NYC Apartment Turned Into An Arcade

Chris Kooluris, a Manhattan PR Exec, has a great eye for interior spaces. While unsuccessful at selling his apartment, Chris decided to transform the under utilised space  into an arcade for himself and friends to use. Chris even had his former fiancée assist in the design of the arcade room!

Chris went with the dark, cave-like arcade feel of the 80s, while his former fiancée added the bright colours and art work. Having dropped USD$32,000 on the project, we reckon it was money well spent! Now, where is our invite?

Before the transformation

After the transformation

Oh yeah baby, gimme some Street Fighter II action!

Classic Nintendo arcade machines

Miniaturised Arcade!

The Street Fighter II Roster

A Lovely View

image source: abc News – Lifestyle

Beep: A History of Video Game Sound

BeepIntro06With the flood of samey video gaming documentaries on the market, it is refreshing to see new and interesting video gaming film ideas hitting Kickstarter.

Beep: A History of Video Game Sound is a documentary film which will take viewers on a rich audio-visual journey through the history of game music and sound, from the minimalist sounds of 1970s arcade classics through to the surround sound orchestral soundtracks of 2014’s latest epics (Ed: oh man, chiptunes too!). We all have fond memories of gaming tunes or that special music track that has been (lovingly) stuck in our heads since childhood. Beep will unlock these memories by giving the maestros and sound designers of these awesome tunes the opportunity to tell their own stories and share in their amazing achievements.

But wait, there is more! The film will be published together with a book that will provide an in-depth perspective on the evolution of game audio, packed full of interviews with the pioneers of game sound. So whichever way you look at it, all bases are covered – on film and in literature.

There are great rewards for each pledge – from $1CAD all the way up to the dizzying $8,000CAD, there is something for everyone. With a target of $40,000CAD by September 30, let’s make sure this campaign succeeds! Every dollar counts. Show your support!

image and video via Beep


Blast From The Past: The Top 10 C64 Games of August 1984

What is so significant about August? Well, if you are a Commodore 64 fan, you don’t need to ask. If you haven’t got the faintest idea why I am gushing over August, then let me tell you – this month back in 1982, Commodore Business Machines unleashed the little 8-bit home computer powerhouse we affectionately call, the C64. August will forever be remembered as, C64 month.

In its 32 year lifespan, the C64 has entertained millions of players around the world via an extensive library of games; some good, some bad, and some absolute rippers! Speaking of ripper games, for this article, we take a trip down nostalgia lane to a time long forgotten – August 1984. Take a look at the chart and see what the top 10 C64 games were in this month 30 years ago. The games may seem primitive, but there is no denying that there are some games in this list that still endure – Beach-Head anyone? Do you like anything you see in this chart? Let us know your pick of the bunch via Twitter.


We rounded up the illustrious RESET staff and asked them to pick one standout game from the top 10 C64 games list to give us their take on what that game meant to them.

Vinny Mainolfi: International Soccer
Back in 1982 when our beloved Commodore 64 hit the shelves, all I remember seeing was International Soccer on the screen in our local John Menzies, and young boys huddled around fighting over who was next to play. It was also the first game I ever played on the C64 because when I purchased my first C64 it didn’t come with a datasette! A fantastic retro game that’s still worth a kick-about.

Kevin Tilley: Space Pilot
I have very fond memories of playing Space Pilot as a youngster (seems like a long time ago now!). Back then, I had no idea what an arcade game was or the existence of Time Pilot. I played this game with an innocence that allowed me to have pure 100% fun with what was in front of me without any preconceptions. I remember flying through the first level, continuously upwards to see if I would hit space, or continuously downwards to see if I would ever hit the ground, shooting enemies as I went! Of course, I never did hit space or the ground but that didn’t matter. Curiously, I don’t ever remember making it past the second or third stage even though I loved the game and played it regularly. A classic unofficial conversion of Time Pilot that still plays well today!

Merman: Beach Head
I got this on the ‘They Sold A Million’ – a brilliant compilation with Beach Head, Staff of Karnath, Daley Thompson’s Decathlon and Jet Set Willy, offering great value for money. I loved all the different scenes in Beach Head – the onslaught of the air raid, the hidden passage filled with mines and torpedoes, the naval bombardment trying to hit the enemy ships and the tanks driving and exploding among the defenses on the beach. It took me several years to finally conquer the giant fortress by blasting the white squares (weak points that lit one by one) and took pride in seeing the white flag of surrender waving from the ruins. The sequel was a lot of fun too.

Frank Gasking: Trashman
Sadly I was too young to experience Trashman when it first hit the shelves, but was lucky enough to play it back in 1992 when Zzap! 64 put it on their cover mount. Although not quite as fast paced as other titles I played at the time, there was something oddly enduring about playing a game where the aim was to clear up trash from the street! The comments from the home owners were pretty amusing at the time, and I amassed many C64′s from parents trying to clear out their kid’s collections. Sometimes felt a bit harsh when a car appeared from nowhere as you tried to struggle across the road, but I still kept replaying.  Also I remember there being a neat cheat where if you got hit by a car and pressed a key, it would restart the game with frozen traffic (touching a car would still kill you though!).  Great conversion of a Speccy classic!

Craig Derbyshire/Babyduckgames:Hunchback
Back in those days I never owned a C64 as it was too expensive for us but my wealthier cousin owned one and I spent many an hour around his house as a spectator waiting for him and his friend (I was always made to go last !) to finish their turns on this game. I picked up a few swear words along the way as they struggled to get past the increasingly difficult levels. It didn’t bother me being a spectator for a while as when my turn arrived I had already learnt from their mistakes and usually managed to progress further than them which made me feel kinda chuffed. I find it a simple game compared to latter C64 games but to me it has that classic “one more go” feel. I’m sure that one day I will return to it with the aim of completing it.

