A Retro Gaming Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us ! This time of year always brings back those awesome nostalgic memories of playing video games with friends, family and even by yourself.

My earliest memories is chucking in the tape of Arnie Armchair Cricket into my C64 Datasette, typing in LOAD, pressing play and then going outside to shoot some hoops to kill time while the game loaded. There was nothing worse than going back to check the load status only to find the tape stopped. Ah, those were the days, lots of fun and games stuffing around with tape media.

This holiday season will be filled with lots of eating and drinking with family and friends. We will no doubt be filling in time playing some old school retro games on whatever tickles our fancy; from Contra (Probotector) on the NES, Super Mario World (SNES), Mario Kart 64 (N64), Impossible Mission (C64) to Truxton on the Mega Drive and even some Wonder Boy on the Master System. I have a sneaking suspicion, the arcade machine will take some battering too (I can’t wait!).

I will take this opportunity to wish you all a fun and safe holiday season. I hope it is filled with lots of family, friends and gaming time too.

So, what games will you be playing this holiday season ?