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Thrill Of The Chase: Attack From Mars Remake

image source: Chicago Gaming Company

It’s not often that the stars align for us, but when they do, oh boy it’s exciting!

Speaking of celestial bodies, we have always had a fondness for space and the cosmos at large. We are fascinated with our planetary brethren in the family of the solar system, especially that red planet not too far away from us and its inhabitants.

So what the hell has space and Martians got to do with this thrill of the chase? Glad you asked! Put simply, when you mix pinball with Mars and its Martians invading our little blue marble, you get a very special and top rated pinball machine – Attack From Mars (AFM)!

This is no ordinary AFM though, it’s Chicago Gaming Company’s ‘Remake’, which comes in three different editions – Classic, Special and super duper Limited Edition. With the feature list as long as our arm (our arms are long!) on the Limited Edition, like the jaw-dropping 19¼” XL HD colour display that has to be seen to be believed, shaker motor, enhanced DCS sound system, cabinet side mirrors, RGB lighting to name just a few, this machine was always going to tickle our fancy.

Naturally, we gravitated to the fully blinged Attack From Mars Remake Limited Edition (AFMR LE) version! We have never been one for pinball toppers, but the custom Doug Watson one on our AFMR LE is absolutely damn awesome! Doug Skor and the gang at CGC should be immensely proud of producing yet again a beautiful and faithful classic pinball machine.

We sourced our brand new in box AFMR LE from the Australian distributor, Mr. Pinball. We were kept up to date on the freight by keeping track of the Maersk Line ship that was carrying our precious cargo. The container landed in Melbourne in late December, giving us the rare opportunity to have the machine up and ready for family and friends to enjoy for Christmas! Oh yeah, she was quite heavy, so thank you to Lucas Bardin from Bayside Pinball Club for delivering the machine and Stacey ‘Dr Curlytek’ Borg for helping us set it up – you guys rock!

As you may have already guessed, this is a very special machine which we love and are thrilled to have in our ausretrogamer fun factory. If you ever get the chance to play one of these Remakes, do yourself a favour, have a go, they will give you an enormous endorphin rush!

Off the shipping container and ready to go home!

There is a hole in the Fun Factory that needs to be filled!

AFMR LE has reached its destination

Unboxing the beauty – she is quite heavy!

The sublime topper is well packed too

Ready to be turned on for the for the first time…

What a turn on!

Attack From Mars Remake Limited Edition in full martian green glory!

Mesmerising playfield

A saucy saucer!

Returning to the battle!

Destroy that pesky saucer!

CGC and Bally present….

Attack From Mars!!!

There is finally a Limited Edition addition to the ausretrogamer fun factory

The detail of the theme is exquisite

The custom Doug Watson interactive topper is the best topper we’ve ever seen on a pinball machine!

The glorious playfield. Gotta save them cities!

What a view for the ruler of the universe!

The entire art package makes us smile

The RGB LED lighting needs to be seen to be believed

Even the little one approves of this classic machine!


Thrill Of The Chase: Neo Geo Pocket Color Hanshin Tigers

It’s a new year and what a better way to start it than to hunt down a Neo·Geo rarity!

SNK’s 16-bit handheld, the Neo·Geo Pocket Color (NGPC) came in a number of colours, but it’s the special limited edition Hanshin Tigers version that is its most prized of the NGPC lineup. Inspired by the Japanese baseball team, there were only 5000 units produced, making it the rarer NGPC handheld.

2017 has definitely started with a bang at ausretrogamer as we bag our first thrill of the chase for the year. What else will we go hunting for in 2017? Only time will tell…

If only we were Richmond Tigers fans!

The Hanshin Tigers NGPC looks great from any angle

The NGPC’s home, an official SNK case to store the handheld and some games

No system is complete without games!

The Hanshin Tigers NGPC frolicking!

Bit of KoF action!

Let’s get button mashin’!

Thrill Of The Chase: The Walking Dead Pinball

thewalkingdeadIt’s true what they say: it really is better to give than to receive. And that’s what makes this ‘Thrill Of The Chase‘ extra special, because I was chasing something for a very important person (hint: her name rhymes with Ms Ausretrogamer).

Ms Ausretrogamer loves ‘The Walking Dead‘ and she loves to play pinball, so we’re always on the lookout for TWD tables to play. We’ve travelled far and wide in our quest to kill those zombies, and we’re yet to get tired of it. It’s such a fun table, whether your a newbie or a wizard. So, while watching Ms Ausretrogamer clearing the prison yard and unleashing the Well Walker multi-ball, I made a decision – I had to get her a TWD pinball table of her own! But with only six months until her birthday, I had to move fast.

Searching far and wide, the pinball machine was secured. The next part of the plan was to get it delivered and setup without Ms Ausretrogamer’s knowledge. To keep her off the scent, a decoy birthday gift was created.

