Sega Arcade Game History

Sega-Interactive_Arcade_TitleSTOP THE PRESS! Thanks to our good friend Skott Kellett, we were made aware of Sega-Interactive’s Sega Arcade Game History site!

So what is this site all about? If you have been (and still are) a fan of Sega’s arcade games (Ed: which many, many of you are!) and love history, then this site should be bookmarked as your go to reference on anything related to Sega arcade games.

The site is great to navigate, with a plotted timeline of all Sega arcade games from 1970 to present day on the left of screen, a cross-hair to ‘target’ (choose) the arcade game in the centre of the display, and the right of screen being your search area and view type selector (cruise or list mode for the targeted decade). Now, if only Sega-Interactive could release an English version of this site!

Let’s cruise through Sega’s arcade games from the 1980s

Tiled list view of Sega’s arcade games from the 1980s

Machine list view of Sega’s arcade games from the 1980s

Checking out Yu Suzuki’s Space Harrier
SegaArcade_Target3source: Sega Interactive


Pinfest 5: Festival Of The Silver Ball

Pinfest5_2016Ladies, kids of any age and gentlemen, listen up! Pinfest 5 has just been announced by the Newcastle Pinball Association! Mark the 24th and 25th September 2016 in your calendar and make sure you head to the Caves Beachside Hotel, which is 90 minutes north of Sydney.

Celebrating its 5th consecutive year, Pinfest 5 will be bigger and better, with awesome special attractions to mark the occasion, including an exclusive Pinfest patrons raffle to win a Data East Time Machine pinball table! If that wasn’t enough of an incentive, there will be up to 70 pinball machines to flip and tilt on, ensuring that every patron experiences as many pinball machines as possible.

No matter your age or your level of interest, if you have itchy flipping fingers, you need to be at Pinfest 5! Keep an eye on the Newcastle Pinball Association Facebook page for more details.

Pinfest 2015 highlights


Pinfest2015_1source: Newcastle Pinball Association


Retro Gaming Hunt: On The Road To Newcomb

What does one do on a long weekend? Well, we decided to hit the road to Newcomb for a retro games hunting expedition at the Amazing Mill Market!

The Amazing Mill Market definitely didn’t disappoint, with loads of retro gaming gear found on the ground and upper floor. Ms ausretrogamer’s keen eye found some hidden treasures, which we didn’t hesitate in snapping up.

There were some fairly pricey items, but looking hard in each stall paid dividends – we snagged the SNES Super Disk Interceptor for a very reasonable price, which turned out to be our catch of the day!

For now, sit back and enjoy a sampling of some goodies that may tickle your nostalgic fancy…

Well, well, well, what do we have in this glass cabinet
Mill Market ANZAC 6

We wonder if Nintendo approved these copycat ‘Game & Watch’ devices?
Mill Market ANZAC 5

Where do we even start here?
Mill Market ANZAC 4

Whoa! We wouldn’t mind flippin on this pinball table *wink*
Mill Market ANZAC 3

Finally, we can pirate, ahem…. we mean, backup our SNES games
Mill Market ANZAC 2

The trick here is to get past the PS2 games overload!
Mill Market ANZAC 1

Woot! A solitary Sega Mega Drive game among a sea of 2600 carts!
Mill Market ANZAC 12

At that price, we had to walk past the boxed NES
Mill Market ANZAC 11

Fishing for some GBA gaming bargains!
Mill Market ANZAC 10

The Commodore 64 represent!
Mill Market C64

Is it really the ultimate entertainment pack?
Mill Market ANZAC 8

Forget Nintendo’s Game & Watch, you need Q&Q’s Card Game Clock Tarzan!
Mill Market ANZAC 7

Super Mario and Pac-Man in cahoots 
Mill Market ANZAC 17

Yes, Tetris 2 has been spotted!
Mill Market ANZAC 16

This was the most popular QuickShot joystick in Australia – because it was cheap!
Mill Market ANZAC 14

A bit light on with the N64 gear…
Mill Market ANZAC 15

Turtle power!!
Mill Market ANZAC 13

Oo’er, a 3DO controller but no 3DO system to be found!
Mill Market ANZAC 24

Forget the CRT TVs and that SNES, look at that Daytona USA arcade topper!
Mill Market ANZAC 23

Lucky dip!
Mill Market ANZAC 22

Boxed Xbox!
Mill Market ANZAC KK1

Before IBM’s Deep Blue chess computer, there was Schach-Computer!
Mill Market ANZAC 21

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with V!
Mill Market Saturn

Oh man, we have a woody!
Mill Market ANZAC 20

What to play on first?
Mill Market ANZAC 19

A sight for sore eyes!
Mill Market ANZAC 18

All Your Fave Mega Drive Games in One Place

SegaMD_Classics_HDRPut your retro party hats on peeps! SEGA Europe Ltd. is celebrating the launch of the all new SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub on Steam with a 66% off sale on all SEGA Mega Drive games currently available on the platform. Anyone who purchases or already owns at least one SEGA Mega Drive title on Steam will be able to experience the wonder of the redesigned SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub when it launches on the 28th April, 2016.

The new-look system, developed by d3t, from which you can access all the SEGA Mega Drive games you own on Steam, now resembles the bedroom of an early nineties SEGA fan with dynamic time-of-day conditions, retro SEGA paraphernalia, a shelf full of Mega Drive games reflecting which ones you own on Steam, and of course, a CRT TV! It’s not just cosmetic improvements though; every single Mega Drive game available now on the platform will feature Steam Workshop support, allowing you to share modified versions of your favourite retro SEGA titles!

