Classic Video Game Characters Breaking All The Rules!

Breaking_Title“Whose turn is it?”. “Who cares, let’s rush him!” – imagine if classic video game characters could break all the rules! This video from Dorkly shows us exactly what crazy things might happen if our favourite character just did what they wanted. Let the antics begin!

source: Dorkly
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Hot Wheels Battle: Star Trek VS Star Wars

HotWheels_SWvsSTI may have been a Matchbox fan in my younger years, but it’s all about Hot Wheels right now! Starting with the Atari NostalgicsHot Wheels (well, Mattel) have definitely piqued my interest in their little cars.

It seems that Hot Wheels have jumped on the pop culture bandwagon and are hurtling down to your local toy store. Not only have Hot Wheels fused their cool toy cars with one sci-fi cult classic, Star Trek, but they have given us the equivalent of a boxing one-two sucker punch by also giving us the Star Wars collection(s).

Considering it is a new year, and in the spirit of giving (thank you Ms. ausretrogamer), I wasn’t going to deny myself either of these collections. Star Trek or Star Wars – let the battle for the sci-fi universe begin!

The Star Trek collection

Star Trek Collection explained

Oooooo, Spock!

The Star Wars Hot Wheels gang!
Looking good Mr Skywalker

Join the dark side of the Hot Wheels force!
The Battle Of The Hot Wheels Universe!

Vader is all over Bones!

Partying With My Retro Gaming Brethren

Party_groupWhen I first ventured into retro gaming, little did I know that I would meet such awesome and like-minded people. Since establishing a great bond with the locally based Retro Domination and Weird and Retro guys, we have shared many a good time, not least of all, at our annual Classic Gaming extravaganza at PAX Aus.

With family priorities keeping me away for most of the 2014 PAX Aus event, the rest of the Classic Gaming crew, including the Adelaide based Retrospekt team, were hugely supportive, which was greatly appreciated.

As a thank you, Ms. ausretrogamer and I invited our Victorian based retro gaming colleagues to celebrate the grand opening of our new games room. Between the consumption of pizzas, beer, soft drinks and Ms. ausretrogamer’s famous Black Russians, there were pinball high score challenges, Frisbee action via Windjammers on the Neo Geo MVS and a lot of laughter and reminiscing. It was also great to meet Mrs. Daz Retro and their three lovely kids.

I was humbled to receive many gifts, which were totally unexpected. Matt Cawley handed me a few custom MVS boxes, Ultimate Body Blows and a number of other Amiga CD32 goodies. As per usual, Daz surprised me with a boxed (Last) Ninja 3 for the C64 and the equally awesome, Dracula – The Undead for the Atari Lynx. However, the biggest surprise came from Mr. Mark Cassar. Without any fanfare, Mark handed me an awesome custom-made ausretrogamer C64 t-shirt. To say I was rapt, would be a great understatement!

Since the new games room has now officially been opened, I hope to host many more retro gaming parties with great friends. Game on!

The calm before the retro gaming storm!

Pizzas, Drinks and great company = perfect ingredients for a party

Matt having a crack at the Pin*Bot high score!

The great Mark Cassar taking a swing on the Neo Geo!

Daz showing the boys his flipper skills!

The next generation of retro gamers

The awesome gifts! I have been spoiled.

Screen Scene: Screenshots of Awesome 80s Arcade Games

WinnersWhen I first began playing video games in the early 80s, arcade games were the pinnacle of the gaming experience – they had huge cabinets, great graphics, booming sound, and if you were good enough (or had lots of 20 cent coins), gameplay that would keep you coming back.

Being a nostalgist, I was recently reminiscing about arcade games I played at the local darkened arcade parlour, the corner milk bar and also the fish and chips shop near my school. With a smile on my face, I compiled a number of screenshots of arcade games that kept me mesmerised in the 1980s. I hope these bring back great memories for you, as they have for me. Enjoy and remember, “Winners Don’t Use Drugs!”.

My favourite beat’em up of all time. Nothing beats the kneeing to the head and wrapping a baseball bat around a the Black Warriors head!

Save Ronnie and grab some burgers and coke! We are bad dudes fighting the dragon ninja!
Still my go-to vertical shoot’em up! Plenty of 20c coins were spent on Galaga!

The little yellow dot muncher never let me down

The droning sound of this most awesomest of  dungeon-maze crawlers is still sublime

Wrestling was huge in the mid 80s, and Wrestle War was a laugh!