Plume: Son of Blagger
Haha, games just seemed more sprawling and epic when you were younger and less jaded didn’t they? This was one of those games for me. I always loved the fact that I could see tantalising areas behind walls before I could get to them, which just added to the mystique. Having played it on a mates Spectrum first, I remember being significantly miffed that it was decidedly less colourful, but the fact it wasn’t a push scroller like its counterpart soon won me over. If only it would let me change direction when I jumped, I probably wouldn’t be the bitter curmudgeon I am today. Son of a bitch more like.

Cameron Davis: Blagger
Blagger was a bit of a mystery to me when I first found out about it. I had read about it in an early issue of Zzap! 64 and it (along with super-programmer Tony Crowther) was held in high reverence, but I never saw it on store shelves two years after its initial release. Being such an old game it wasn’t exactly a hot item on the schoolyard tape-swapping circuit, either. It wasn’t until five years after its debut that I managed to find a copy…and it did not age well. Finicky, pixel-perfect platform games were already old-hat by 1988 thanks to the advent of Great Giana Sisters and the like, and even the colourful visuals couldn’t save what was an exercise in frustrating rote learning of enemy movement patterns and item locations. I know Blagger has its fans, but I think it really was a case of “you had to have been there!”

As for myself, I struggled to pick one standout from the games chart. The decision proved all the more difficult as I still have vivid (and very fond) memories of playing International Soccer and Decathlon. At least I never broke any joysticks playing International Soccer!

My nostalgic senses lean towards International Soccer, as it was the pack-in cartridge in my C64 Family Pack (America’s Cup Edition). I remember playing it with my dad to a point of exhaustion. Once I had him beat, which was quite often, we went onto the wrist-snapping Decathlon. Many a C-1342 joysticks were broken while waggling the joystick to break an event record – but boy, was it fun!

I figured that the only way I could solve this stalemate was to toss a coin. I picked heads for Decathlon, tossed the coin and guess what – it landed on heads. Time to break another joystick and that 100m sprint record!

DISCLAIMER: This article appears in issue #4 of Reset.


My Decade TV: 70s, 80s, 90s!

mydecadeTVLock up your cat, put the kids to bed and then settle in for some nostalgic TV fun! MyDecadeTV honours the pop culture memories of bygone decades – the 70s, 80s and 90s in particular. Basically, each decade has a TV channel (site) to simulate the vintage experience of channel-surfing on a TV from a particular era.

If you haven’t checked this out yet, I have no idea what you are waiting for – bookmark the sites immediately and get surfing on this awesome wave of nostalgia!

If you do enjoy MyDecadeTV, please show your support by giving a donation. It is worth every cent.

My70sTVimage source: MyDecadeTV


Commodore Club: Under the Hammer

Carrying the tradition of August being Commodore month, the Commodore Club held their annual auction at the weekend. There was a fair bit of loot on offer, from the C64 and Amiga, to the Atari 2600, N64, SNES and other classic systems.

Paul the auctioneer kept the formalities to a minimum and ensured the smooth running of the bidding processes – once the gavel dropped, there was no mucking around. What transpired was some friendly bidding wars amongst the modest crowd. Weird and Retro’s Serby cleaned up with the winning bid on the C64 cassette games, but I ensured I got in on the action with winning the C64 Breadbin andC64 compilation game pack auctions. The usual suspects (StaceyRob and Pedro) also got in amongst the action and scored themselves some impressive vintage goodies. By the end of it all, everything that was up for grabs was gone.

Once the auction wrapped up, it was down to business of playing some old school classics. The Commodore Club day is one of those monthly events that you should not miss! Are you coming to the next one?

Let the auction begin!

Paul whips the crowd into a frenzy

The Commodore 64 cassette loot

Sussing out what to bid on

Oo’er the 1942 – never seen one in the flesh, till now!

Amiga represent

Mmmmm, juicy C64 compilations

I really really wanted to win this lot! Alas, Serby did

Smash that gavel on Rolf!

I wonder if I could just borrow these for a while….

My winning lot!
Serby’s WaR chest!

Oh that gorgeous A3000 is begging to be played

Auction over. Game on!


Digital Art: Video Games vs Real Life

Let’s get this straight, I love video games being mashed into real life locations. I was super impressed with Aled Lewis Studio’s video gaming artwork, and now we have Lee Vidal coming to the party with his artistic effort.

Lee has done a fabulous job at placing iconic video games in very apt real life locations. If you don’t believe us, just take a peek below. If you would like to see more of Lee’s artistic works, head on over to his deviantArt page.

Spooky Yoshi’s Island

Barrel roll

Exciting motocross!

Scenic route

Brrrrrrrrrrr, ice climbing

Go Mario!

Advancing! Tank attack!

Hunting castles

Kicking ten shades out of Ken!

image source: retronoob

RESET C64 Magazine: Issue 4 Out Now!

RESET_titleAugust is always a special month. Not only is it the month that my sibling was born, it is also the month that my favourite 8-bit home computer was released, the Commodore 64.

What better way to make my RESET magazine contribution debut by timing it with the 32nd anniversary of the beloved C64. Issue 4 of RESET is out now and is totally free. Get yours here!

This latest issue is bursting at the seams with all things C64 (Ed: but of course!)! So another big thank you to Kevin Tilley for putting together another great issue and for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this awesome C64-centric magazine. Till issue 5, happy reading!