Clever Marketing: Using Pinball To Promote A Credit Card

So how does a bank promote their new unlimited cashback credit card for us to notice it? They tap into popular culture and see what is currently hot!

As we all know, pinball is going gangbusters all around the world, so Standard Chartered Bank thought they’d cleverly use a pinball playfield, not just as a metaphor, but to get their message across about their new credit card – a simply brilliant piece of marketing! We may need this credit card for our next pinball machine purchase *winks*

Keep flippin’!

source: Standard Chartered Bank


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Resurrecting Alien Pinball

One of the most anticipated pinball machines in recent memory, Alien by Heighway Pinball, is finally starting to ship!

The shipment of Alien pinball machines is at a trickle for the moment (only a couple have reached their customers), but here’s hoping Heighway Pinball can start cranking up production and get those Alien beauties shipped out at a hundred per month, just like they mentioned not that long ago.

To whet your appetite and possibly fill you with dread (just like the movies did), Heighway Pinball has released a new overhead gameplay video (see below). Quite frankly, the video has wowed us at how great the whole package looks and plays; from the smooth and fast playfield, the lighting, toys (the Xenomorph picking up the ball off the magnet is just superb), to the atmospheric sounds plus the call outs just round out to what amounts to be a very special pinball machine.

Don’t forget, on March 6 (US time!), Dead Flip will be live streaming Alien pinball gameplay on Twitch!

source: Heighway Pinball


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Magic Girl Pinball Appears After 5 Years

Some 5 years in the making, Zidware’s disappearing Magic Girl finally appears in a magical puff of smoke!

With only 20 Magic Girl machines assembled (by American Pinball) and only a handful more in existence, Chris Kooluris was one lucky and extremely patient customer that decided to share the moment he picked up, unboxed and assembled his ultra rare beauty.

But it seems that this Magic Girl will again be disappearing. Chris has decided to part ways with his special machine, so if you have a cool US $45,000 (or best offer), head to his Magic Girl eBay auction now!

This is about as close we will ever get to seeing, let alone playing John Popadiuk’s Magic Girl.

image source: Chris Kooluris (Facebook)

source: eBay


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Jersey Jack Pinball Is Calling All Pinball Enthusiasts

When Jersey Jack Pinball’s Jack Guarnieri puts out a call to all pinball enthusiasts, we sit up and take note!

The Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) team will be keeping busy in March as they hit the event circuit by attending the Louisville Arcade Expo this coming weekend (March 3 – 5) and then the Texas Pinball Festival (March 24 – 26). JJP will be taking their finest games to these mighty fine events – we just wish we could be there too!

Finally, we had to share this great pinball note from Jack Guarnieri about Dialed In!:

As most of you know by now, our newest game, Dialed In!, is designed by the legendary Pat Lawlor, himself. This game is special for so many reasons, but the story of how Pat became involved is special, and one I thought you might enjoy.

In 2011, I found myself renting a building from Pat in Harvard, IL for JJP. I knew he had been retired for several years, but welcomed him to see the work we were doing and shared our vision. Pat saw that vision come to life with our first game, The Wizard of Oz, and grew excited. He began to toy with the idea of returning to pinball design – one day.

By late 2013, after expressing his interest, we made Pat part of the JJP team – a pivotal decision for the company. The idea was simple: design an unlicensed, original game – something directly from Pat’s imagination.

Fast forward to the birth of Dialed In! What a game. I have to tell you, the result is amazing, and the reaction of people who’ve played it has been incredibly gratifying and such an affirmation of Pat’s genius. In it, we’ve built a game with groundbreaking technology and features never before seen in a pinball machine.

Ever the dedicated pro, Pat has been visiting the game in the field, studying it and making signature tweaks. I can’t ever remember a new game having received such care and attention.

As we near production, we want to give everyone interested in owning a Dialed In! an opportunity stake their claim now on this historic game with a completely refundable deposit of $250, and balance due upon game production.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this offer and stop by our upcoming events (more below) to experience Dialed In! for yourself: a game that embodies true passion for a game we all love.