Saving the kidnapped Madonna, one kick at a time!
Who could forget this aerial dogfighting classic from Yu Suzuki!
Another Yu Suzuki classic!
The game that ushered in the Golden Age of Arcades
The helicopter cockpit version of Thunder Blade was simply awesome!

The ninja craze was huge in the 80s. Everyone wanted to throw shurikens like Joe!
My beat’em up love began with Kung Fu Master
It was either Salamander or R-Type. I chose Irem’s blaster!

Yu Suzuki’s Out Run will always be associated with coolness!

Ikari Warriors – guerrilla warfare with a mate

Heavy Barrel – just like Ikari Warriors, but with a rotary stick to shoot baddies in 8-directions!
Another Sega classic. This was as close as I got to riding a motocross bike in the 80s

The seminal Nintendo classic will always be on my favourites list
The timeless Taito platform beauty – I love you Bub and Bob
A bomb disposal hero in leotards = perfect!
4P dungeon exploring never got any better than this!
Tempest – the vector splendour!
Going to Flashbacks on Swanston Street was always about Discs of Tron

Special agent action via Elevator Action

I wasn’t much of a skateboarder, but I was pretty good on 720 Degrees!

The ultimate single-screen blaster!

There was something about Moon Patrol that I can’t even explain now!

What would any 80s arcade list be without TMNT. Cowabunga!

Double Dragon started the 2P co-op beat’em up genre, Final Fight took it to another level!

 source: various – supplied on request

Nintendo Quest: The Unofficial And Unauthorised Nintendo Documentary

NintendoQuest_titleDon’t you just love good news stories – I know I do! With 25 days to go, the Nintendo Quest – An Unofficial Nintendo and NES Documentary has already smashed its pledge target of $1,000! With alluring stretch goals, this Kickstarter project is bound to break all kinds of records! Let’s see how high it can go.

Jay_Nintendo_QuestFor those of you that want to know more about this documentary – it is a fun film that follows Jay Bartlett, a fanatic video game collector, who, on a dare, tries to collect all 678 original NES games – a long-time dream of his. The kicker is, Jay must achieve this tall order in 30 days without using the Internet in any way. While following Jay on his adventure, the film also examines Nintendo’s cultural history, their on-going legacy, and specifically, the endurance of the NES. I can’t wait to watch the finished product of this most unofficial and unauthorised Nintendo documentary ever!

Hit Kickstarter now!

source: Robert McCallum

The Only TMNT Live-Action Film You Need to Watch

TMNT picHere is an awesome shot-for-shot remake of the opening to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon apparently made for a high school talent show. I’ve no doubt this entry was the winner – these guys are my heroes in a half-shell!

source: Ploobers & Geekologie


msausretrogamerMs. ausretrogamer
Content Manager at ausretrogamer – The Australian Retro Gamer E-Zine. Lover of science fiction, fashion and TV. Player of games, old and new.

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Commodore Club – Going Out With A Bang!

Amiga_TitleOn a warm Sunday afternoon in December, just before Christmas, the Melbourne Amiga User Group held their final Commodore Club meet for 2014.

The final meet had everything, from the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500, to the CD32 and the Amiga 4000 beast. There were a few rarities present, the Paravision SX-1 and FMV module for the CD32 – security was quite tight around these two items (Ed: and so it should be!). There were magazines and controllers aplenty, with not one, but two Battlestations for those that like to play as if they were in an arcade.

amiga_1The highlight of the meet is always the people. Playing games is secondary, especially when you have your behind handed to you in Hat Trick on the C64!

In between the festive mood and feverish discussions, there were pizzas consumed by the bucket-load and fizzy drinks downed to quench our thirst.

As 2014 draws to a close, so does another Commodore Club event for the year. We are already looking forward to reconvening in 2015! Have yourself a Happy Commodore New Year!

The SX-1 and FMV module! I’ll tuck these into my bag…..

Giving the Amiga CD32 some boost juice!

The Amiga CD32 in its fully glory

Code in Assembler, like a cracking boss!

Drive Power!

Man your battlestations!

Look at all those lovely connectors!

This makes life easier

Lightning fast loading!

Serby says it’s Doritos Crunchy Crust pizza or bust!

Play to win

Love me these publications!

A classic C+VG Book of Maps!

Hints and tips, 1985 style

Taking control one last time for 2014!