Montage of Computer Hacking In 80s Films

From Real Genius, War Games and Weird Science, to TRON, Spies Like Us and Cloak & Dagger, how many other 80s movies can you spot from this montage of computer hacking in films?

The team at Found Item Clothing have done a stellar job in collating and presenting the silliest, best and iconic hacking scenes from the big screen. Oh the nostalgia!

Source: FoundItemClothing


MVGS3: Use Your Retro Gaming Controllers On Your Smartphone or Tablet

1-Mvgs3-AusretrogamerAttention retro gamers! Do not throw out your much loved old joysticks (or gamepads)!

Patrice Daubaire’s new invention, the MVGS3 (Multi Video Games System Three), allows up to 95 different retro gaming controllers to be used to navigate and also play games on your new smartphone and tablet! With the patent still pending, let’s all hope this awesome creation gets a commercial release soon (Ed: Perhaps Kickstarter could help?)

Just in case you were not aware of Patrice’s inventing pedigree, his previous creation, the MVGS2-Dream-Station made jaws drop all around the world a year ago (Ed: I am still picking up mine off the floor.)!

We will be keeping a close eye on this one and will hopefully be getting our grubby mits on it very soon!


source: PAT47200

Cosplay Highlights from the 2014 London Film and Comic Con

LFCC2014_titleDid you miss out on the 2014 London Film and Comic Con event? Yeh, it sucks, so did we.

Before you start feeling sorry for yourself, relax and watch this awesome cosplay highlights package from this year’s event.

Source: Sneaky Zebra


Getting Cosy At The Commodore Club

On a chilly winter’s day, things were getting quite heated at the Commodore Club meet; from Paul trashing yours truly in a ‘Brazil v Germany’ scoreline in Hat Trick, to Weird and Retro’s Aleks ‘Serby‘ Svetislav smashing my time record on Micro Hexagon. I was definitely off my game (Ed: pun fully intended)!

Win or lose, it is always fun playing old school games with friends in the comfort of a nice and warm (Ed: non-hostile?) environment. When it’s cold out there, the Commodore Club is the place to be at. Bring on next month’s meet!

Line’em up baby!

Yours truly impressing the lads in Micro Hexagon!

Brazil (yours truly) v Germany (Paul) = FIFA World Cup 2014 scoreline!

After being brutalised in Hat Trick, I had to test out the equipment. It wasn’t faulty!

Paul (aka: ZenMareRetro) having a crack on Jeff Minter’s Lazer Zone

Get to the choppa! Do it now!

Free eBook: The History of Psygnosis

RA_Episode_92_Psygnosis__Do you like free stuff? What a silly question to ask. Of course you do!

The Retro Asylum crew, together with Paul Driscoll, have created an excellent eBook on one of video gaming’s iconic developer, Psygnosis. Who could forget their awesome box-art (and brilliant games too)!

Do yourself a favour and grab the eBook here (it is free!). While you are at it, you may want to listen to the companion ‘The History of Psygnosis’ podcast too.


Nintendo and Atari Mashup: The Atari Lynx II GameCube Portable

Last week we posted an article on some great looking custom Nintendo consoles. Not all custom made consoles are equal. This week, we have this Nintendo and Atari portable mashup – is it blasphemy or pure genius? We’ll let you be the judge. If you ever wished for a portable Nintendo GameCube, then read on.


Crammed inside an Atari Lynx II shell lays the heart and brains of a Nintendo GameCube. The brainchild of this portable Frankenstein is Akira. The features of the GC-Lynx are impressive to say the least:

• Case made out of an Atari Lynx II console
• GameCube blue/purple paint job with glossy finish
• GameCube PAL motherboard
• Silent IBM fan, customised for optimal airflow
• All original Nintendo GCN controls and sticks
• Complete analogue trigger (L and R buttons)
• 4.3 Inch widescreen; VGA Screen with 480 x 272 resolution
• Original Nintendo component video chip wired to produce VGA out
• Shielded composite video wire to reduce interference.
• WiiKey Fusion modchip flashed with Swiss autoboot firmware
• 6400 mAH batteries – provides 3 hours of play time
• Battery indicator with 5 LEDs – lets you know how much power is left
• 128 MB memory card soldered directly onto the motherboard (GameCube slot-A)
• SD Gecko adapter to run homebrew and emulators through Swiss (GameCube slot-B)
• Stereo sound speakers, Used 2x iPhone 4 speakers for very clear sound
• Switching stereo headphone jack
• Analogue volume control
• Video controls to access display menu and switch between A/V (composite) and VGA display
• System can play from wall socket while being charged (comes with charger and power adapter)
• Weight is 700 grams
• Size of GC-Lynx: (w) 235mm x (h)114mm x (d)50mm or 9.25″(w) x 4.5″(h) x 2″(d)
• Comes with 1 x 64GB SD card for GameCube games (wasp fusion slot) and 1 x 32GB for homebrew, games and emulators (GameCube Slot-B)


There has been a fair bit of backlash on custom consoles on a number of forums. Even though we may not be a fan of this one (Ed: that’s because you are such an Atarian!), we are still in awe of the people that come up with these ideas and executing on them. To read Akira’s trial and tribulations on his GC-Lynx creation, go here.

What do you think?

source: soepschoen

Generosity Of An Atarian


I may have said this before, but I will say it again, the best part of retro gaming is being part of a like-minded, considerate and passionate worldwide community.

I have met many great people and cemented many friendships due to a mutual love of retro gaming. Aleks ‘Serby’ Svetislav (Weird and Retro) is one person I am particularly grateful to have met. Apart from sharing my passion for all things retro, Aleks is a very cool guy.

During one of the retro gaming community events, Aleks showed off his immaculate Atari 8-bit XEGS. As a one-eyed C64 fan, I was intrigued by this part-computer, part-console 8-bit from Atari. I had never experienced the XEGS till this point. After a few hours of play, Aleks’ love of the Atari 8-bit rubbed off on me. The XEGS bug had bitten me hard! It wasn’t long before I hunted and obtained a XEGS of my own.

To welcome me to the XEGS gaming family, Aleks gifted me three still-in-shrinkwrap games – Blue Max, Desert Falcom and David’s Midnight Magic . Now I was truly ready to start playing on the XEGS!

The generosity shown to me by Aleks was (and still is) truly humbling. When life gets too tough, I always think of how lucky and thankful I am of having great friends in this big wide world of ours. Game on!

The new XEGS games stack. Should I open them?

Bustin’em open!

I love the smell of freshly opened XEGS games in the morning