Press Play On Tape: Colour Clash

PPOT_eps4_TitleAs the weather cools down outside, the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE dudes, Alex and Daz, rug up and settle in with a hot cuppa and invite Andy Godoy (UK podcaster of the Retro Gaming Daily Show Podcast) to talk about Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum.

The gushing for the rainbow striped black beauty is overwhelming, as we reminisce about the 8-bit British powerhouse and reflect on the many games, good and bad. Andy tells us about the magazines that all Speccy owners couldn’t go without, and he reflects on the schoolyard arguments of which micro was better as the 8-bit war intensified on those British school grounds! Alex procrastinates about his publisher of choice for this month, settling for the Darling’s Codemasters!

Settle in and take a listen, your ears will thank you for it.

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The Magic Of Sega: 3D Arcade Classics For Your 3DS

Sega3D_AllBefore Yu Suzuki embarked on the Shenmue saga, he created some of the most technically impressive and enduring games for Sega. During that golden age of arcade machines in the 80s, you would have been hard pressed not to have played on at least one Sega arcade machine – there was the into the screen blaster, Space Harrier, the Top Gun dog-fighter After Burner II, the superb Super Hang-On, the Blue Thunder channeling Thunder Blade, the rail shooter Galaxy Force II (Deluxe Edition), and of course, the sublime driving game with that awesome radio with cool tunes, Out Run.


The conversions of these arcade games on our beloved 8 and 16-bit systems weren’t much chop, I mean, they were ok, but let’s face it, there was a vast chasm between the technically superior arcade hardware and the less-refined home based systems of yesteryear. Fast forward 30 odd years and you have home systems more powerful than a cabinet ten times the size! Imagine if someone told you in 1989 that you would have an arcade perfect version (Ed: actually, even better than the arcade!) of Space Harrier, After Burner II or even Out Run in the palm of your hands? Surely you would have had them committed. Well, before you call the psych ward, that day has come – If you are yearning for some vintage Sega arcade gaming nostalgia on your Nintendo 3DS handheld (Ed: Who would have thought that we would ever say Sega and Nintendo in the one sentence!), then rack up some Nintendo eShop credits and have yourself a blast!

Get some Out Run into ya!

Have some Sega fun on your Nintendo!

source: SEGA Blog

All Aboard, Next Stop: Retroville

Stockholm’s Thorildsplan Tunnelbana (or ‘Tunnel Rail’) station is a thing of 8-bit beauty. The station is covered in mosaic pixel art by Swedish artist Lars Arrhenius featuring Mario Bros and Pac-Man, among others.  If you’re ever in Sweden, be sure to stop by Thorildsplan a.k.a. ‘Retroville’!

metro 9

metro 8

metro 7

metro 6

metro 5

metro 3

metro 2

metro 1

metro 10

Video source: MadCraft on YouTube

Source: Digital Versus and Laughing Squid


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Exotically Cool Commodore 64 cases

The ingenuity of the Germans is second to none! Deviant artist, Thomas Boisse is no exception to this rule! Thomas (aka: Ernie76) has created a number of beautiful and very cool Commodore 64 case paintings, which you can check out below for your viewing pleasure.

With all of these awesome cases, it is difficult to pick a favourite. If we were pressed to choose one, it would be the Ghosbusters case – oh those keys! Which case would you pick as your favourite?

The Great Giana Sisters

The Last Ninja


Bubble Bobble

Back to the 80s

P.P. Hammer


Maniac Mansion

Donkey Kong

Source: Ernie76 on Deviantart via @Lord_Arse on Twitter

Metroid Bar Top Arcade Machine

metroid 3

John Keeler has built a Metroid bar top arcade machine, have a close up look at the awesome unit in the video below.

metroid 2

Source: John Keeler on YouTube via Geekologie


msausretrogamerMs. ausretrogamer
Editor and Researcher at ausretrogamer – The Australian Retro Gamer E-Zine. Lover of science fiction, fashion, books, movies and TV. Player of games, old and new.

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Conquering Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2015

OzComicCon_logoOz Comic-Con Melbourne 2015 has been conquered – and wow, what a weekend it was! The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre was brimming with artists, cool exhibitors (including Beta Bar, Gametraders Highpoint, Little LandsClassic Comics, Hammerspace Games, and The 501st Legion), awesome cosplay, a full program of speakers / panels / workshops (across 5 stages!) and, of course,  photos and autographs with the plethora of TV and film megastars (e.g. Bruce Campbell, David Wenham, Jewel Staite, Jason Momoa, Amber Benson, David Hewlett).

