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The Australian Retro Gamer E-Zine – ausretrogamer.com – is an independent video games website committed to spreading the nostalgic vibe of retro gaming culture across the known universe.

Ausretrogamer was established in 2012 and has grown to become a popular independent source for high quality old-school gaming and pop culture news and information.

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ausretrogamer was voted 4th in the Top 75 Retro Gaming Blogs and Websites On The Planet

ausretrogamer was voted 21st in the WePC Top Retro Gaming Blogs and Websites


The ausretrogamer team love to take part in events – we are proud to have helped run the Classic Gaming area at PAX Aus in 201320142015201620172018 and 2019. Our very own, Alex Boz has also appeared on multiple PAX Aus panels: Geek Trash or Treasure? Finding Collectibles with Real Value and Blast from the Past – How Yesterday’s Heroes Became Today’s Icons.


We have also covered the following events:

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Other work

As well as articles published on the ausretrogamer site, founder Alex Boz regularly contributes to publications such as:

You can also listen to Alex on his many podcast appearances here.

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We have also had the privilege to appear in many national and international media, from gamer-centric sites to print magazines, radio and TV:

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The team

MrAlexBozVR, ausretrogamer, retro gamerAlex Boz, Co-founder, Editor-In-Chief  and Video Game Historian
Alex is a collector, arcade extraordinaire, pinball tragic, an Atarian and a C64 lover. Alex has been gaming since the early 80s when the weapon of choice was a joystick with a single fire button.
Follow Alex Boz on Twitter
Contact Alex at alex[at]ausretrogamer.com


ms ausretrogamerMs. ausretrogamer (Kerith S), Co-founder, Editor and Writer
Lover of science fiction, fashion, books, movies and TV. Player of games, old and new.
Follow Ms. ausretrogamer on Twitter
Contact Ms. ausretrogamer at kerith[at]ausretrogamer.com



Mat Panek, Chief Games Reviewer
Retromancer – Collector, repairer & fan of retro games & tech. Atari to Amiga, Nintendo to Sega! LD, Zip, Beta and a proud dad! One half of the TiredParents on Twitch.

Follow Mat on Twitter and Twitch



brant ravenDr. Brant Raven, Contributor and Star Wars fanatic
Scientist, philosopher & technologist. Science Fiction über-aficionado, retro gamer, curator & bibliographer. Creator of the Star Wars Bibliographic Database.
Follow Brant Raven on Twitter and Pinterest
Contact Brant at admin[at]ausretrogamer.com


brant ravenAaron Clement, Contributor
Tassie based retro gaming guy. Father of 3 and married to the very tolerant Kellie Clement. Coffee powered!
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David Cutler, U.S. Contributor
Love books, writing, sports, law, history, science, tech, film…oh, and tacos.
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David also writes opinion pieces for The Baltimore Sun



Dylan C. (aka: ausmoderngamer)
Teenage video gamer and ausretrogamer contributor. When Dylan isn’t dribbling on the virtual basketball court he is ripping it up for real on the football field.





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