With everything in its place, it was time to execute Project Happy Birthday. Ms ausretrogamer was presented with the diorama, where not even Rick Grimes playing a Twilight Zone pinball machine gave her any indication of what was to come! Under the ruse of checking out the birthday decorations in the games room, the surprise was revealed and the look on Ms Ausretrogamer’s face was priceless! That’s when I knew, this thrill of the chase was totally worth it.

The decoy gift

Rearranging the fun factory

Space cleared next to Pin*Bot

The careful delivery – thanks to Skooota and Tony!

The surprise is set!
The Walking Dead Pinball

Even the machine knows it’s an important day!


Thrill Of The Chase: Retro Buzz at Carrara

RetroBuzz_Carrara_HDRThere is nothing better than going to a weekend market and finding a stall that sells retro gaming gear, and lots of it!

That was the case when we found the Retro Buzz stall at the Carrara Markets on the sunny Gold Coast. What we found there was a treasure-trove of old school systems from Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Commodore, Sony and Microsoft. To complement these retro systems, Retro Buzz also had a vast array of game cartridges, CDs and other games media from every era – you would have been hard pressed not to have found the game you were after!

Once we were done with the retro hunt, we enjoyed a few games of Alex Kidd In Miracle World on the Master System and then dropped a few coins on the arcade machines. If you do find yourself on the Gold Coast and need your retro hunt fix, then you can’t go wrong with hitting the Retro Buzz stall at Carrara!

Welcome to Carrara Markets! Woohoo!

Aha, found what we were looking for!

Trade, Buy AND Sell! They have every system covered!

No retro stall is complete without a Mario and Luigi display!

We spy some N64 and SNES consoles over Luigi’s shoulder!

We could have a ComLynx party with these beauties!

Mario crashes the Sega party!

Pro-tip: Grab some Atari Lynx games while they are cheap!

Stacks of Sega Mega Drive games to choose from!

Not to be outdone by its bigger 16-bit Sega brother – stacks of Master System games!

The SNES games demand your attention!

Whoa, more SNES games!

Game Boy games galore!

*GULP* It was hard to resist this Pokemon N64 console!

Found the NES treasure! Don’t worry about Zela, look at that P.O.W cart!

NES games always demand premium prices

Old school computer games! VIC-20 represent!

Oo’er, Game Gear games!

After a fruitful hunt like this, an arcade session is in order!

Thrill Of The Chase: The Dark Amiga

CDTV_1Don’t you just love when things happen unexpectedly? Well, this past week’s events were mind blowingly unexpected!

I was called by my great friend and fellow Press Play On Tape co-host, Daz (also from Retro Domination fame) to let me know that he had taken a trip up north and during his travels had found a Commodore CDTV! Not only was the CDTV complete with transmitter/mouse, remote, keyboard and a fair bit of software, Daz asked if I would be interested in the bundled deal for myself. Firstly, I was humbled that a friend thought of me when they came across something quite rare and unique, and secondly, the offer for me to buy it and for them to transport it back was an offer too good to refuse. To say I was excited would be a gross understatement – I made the offer, the seller accepted and Daz transported the CDTV bundle safely back to Melbourne.

To Daz and Pete (Console Domination), thanks heaps for thinking of me and giving me the opportunity to grab another retro gaming holy grail – you guys rock! As for what do I think of the CDTV? Well, let’s just say that the Amiga 500 has made room for it *winks*

She is a beauty!

Connections galore!

Oo’er, early 90s multimedia software!

Looking forward to do some Sherlocking!

Remote control your CDTV life!

The all-in-one control centre (transmitter)!

Now we can turn the CDTV into a full blown Amiga 500!

It’s alive!

We asked Daz to show us what else he found on his ‘retro road trip’ and without fail, Daz provided us with some mouthwatering photos, saying that they speak for themselves. We agree *wiping drool*

The beautiful C128!

Great to see a TI-99 out in the wild!

Oh wow, more TI computers!

Atari ST represent!


The loot is in the boot!Daz_0


Thrill Of The Chase: A Gamer’s Paradise

AGP_TitleThey say that a picture tells a thousand words. Based on that adage, this article would be over 42,000 words! Luckily for you all, we won’t bore you with too many words and allow the photos to speak for themselves.

First, let’s set the scene: when we travelled to the US and Canada last August, we found quite a few interesting places – A Gamer’s Paradise was one very interesting place that we did visit. Adjacent to the Pinball Hall Of Fame on East Tropicana Avenue in Las Vegas, one cannot miss A Gamer’s Paradise (Ed: If you have, then you missed out!). Entering this store was like stepping back to the local entertainment and gaming stores we frequented back in the 80s and early 90s – there was Sega, Nintendo, Atari, Commodore, Coleco and all other classic gaming brands from the good old days. Oh yeah, there was also pinball and arcade games to take up your time if you are done shopping for your retro goodies.