Jersey Jack Pinball’s Jack Guarnieri at the Australian unveiling of Dialed In!


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Pinball Press brings you news from the world of pinball – events, product reviews/updates, interviews and the people in pinball!

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Pinball: A Good Win At The IFPA Australian Championship Series

New South Welshman Brett Goodwin has been crowned the 2016- 2017 IFPA Australian Championship Series (ACS) champion.

After a gruelling two days of competition at the Thornbury Bowls Club, the field of 32 players was down to just two: New South Welshman Brett Goodwin and Victoria’s Johnny Crabtree. The State Of Origin was on, with Johnny Crabtree taking out round 1 in the best of 5 rounds, on Stern’s Metallica. Round 2 saw Brett Goodwin sneak in a win on Gilligan’s Island to square the ledger. Brett then took out round 3 on Stern’s 1977 Pinball machine leading the final 2 – 1, leaving Johnny the table pick for the all-important round 4.

With the pressure mounting, Johnny chose his pet table, Stern’s AC/DC. Both players had a phenomenal game, but Brett was simply unstoppable, playing a near perfect game, scoring 120+ million to Johnny’s 75+ million, giving him a 3 – 1 win and the crown as the IFPA Australian Championship Series champion for 2016 – 2017.

The 3rd place playoff saw Matthew Venables (NSW) take on Robert Macauley (SA). Matthew took out 3rd place by winning both rounds 1 and 2 on Dirty Harry and AC/DC respectively.

As per all great competitions, there are a number of people that make things happen and ensure the competition is run smoothly and is fun for all. IFPA Australian Championship Series directors, Luke Marburg and Dan Robar did a fantastic job in organising the event and running it like clockwork.

Of course, the 15 tournament pinball machines didn’t just spontaneously appear, they were provided by these great people: Lucas Bardin, Geoff Wills, Marcus Sezonov, Dan Robar, Adam Clarke, Dan Brown, Alex Nunn, Jordan Tredaway and Johnny Crabtree – thank you all for providing your machines for the 2016-2017 IFPA ACS final!

See you all in Adelaide for the 2017 – 2018 IFPA Australian Championship Series final!

For all of the results and standings from the weekend, go and check them out on

The champion’s trophy and a $400 1st place prize. The pinball wizard deserves to be rewarded!

IFPA ACS Co-Director, Luke Marburg keeps an eye on proceedings

Two beauties!

The machines look very inviting. But first we must turn them on!

The Minnow will NOT be lost!

Alex Boz is mesmerised by Avatar

Busting ghosts!

Johnny Crabtree gives us the thumbs up!

A dead flip!

Getting in some action before the finals!

Even the beer is retro!

Young gun, Jordan Tredaway samples some Pinball Magic and gets 20 million!

The crowd is readying for the finals!

Beer is put down, time to play!

3rd place play-off between Robert Macauley and Matthew Venables. First up, Robert on Dirty Harry!

Matthew Venables feels lucky, punks! 1.23billion on Dirty Harry ain’t too shabby at all!

And the 3rd place in the IFPA ACS final goes to… Matthew Venables.

Down to the last two standing: Johnny Crabtree sets a winning score on Metallica in Round 1

Brett Goodwin steps up to Metallica

Johnny Crabtree getting in the zone on Gilligan’s Island

Brett Goodwin takes out round 2 of the ACS grand final!

Johnny sees the light on Pinball

Brett sets a round 3 winning score on Pinball

New South Welshman, Marc Bell (left) had an excellent tournament, making the finals on the Sunday after posting a 2nd in Pool B

Turn me on Johnny!

