Sam’s Journey on THEC64 Mini

The greatest ever Commodore 64 platformer (yes, it is!), Sam’s Journey has now been tweaked to play natively on THEC64 Mini!

When C64 games publisher and our very good friends at Protovision gave us the news that they are working with Knights of Bytes to bring us a THEC64 Mini version of Sam’s Journey, we must admit, there were lots of high-fives around the office.

If you don’t know anything about Sam’s Journey, well, all you need to know is that it is an absolutely sublime platformer and one of the best games released for the C64 in the past decade.

So what’s different about this version you may ask? Well, this version permits the THEC64 Mini user to read and start the game from a USB stick, making the previous workarounds totally obsolete. THEC64 Mini version also allows the user to jump by means of the additional buttons where you previously had to use the “joystick up” move. Oh yeah, this version of Sam’s Journey also takes advantage of better loading routines (taking advantage of the latest THEC64 Mini firmware).

If you have THEC64 Mini, then this special version of Sam’s Journey is a must! The download package is available via Protovision as well as on If you already own Sam’s Journey, then you are in luck, as this special version is available free of charge to you!


The Brixty Four: A Full-Size Working Lego Commodore 64

Back in the 80s we loved playing with Lego and on our Commodore 64. So what a better way than to mash these two into one and create the Brixty Four – a full-size working Lego Commodore 64, complete with a functioning sprung keyboard, power pack, working LED light and a replica LEGO mobo (Ed: motherboard!) with all of the famous MOS chips, including Bob Yannes’ brilliant SID chip!

If you want Christian Simpson’s (aka: Perifractic) awesome Lego C64 to become mass produced, then go to Lego Ideas and show your support by giving it a vote right now!

source: Perifractic


Retro Gaming Black Friday Deals

Whoa, it’s that time of year when everyone loses their mind by trying to find the best Black Friday deals!

Well, since we don’t want you guys to stress, we have curated a list of cool Black Friday gaming deals that suit any budget.

Get your wallets and purses ready, here we go!

My Arcade Data East Classics Mini Arcade $99 (save $50)

TheC64 Mini $134 (save $16)

Midway Gaming Box $19.99 (save $9.96)



Art Of Atari $52.95 (save $27)

Sturmwind – Sega Dreamcast $27.01 (save $19.91)

NEOGEO Mini $170.63 (save $79.64)

Red Tent Nintendo Switch Stand $89.58 (save $24.18)

Action Replay 4M Auto Plus for the Sega Saturn $28.43 (save $8.53)

PONG – Where It All Started T-Shirt $42.88

Nintendo Classic Mini Double Pack $199.08 (save $14.22)

TOKI Collector’s Edition (Nintendo Switch) $70.99 (20% BACK IN PLAYER POINTS)

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Nintendo Switch Game $51.99 (20% BACK IN PLAYER POINTS)


PSIKYO COLLECTION VOL. 1 – Nintendo Switch $42.65 (save $7.11)

TERMINATOR 2 1/4 SCALE ACTION FIGURE: T-800 $140.77 (save $7.11)



Get Your Keyboard To Match Your Original Game Boy

In my mind’s eye, if I imagined a Game Boy type keyboard I could use on my computer, it would definitely not look as cool as this creation by The Key Company!

The iconic look of the original Game Boy, with its white, navy, maroon and black colour scheme oozes cool Nintendo late 80s aesthetics which would look pretty awesome on other devices, like keyboards! The Key Company is currently running a group buy for their GMK DMG key-set, which is based on, surprise surprise, Nintendo’s iconic handheld. The GMK DMG key-set was designed by Reddit user Futurecrime, with colour matching being professionally done by German industrial equipment maker GMK to directly match Nintendo’s Game Boy colour scheme.

The Base kit, which is USD$169, includes 150 keys designed to cover a majority of keyboards sporting Cherry MX-compatible stems. Pull off one of your normal keys, and if there is a plus (+) sign shaped plastic peg underneath, they’ll fit. The base kit includes some super cute novelty keys sporting Game Boy button graphics, along with a set of direction keys in black with grey stripes.

There are cheaper kits, like the Pocket kit, which costs USD$48 – it comes with keys to fill in some of the more popular smaller keyboard layouts. There is also a $22 Spacebars kit which contains various sizes of space bars in the Game Boy maroon colour.

So if you are into the original Game Boy and want to pair up its colour scheme with a device you use often, like your keyboard, then check out the GMK DMG group buy at The Key Company site for more details. If you prefer to wait for the key-sets to hit the streets (Reddit’s Mechmarket), then diarise April 2019 right now!

Image source: The Key Company

[source: Kotaku]


Official PlayStation Home Furniture

Let’s face it, some of us are better than others when it comes to furnishing and decorating our homes. So what would you say if things were made easier for us home furniture decorator noobs by PBTeen? Well, it is true – PBTeen have released an official range of Playstation inspired furniture – we know, we are spinning out too!

From bookshelves, coffee tables, TV wall units to comfy one seat beanbags, the PlayStation furniture has you covered when decking out your lounge area or games room. We gotta say it, this PBTeen PlayStation Collection is just so damn cool!

image source: PBTeen

[source: technabob]


We are at PAX Aus!

Yo peeps, the Ausretrogamer gang and their awesome friends (Weird and Retro, Press Play On Tape podcast, Bartronica, Bayside Pinball Club) are all at PAX Aus 2018 this coming weekend running the awesome and nostalgia inducing Classic Gaming area.

If you are attending PAX Aus, come over, say hi and most importantly, play and have fun!

We are here!
image source: PAX Aus

80s Baby: NKOTB Are Back Baby!

New Kids On The Block are back, baby! Well, so are Salt-N-Pepa, Naughty By Nature, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson performing 80s Baby. Part of the ‘The Mixtape Tour 2019‘, this new single is a throwback to the awesomest decade of them all, the 1980s!

This song will have you bopping along with that familiar cool 80s tunes. Oh yeah, the video clip is a throwback to Sega’s cool OutRun arcade game – a nice touch indeed!

Huge thanks to Poop Face (aka: Freakin Frankie) for letting us know about this!

source: New Kids On The Block