Not only did we have a few pinball games and pick up a few games for the Atari Jaguar and Sega CD, we were drooling at the museum pieces in the glass cabinets. So, without further ado, we present A Gamer’s Paradise for your viewing pleasure!

Yours truly with the abandon arcade machine – what wonders will await us inside?

Hello Paradise!

Hello more paradise!

So that’s how the North American Dreamcast kiosks look like!

Oh my, that is one seriously huge N64 kiosk!

Play some arcade machines while browsing for your retro goodies

If you prefer pinball, then you are in luck too!

The great wall of Sega!

Always look up, you never know what you might miss!

What do we have up here then? Whoa!

Handheld heaven!

Is that Keith Courage for the TurboGrafx-16 down there?

Whoa, Jaguar merch!

What to do first – play pinball or check out those NES carts?

Look at those shelves! Oh yeh, check out Samus!AGP_15

Do my eyes deceive me, is that a Philips Videopac 7000 (aka: Magnavox Odyssey 2)?

Did someone say they need Odyssey games? Here you go

Oh snap!

Williams’ SlugFest for $1500! Bargain!

Cheap Gear

We’d like to stick around with these awesome pixelated magnets!

Ello, ello, ello, what do we have up here then…

Play me! Well, that’s what it says!

Let’s check out this glass cabinet then!

Oh my, a Quiz Wiz! Even Donkey Kong seems to like it!

I’d love that gorgeous Tele-Games and Sega Pico!

A very intelligent vision!

Oo’er, those are lovely compAGP_28

We’ll start at the bottom – oh Galaga!

Now that is a cheap Famicom 20th anniversary Game Boy MicroAGP_30

Here come the Atari 8-bits!

Oh yes, the Atari 800 lurking in the background!

Mattel’s ill-fated Aquarius 

More exotic old school gear to drool over!

Um, this SNES Counter Tester system is beyond beautiful!

Last museum glass cabinet. Let’s take a closer look…

Oo’er, a Wondermega, I mean a JVC X’Eye

A Magnavox CD-i! Did Philips know about it? *wink*

The Atari monstrosity!

*Gulp* Sega Channel on the CDX! Wow!

As we exit A Gamer’s Paradise, we wave goodbye to the lonely arcade machine


Thrill Of The Chase: Virtual Reality Holy Grail

TakaraHMD_HDRThis year will be the year of Virtual Reality (VR). If you have been gaming as long as we have, you’ll know that this isn’t the first time we have all gone gaga over VR!

Long before the Playstation VR, the biggest name in virtual reality gaming was the Virtuality Group. Their ‘Virtuality’ arcade gaming machines promised and delivered immersive gaming via their stereoscopic visor (aka: the visette) while standing on a platform in a huge round pod waving your hands around like you were swatting flies – ah, how we miss the good old days of VR.

The popularity and mass media coverage of VR meant that it would always make its way into our homes. In 1994, Virtuality signed an agreement with Atari to develop a head-mounted-display (HMD) unit for use with Atari’s 64-bit Jaguar console. The agreement was expected to lead to the production and sale of the Jaguar VR HMDs in 1995. Sadly, it all went belly-up between Atari and Virtuality, with all Jaguar VR prototypes headed for the scrapheap.

Alas, the salvaged Jaguar VR prototype(s) have now become the most sought after and holiest of gaming grails, with the last known prototype selling for $14,500 on ebay in 2013.

TakaraHMD_JagVRsource: eBay

From the ashes of the Jaguar VR HMD technology arose Takara’s HMD DynoVisor and Philip’s Scuba Visor. The DynoVisor sported the Pupil Projection System with a ground breaking 120-degree field of view (FOV) display using Sony’s Active TFT and LCD lenses. Coupled with Hi-Fi stereo and Inter Pupil Distance (IPD) focus adjustment, these consumer products quickly sold-out upon release in Japan.

Even though the Takara HMD DynoVisor is considered to be laughable, their uniqueness and rarity in the wild makes them highly desirable among gamers and collectors alike. At a fraction of the cost of the Jaguar VR headset and being indentical in technology, Takara’s HMD DynoVisor has become a retro gaming grail itself.

To finally find the Takara HMD DynoVisor and be able to play the Atari Jaguar (and any NTSC console with composite / AV output) with a VR headset, has truly been a unique experience, one that every old school gamer should encounter! Viva la VR!

Holding tight onto the first retro gaming holy grail for 2016!

Takara’s HMD DynoVisor arose from the ashes of Atari’s Jaguar VR

Made from high impact ABS moulded components, this is one tough headset!

The DynoVisor can connect to any NTSC composite / AV console

Luckily Virtuality’s work wasn’t wasted

Contrast, Brightness and IPD control is within reach

Immersing myself in some old school VR on the PlayStation

Peeking into the VR abyss!