Flipper Keychain

Pinball Pop Bumper Button / Keychain

Pinball Addict Necklace – for her (or him)

Pinball Obsession Greeting Card

Pinball Addict 3″ Embroidered Patch

INDIANA JONES The Pinball Adventure – keychain (gold)

Midnight Pinballing (Giclée Fine Art Print)

Shaky Pinball LCD Handheld Game

Tiger Electronic Vintage Handheld Pinball LCD Video Game – 1987

Miniature Football Theme Pinball Machine Clock

Night Shift – Pinball Oil Painting

Twilight Zone Pinball pin

The Addams Family Pinball LED Illuminated BackBox 3D Art Shadow Box – deluxe limited edition signed numbered

Solenoids & Asteroids – limited edition Pinball themed silkscreen print


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GRIS – Nintendo Switch Review

GRIS is the first game from the relatively new Nomada Studio. To describe it as a puzzle platformer is to do it a disservice, GRIS is an experience. Mixing a stunning watercolour dreamscape with hauntingly beautiful and immersive audio, GRIS must be played to be truly appreciated.

Having seen GRIS being presented from afar at PAX Australia, I was looking forward to what looked like a solid puzzle platformer. What I saw was nothing, compared to actually getting my hands on the game! From the first few moments of play you can tell that GRIS is really something special. One of the hardest parts about describing a game like GRIS is to not spoil the experience for others. It is a game of self-exploration in struggling with loss in a very unique way. Not as heavy handed in its themes like some games, it addresses such issues with a very elegant and poignant approach. After finishing the game I can safely say that GRIS has shot to the top of my list of games that demonstrate gaming as an art form.

GRIS conveys emotion quite strongly through artwork and use of colour. The game starts with you progressing through a white wasteland that evokes a real sense of melancholy and separation. The colours are slowly restored to the world one by one, revealing more depth and emotion with every step. Each area in GRIS has its own unique feel, as colours range from bleeding water colours to stark contrasts representing various emotions. While looking stunning in both handheld and docked modes, I do highly recommend going in with a good set of headphones. I found it is best to fully immerse yourself in the world that is GRIS. Although the game looks beautiful overall, it is the little details that really set it apart. These details help to flesh out the world, adding to the atmosphere and often leading to clues about progression or hidden secrets. Never before had I been so thankful for the screenshot button on the switch than while playing GRIS.

While the game certainly looks amazing the gameplay also feels top notch. Your character wears a dress that, as you progress and restore more colours to the world, allows you to use various skills. You combine these skills and develop techniques to overcome the hurdles presented to you as you make your way through the world. Controls are tight and snappy but forgiving enough to not get frustrating. This keeps the game flowing nicely and allows you to not only appreciate the visuals but also the wonderful level design. Gameplay and story blend seamlessly together feeling very organic, making every bit of progression more rewarding than the last. Optional challenges are present for those looking to prove their skill but are in no way necessary to enjoying or finishing the game. These can range from collectables to little tasks that leave you with a nice sense of satisfaction.

Story, visuals and mechanics all intertwine together making this a game you will not want to put down. GRIS is a game full of heart and powerful emotion, a wondrous journey in growth and healing. Delve into the world that is GRIS today!

Game: GRIS
Developer: Nomada Studio
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Available: Nintendo Switch eShop
Price: AU$23.95


Mat Panek
Retromancer – Collector, repairer & fan of retro games & tech. Atari to Amiga, Nintendo to Sega! LD, Zip, Beta and a proud dad! One half of the TiredParents on Twitch.

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Disclosure: GRIS [Nintendo Switch] was kindly provided by POWERUP PR for this review.


WWII Inspired Video Game Propaganda Prints

We are huge fans of Fro’s (aka Fernando Reza) video games related propaganda posters!

His latest series are inspired by World War II video game propaganda prints. This latest set contains a whopping 26 prints! There are six new Mario and Zelda prints each, as as well as Metroid, Galaga, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, Metal Gear Solid, Joust, Frogger and many more great prints – check them all out here.

Duck Hunt – For Vital War Needs

Space Invader – Stop the Invasion

Mario – Superior Firepower

Galaga – Protect

Zelda – Victory

Tetris – Build for Victory

Zelda – Hope for the Future

Mario – Building for Victory

Pac-Man – Protect Our Pellets

Duck Hunt – Keep’em Firing

source: Fro Design Company