In addition to these new features the all new SEGA Mega Drive Collection hub also includes, spot-on emulation, local co-op for games that support it, optional graphic enhancement filters, the ability to save states at any point during gameplay and full controller and keyboard support.

For a full list of SEGA Mega Drive games available on the platform (there are 5 packs to choose from!), log on to Steam now!


source: Sega


Supanova Temptations

If checking out the wonderful roster of TV stars and the awesome cosplay wasn’t enough, Supanova Pop Culture Expo (in Melbourne) hit the trifecta this past weekend by tempting its visitors with cool gear, from comics, novels, animation cels, action figures to Game Of Thrones leggings – let’s just say that there was something for everyone!

As we walked around the main hall of Supanova, we found ourselves stopping at each stall and taking a good hard look at what wares were available for purchase. The temptation was strong to buy everything in sight, but we had to be mindful of that dreaded credit card sitting in our back pocket.

There were plenty of items we would have loved to had taken home, but for now, we’ll just reminisce about them…

We stood and stared at these for hours! Well, ok, we stared for minutes!

Tada! The (evil) Doctor is in da house!

Shoot that Well Walker in the head!

It is Judgement Day! The menacing T800 is coming to get us!

Flipping the bird at Iron Man

Wanna go back to ’85?

Where do we even start?!

The most evil bust in the universe!

The most evil statue in the universe!

Let’s bag this, Mario!

Magic mushroom?

Look who we ran into!

House Targaryen!

We bet on House Stark!

Oo’er, nice framed Zelda artwork!

Oh man, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake! Now that’s a blast from the past!

Whoa! Where is Jabba The Hutt?

More Star Wars goodness!

Where do we even start here? Oh look, it’s Daryl Dixon!

We might need a few bags here! *wink*

NG:Dev.Team Dreamy Dreamcast Titles

NGDEV_Dreamcast_TITLEJust in case you have been on a sojourn to the moon and have just landed back on earth, we have some HUGE news – those awesome folks at NG:Dev.Team have announced that due to popular demand, they will re-issue some of their past Dreamcast games in Japanese styled CD jewel cases!

If you haven’t already got them, you can grab Gunlord, Fast Striker and Last Hope Pink Bullets now to enjoy on your Dreamcast. These re-issued games are aimed at new customers but previous owners may want the CD case releases to compliment their DVD case editions of the same games.

There is a limited run of each game and the special bundle, so you better be quick! Shipping is scheduled to commence between April 20th and 25th! More details at the NG:Dev.Direct site – get ordering!

NGDev_DC_HDRimage source: NG:Dev Team


Arcade and Pinball Sale Of The Century

So it was at some unholy hour on a warm Saturday morning back in early January that I found myself standing outside of an old office supplies warehouse in North Hobart along with a whole range of people from all over Australia. Why you ask? Inside was a significantly large assortment of pinball tables, jukeboxes and arcade cabinets, all for sale or auction by one of the oldest operators in Tassie.

Proof that we do get warm, clear days in Hobart!

If you’ve ever spent time in Hobart, you may have passed a building on the corner of Patrick and Campbell streets with a faded sign advertising “Pinballs from $400”. The building is home to Automatic Music, a local family-owned amusement operator founded by a guy named Erwin Boot back in the 1960s. While their focus now is mainly pool tables and jukeboxes, Erwin had kept a lot of the older and unused machines stashed away at various locations across the state. So with retirement looming, there was only one thing to do; open the warehouse to the public and sell, sell, sell!

I want a $400 Pinball machine!

Quite the line-up!

 Jukeboxes were the major theme of the sale, with easily a hundred or more out on display, although it was hard to miss the entire wall lined with some 30 to 40 years of pinball history! With machines ranging from early electromagnetic releases like Sky Jump (Gottlieb, 1974), Sky Kings (Bally, 1973), Lawman (Gottlieb, 1971) and Super Star (Williams, 1972), through to more recent titles like Star Wars (Data East, 1992), Judge Dredd (Midway, 1993) and Dr. Who (Midway, 1992). There were definitely bargains to be had, although the cheaper the machine, the better your repair skills had to be!

Smaller than their solid state descendants, the electromagnetic Pinballs of the 60s & 70s are unmistakable

The most expensive machine sold on the day wasn’t a pinball table, it was a 1959 AMI Continental Jukebox that was snagged by a Gold Coast man for $6100! On the pinball front, Star Wars, Playboy (Bally, 1978) and Dr. Who all cleared the $3000 mark, with the cheapest going for just over $200 (for a mostly incomplete, non-working machine I might add).

The Doctor is in the house!

Given my holy grail was well out of reach (I’ll own Star Wars one day!), I was happy to just attend and spend time walking amongst all of the amusement history on display. Although there’s another long time amusement operator down here with an equally large warehouse of machines, so maybe we’ll see another sale sometime soon…

Oh my, $50 for a Taito Thunderbolt!

No tabletop dancing on these old beauties!

Let’s go Raving!

Even Judges need repair from time to time

Rock ‘n’ Wrestling – A good combination!

We’re only playing it for the multiballs, right?

Sweet sounds of Wurlitzer

Shoot’em up gallery

Checking out the lethal merchandise

It’s seen better days, but you can almost hear Sweet Georgia Brown

Feeling like a superstar!

More awesome pics from the arcade and pinball sale of the century here!


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