Johnny Crabtree sets a reasonable score on Stern’s AC/DC in round 4 of the grand final

But it’s not good enough, as Brett Goodwin gets the win and snags the title as the 2016-17 IFPA ACS Champion

The winner is congratulated

There are no losers in pinball! Fellow pinball wizard, Wal Dickie congratulates Johnny on his valiant effort

Show me the money: the top 8 players all received cash prizes

IFPA ACS Co-Director, Dan Robar presents Johnny with his trophy and cash winnings

It’s all smiles for the champion, Brett Goodwin

L-R: Matthew Venables (3rd place), Brett Goodwin (1st place), Johnny Crabtree (2nd place)

The final standings

Geoff Wills starts the bump-out – another great championship is done and dusted

Check out the awesome panoramic pic on Facebook!


Creating The Playfield With Jersey Jack Pinball’s Butch Peele

Ever wondered how a high-quality pinball playfield is made? We definitely have!

Well, wonder no more as pinball tech wizard, Butch Peel, details the intricate process behind creating a high-quality Jersey Jack Pinball playfield.

Once you finish watching this episode, you may also like to check out Butch Peele’s playfield tours of Jersey Jack Pinball’s groundbreaking games, Wizard Of Oz and The Hobbit – trust us, they are worth watching!

source: Jersey Jack Pinball


First Impressions Of Stern’s Batman 66 Pinball Machine


We enjoy visiting our friends at Zax Amusements. Not only is it fun to catch up with the Zax crew, but it’s also fun to gawk in wonder at the machines on their showroom floor. One machine that caught our eye was the new Batman 66 Premium Edition pinball table from Stern.

Batman 66 is the first machine that Stern has released with a full colour high definition (HD) LED screen integrated in the backboard instead of the traditional dot matrix display. We were quite impressed with the HD LED screen’s vividness and its animation – it captures the cheesiness brilliantly from the 1966 Batman TV show. We initially thought that the HD LED display was on the small side, but seeing it in action it actually suits the machine to a T.

The visual package of the machine is complete with the awesome artwork by Christopher Franchi. The purple and blue hues of the artwork on the cabinet are eye catching (they stand out from a mile away!) and the equally beautiful backglass (above the LED display) and playfield art just scream sixties kitsch!

Being pressed for time, we only had five games on the machine, so we thought we’d comment on our first impressions on how the machine plays rather than an indepth review on its many play modes and features. First things first, the (software) code is nowhere near complete, which shows. We noticed that there were no callouts at the start or during the game, which obviously took away from the Batman experience – the game seemed too quiet. The playfield lighting about three quarters of the way up was on the dark side, making the ball hard to see, but it wasn’t anything major that detracted from the enjoyment of playing the machine – again, this may be an easy fix with a code update. We absolutely loved the illuminated batphone target and the villain vision TV set magnet feature.

Batman 66 features many cool toys, but the one that truly stands out for us is the interactive KG Bird Crane Co crane toy on the right hand side of the playfield. Once initiated, it takes a hard flip to smash the “wrecking ball” on the crane (a bit like Slimer in Ghostbusters), which sends your ball careening all over the playfield – truly heart stopping play! As mentioned earlier, the animation on the LED screen is great, giving the player lots of feedback on modes and features at play. Each go we had we got a higher score as we got to know the features, modes and the general flow of the playfield.

Batman 66 (Premium Edition) will definitely appeal to Generation X’ers that grew up with the TV show, but it also has the general pulling power due to its brilliant presentation. Once Stern irons out the software code, it will exponentially enhance the cheesy Batman KAPOW experience!

Batman 66 (PE) is eye catching from any angle!

Oo’er, Premium Edition!

Batman In Colo(u)r!

Autographed by none other than Adam West

Taking it all in – it looks so cheesily good!

Flipper button seems in the right place… Love the side art!

The Bat Gadget selector is begging to be pressed!

It all STARTS here!

Let’s give Batman and Robin a hand in defeating their evil foes!

Here comes the villain vision TV set! Watch that magnet lock!

Let’s see what this KG Bird Crane Co can do…

Bash that (wrecking) ball on the crane!

No!!! The game should never be over!

Damn, we didn’t match on the Bat Score-Match-Analyzer. Ah well, another credit…

Thank you to Zax Amusements for allowing us to play the new Stern Batman 66 Premium Edition pinball machine.