Robin Williams: A Video Games Inspired Web Comic Tribute

RobinWilliams_titleMelbourne based cartoonist, Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils has created an awesome web comic tribute to the late Robin Williams (Robin Williams: A Spark Of Madness). Fusing Robin’s love of video games with his vast body of comedy and film works, Gavin has captured the essence of Robin’s life story just perfectly.

robinwilliamssource: Zen Pencils


NYC Apartment Turned Into An Arcade

Chris Kooluris, a Manhattan PR Exec, has a great eye for interior spaces. While unsuccessful at selling his apartment, Chris decided to transform the under utilised space  into an arcade for himself and friends to use. Chris even had his former fiancée assist in the design of the arcade room!

Chris went with the dark, cave-like arcade feel of the 80s, while his former fiancée added the bright colours and art work. Having dropped USD$32,000 on the project, we reckon it was money well spent! Now, where is our invite?

Before the transformation

After the transformation

Oh yeah baby, gimme some Street Fighter II action!

Classic Nintendo arcade machines

Miniaturised Arcade!

The Street Fighter II Roster

A Lovely View

image source: abc News – Lifestyle

My Decade TV: 70s, 80s, 90s!

mydecadeTVLock up your cat, put the kids to bed and then settle in for some nostalgic TV fun! MyDecadeTV honours the pop culture memories of bygone decades – the 70s, 80s and 90s in particular. Basically, each decade has a TV channel (site) to simulate the vintage experience of channel-surfing on a TV from a particular era.

If you haven’t checked this out yet, I have no idea what you are waiting for – bookmark the sites immediately and get surfing on this awesome wave of nostalgia!

If you do enjoy MyDecadeTV, please show your support by giving a donation. It is worth every cent.

My70sTVimage source: MyDecadeTV


Commodore Club: Under the Hammer

Carrying the tradition of August being Commodore month, the Commodore Club held their annual auction at the weekend. There was a fair bit of loot on offer, from the C64 and Amiga, to the Atari 2600, N64, SNES and other classic systems.

Paul the auctioneer kept the formalities to a minimum and ensured the smooth running of the bidding processes – once the gavel dropped, there was no mucking around. What transpired was some friendly bidding wars amongst the modest crowd. Weird and Retro’s Serby cleaned up with the winning bid on the C64 cassette games, but I ensured I got in on the action with winning the C64 Breadbin andC64 compilation game pack auctions. The usual suspects (StaceyRob and Pedro) also got in amongst the action and scored themselves some impressive vintage goodies. By the end of it all, everything that was up for grabs was gone.

Once the auction wrapped up, it was down to business of playing some old school classics. The Commodore Club day is one of those monthly events that you should not miss! Are you coming to the next one?

Let the auction begin!

Paul whips the crowd into a frenzy

The Commodore 64 cassette loot

Sussing out what to bid on

Oo’er the 1942 – never seen one in the flesh, till now!

Amiga represent

Mmmmm, juicy C64 compilations

I really really wanted to win this lot! Alas, Serby did

Smash that gavel on Rolf!

I wonder if I could just borrow these for a while….

My winning lot!
Serby’s WaR chest!

Oh that gorgeous A3000 is begging to be played

Auction over. Game on!


Digital Art: Video Games vs Real Life

Let’s get this straight, I love video games being mashed into real life locations. I was super impressed with Aled Lewis Studio’s video gaming artwork, and now we have Lee Vidal coming to the party with his artistic effort.

Lee has done a fabulous job at placing iconic video games in very apt real life locations. If you don’t believe us, just take a peek below. If you would like to see more of Lee’s artistic works, head on over to his deviantArt page.

Spooky Yoshi’s Island

Barrel roll

Exciting motocross!

Scenic route

Brrrrrrrrrrr, ice climbing

Go Mario!

Advancing! Tank attack!

Hunting castles

Kicking ten shades out of Ken!

image source: retronoob

Hipster Retro Gaming

Hardcore Pong Action!! Dual With Your Friends!! Fun to Play!!

Now this Pong clone is a nice piece of video gaming history. Made in New Zealand by C.V.T. Industries, Videosport comes packed with four Pong variants: Solo, Tennis, Squash and Ice Hockey. You get all of this Pong goodness wrapped up in a gorgeous woodgrain veneer. Hipsters rejoice!

All you need to play Pong!


C.V.T. Industries should be proud of this beauty

Not much to the controllers

Perfect for Pong control

Oo’er, woodgrain veneer

Hook me up Scotty!

Australia’s Top 100 Video Games

GGTV_top100_HdrAustralia, you have spoken. More to the point, Australian gamers have voted for their top 100 video games of all time.

Presented on our favourite national video games based TV show, Good GameSteven O’Donnell (aka: Bajo) and Stephanie Bendixsen (aka: Hex), together with Gus Ronald (aka: Goose) and a ragtag of industry luminaries counted down our favourites in an hour long special that aired on August 12.

So what was the game that beat them all?  If you missed the show, don’t stress, you can stream or download the episode (episode 28) from the Good Game TV website

Without spoiling it too much for you, here are the highlights:

  • there were a few retro games in the top 100, mainly from the Nintendo stable (ahem, N64 represent!)
  • my all time favourite game, Super Mario Bros. anchored the list at 100 (Ed: Boo!)
  • the Irrelevant Tosser’s pick, Clowns (Commodore 64) was a nostalgic trip. Too bad it didn’t make the top 100
  • Zelda games featured better than Mario (Ed: another boo!)
  • The mayhem of Goldeneye 007 for the N64 made it into the top 20
  • There was no love for Sonic nor Shenmue (Ed: sorry for spoiling that for you!)
  • The show’s Rubber Chicken award provided some light relief from the seriousness of counting down Australia’s top 100 games of all time


One thing was for certain, this list did spark some frantic discussion on social media (#GGTop100), but hey, that’s exactly what lists do – they create engagement, good and bad.

It seems that my votes counted for two out of my three games, but I must admit I was shocked not to see Super Mario World anywhere on the list. Ah well, I guess the voting demographic may have been in nappies when that game was rocking our socks. Did your favourite games make the top 100?

image source: Good Game