5 Health Benefits of Video Games

We all love video games and all of us know well enough about our parents dislike for these games. But did you know that video games are not all harmful but have various advantages? Have a look at these five health benefits of playing video games.

1. Reduce Stress And Improve Social Skills
Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at certain points in their lives. Video games help us cope with them, and nothing relieves stress quite like annihilating your enemies (in a game). There is plenty of evidence that proves how video games help in reducing levels of stress, and even rates of depression. The reason is that games keep your brain busy and occupied.

You are constantly slammed with real life stress and anxiety, so when you play something like Angry Birds, it can be quite therapeutic. All your attention is focused on how to find and kill those nasty pigs that are stealing your eggs. Games are also a great social outlet. So, if you are a bit socially awkward, you will get a chance to get some interaction with other fellow players. Online gaming enables multiple players to engage in a particular game simultaneously, and that often requires them all to work in a team. Even if there are no teams, there is constant communication between players – that results in the development of meaningful and casual relationships among the players. Players meet new friends and also strengthen their bonds with old friends.

2. Memory Boost
Many studies are showing how video games are good for memory. Recently, another study found that the hippocampus, the region that is associated with complex learning and memory in the brain, is altered by playing 3-D games. This improvement in memory was as high as 12% in some individuals. The reason why or how these games are helping memory is not clear, but this opens up many doors where people can be helped with their memory. Playing your favourite game requires both visual and audible memory. You do not have to read or listen to the instructions provided at the beginning of the game and have to remember them throughout the entire game. This helps in improving your memory, both short and long-term.

3. Coordination
Video games help in impressive levels of coordination. In fact, they are so helpful that games are being used to help train surgeons to make their movements more precise and to help them perform tasks in minimal space. When a person, whether she/he is an adult or child, is playing a video game, the player is not only staring at the computer, but their brain is also working on other things in the background. Sure we are focused on the activities and actions on the screen, but we are also subconsciously noticing any out of the ordinary change. This ability to be attentive provides a lot of mental stimulation.

For someone to play successfully, he or she has to coordinate their audio, visual and physical movement. The link between motor skills and video games has been a well-known fact for some time. Fast-paced games, such as first-person shooters, can help boost motor skills and develop fast decision making. Action video games can capture the player’s attention for a lengthy period of the game because of the player’s need to achieve certain goals and objectives within the game.

4. Cognitive Health
We know how games help with memory, but they also help with the overall cognitive function as well. This means that when you are playing your favourite game for some time, you are becoming more focused, attentive, and perceptive while thinking in a critical way to make decisions. This is important as playing games may be a treatment option for people who are suffering from age-related cognitive diseases. When you play an action game, you will have to be very observant. The game will require you to move your joystick or keys while you are looking at the screen such as your energy levels, ammunition left, oncoming adversaries, available time and other factors vital to winning. So, the player can observe and react at the same time.

5. Develop Problem-Solving Skills
Video games have certain rules which we have to follow. The player has to think before making any decision or move to ensure that the rules are not broken. Several times, the players have to make split-second decisions that determine whether they will advance to the next level.

No doubt computer games are beneficial and fun, but they need to be played in moderation. Another critical factor is to pick the right game because not all of them provide the same relaxation and cognitive benefits. Small children, specifically, should not be exposed to violent games.


Catalina Smith
Catalina is a young digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. She has covered the gaming world online for over six years. She regularly posts at Dimble.





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