Look out for the next Oz Comic-Cons in Brisbane (19-20 September 2015) and Sydney (26-27 September 2015), but in the meantime let’s re-live Melbourne’s pop-culture extravaganza in fifty photos – we hope you feel like you’re there!

The crowd gathers for Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2015!

Got our media passes – let’s go!

Ms ausretrogamer & ausretrogamer excited to be in attendance!

Make it so Number 1

Eat your heart out, Khaleesi

Rocket! Yeah!

The merchandise was too enticing!

Jon Snow comes back to life

Comics galore at the Classic Comics stand

Shut up and take my photo!

Cosplay from all over the universe

Button mashing time!


Let’s get the credit card ready!

For your next cosplay event

The Gaming Zone was abuzz!

Even The Joker found time to play some games

A proud Whovian in a beautiful self-made TARDIS dress!
Join the Doctor Who Club of Victoria


Gaming merch!

The Great Wall Of Pop!

Cels for sale!

Hulk smash pins!

Arcade and pinball represent, baby!

Look Bones, it’s Batman!

I’m a Mawg. Half-man, half-dog. I’m my own best friend.
(Note: The ears moved on this awesome costume!)


Warcraft heroes taking it easy

Hey Jabba, how much do you want for that carbonite Han Solo?

Say Death Star!

Star Wars Legion: 501st Terror Australis Garrison

Rebel Pilot and Co-Pilot in training

Refuel with one of these retro energy drinks!

Let’s see how big this phone box is……

The silence is deafening at this disco!

If it bleeds, we can kill it!

Great Wall Of Mugs!

Old-school style!

We’ll take them all, thank you.

Grab this hero for hire

Hi Mr Campbell, can I have your autograph?

Release your inner lead foot

The Brits have invaded!

A LEGO Marvel Comics extravaganza!

Don’t mess with me

Na na na na na na na na Brickman!

To the Batmobile!

Lego Super Mario under Lego Abbey Road 

Donkey Kong terrarium by Little Lands

Super Mario Sisters!

Get your retro on! – Quarries Of Scred by Noble Kale (Hammerspace Games)

Till next time……..

Dreamy Custom Pinball Tables


After the Australian 2015 Timezone Supanova Pinball Championship Victorian State Final and Cramer’s Pinball Tournament, we have gone a bit pinball mad! Although we love the traditional tables, we are in awe of these amazing custom machines.

They call this table ‘The Goonies’

Mike Johnson from Orlando, FL has built a beautiful custom The Goonies pinball table for the film’s 30th anniversary (yes, 30th anniversary!). It’s really hard to believe no one has made one before.


Video source: Cinereelists on YouTube
Source: Kotaku UK

Order that pinball table a red cap and a speedo

Wes Anderson has designed a new cafe in Milan, called Bar Luce and it’s gorgeous (no surprise!). Most beautiful of all are the custom pinball machines based on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and short film Castello Cavalcanti.

wes andersonImage source: sissirossi on Instagram

The pinball machine that really ties the room together, or ‘f**k it, let’s play pinball’

The Big Lebowski custom pinball table is not only fantastic (it will feature original movie clips and movie quotes in the game), but is soon to be available to buy from manufacturer Dutch Pinball!

Backbox Translite artwork
4Image source: The Big Lebowski Pinball

Video source: Dutch Pinball on YouTube

Wow, so pinball, such flippers

See our previous post about how an old Baby Doll table was saved from the scrap heap and converted into Internet Meme Ball.

Meme_Ball_table2Image source: Liberty Games

Bite my shiny metal balls

This one-off Futurama: Space 3000 table was made in a mere 6 months by Evan K. from Seattle using the shell of an old Superman machine and a Futurama Space Pilot movie poster – wow! Check out how he did it.


FuturImage source: Special When Lit

Don’t cross the flippers!

Brian Stahl, or ‘Betelgeuse’ as he’s known on forums, built this amazing custom Ghostbusters table in 14 months from a worn out Flash Gordon machine. The soundboard contains over 40 quotes and music from the movie. Why has this not been made before?!

Video source: superiorcrown on YouTube
Source: Gameroom Junkies Poscast

Everything about this pinball table is awesome!

An awesome life-size LEGO pinball machine with a fully automatic reloading system made by ElectryDragonite.


Video source: ElectryDragonite

By now you should be thoroughly inspired, our dream table would be Pulp Fiction (just imagine the quotes and music alone!) – what would yours be? Let us know on Twitter using #dreampinball.

pulp fictionImage source: Miramax


msausretrogamerMs. ausretrogamer
Editor and Researcher at ausretrogamer – The Australian Retro Gamer E-Zine. Lover of science fiction, fashion, books, movies and TV. Player of games, old and new.

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