Introducing the Wee Nintendo Wii

Ah, why the hell not. We love it when people do stuff just because they can!

Would you play on this wee Wii in an Altoids tin?

source: Shank Mods


Air Jordan IV GAME BOY Sneakers – Super Mario Land Edition

Here we were thinking that our PUMA X Sega and Vans X Nintendo sneakers were cool, but then FreakerSNEAKS come along with their super duper custom and limited Air Jordan IV GAME BOY Super Mario Land sneakers!

These custom Jordans are seriously off the charts! With only 10 pairs available, of course they would demand a premium price (USD$1,350). Before you rush to the bank, you are too late – they are sold out.

Oh yeah, check out the other drool-worthy FreakerSNEAKS custom sneakers! We need a bib!

image source: FreakerSNEAKS


Cirque Electriq: The Cirque-Us Is Coming To Melbourne-Town

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq gives arcades and tricky ticket games a new life!

Roll up, roll up to The District Docklands, cause from October 18, the amazing and incredible circus-themed leisure-tainment wonderland, Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq will be in Melbourne town.

Bring your smallfry, bring your largefry! They will have fun things for young and old from the dodgem cars (aka: bumper cars), carousels, interactive XD motion theatres, crazy shakes, bowling, arcade games and of course, pinball! Yes, PINBALL! Oh yeah and prizes, lots and lots of prizes! To say we are excited would be the biggest understatement of the year!

We can’t wait to hit Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, so we hope to see you guys there!

Let the FUN TIMES begin!

Important Deets:

  • Location: The District, 440 Docklands Drive, Docklands (Melbourne)
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 12pm – 10pm, Friday and Saturday 12pm – late
  • Entry Conditions: Strictly Over 18’s from 8pm
  • Telephone: 1300 888 386

source: The District Docklands and Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq


Marvel’s Joe Fixit Deserves a Game Piece

By: D.C. Cutler, U.S.A.

When I devoured The Incredible Hulk comics growing up, I always liked it when the writers had Hulk take on the identity of Joe Fixit, a shadowy behind the scenes figure, working in Las Vegas on behalf of a corrupt casino owner, Michael Berengetti. Joe Fixit was a morally vague Vegas enforcer and tough guy.

Joe Fixit seems like an obvious choice for a video game. Grey Hulk in his dark suit and fedora, creating carnage across Sin City seems perfect for an Android or console game.

Joe Fixit could be assigned a task by shady casino owner, Michael Berengetti, and the game could follow Fixit throughout a night in Vegas fighting off bad guys around Vegas landmarks.

Fixit could fight a bunch of hoodlums on the Ghostbar balcony of The Palms Casino. He could do battle with some baddies in the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower. All of Vegas could be Joe Fixit’s playground in this game. The game could be a Mortal Kombat or Mafia sort of format. There could be a lot of dark alley fights, where Fixit, in the comics, would brawl with several villains. A fight in or around the Bellagio fountains pool could be a fun set piece.

Joe Fixit is a playable character in Marvel: Contest of Champions. I highly recommend a Fixit and Juggernaut battle; it’s a thrill if you’re a fan of the two characters. A Fixit game could have the sharp graphics of Contest of Champions, but its gameplay and mission could be like Nintendo’s original Double Dragon. Not exactly like a level game, but each Vegas landmark stage could be Fixit getting closer to completing his mission. What Marvel villain could be waiting for Joe Fixit at the final stage? The developers would have an enormous catalogue of villains to choose from. Kingpin or Juggernaut in a casino high-rise on The Strip?

Sometimes, I still break out my back issues of The Incredible Hulk when Joe Fixit appeared. Oh… Joe Fixit fighting a bunch of hoods dressed as pirates at Treasure Island. That could be a visual feast for gamers.

image source: Marvel Database


PAX Aus 2018: Classic Tournaments

Sharpen your reflexes and get your fingers ready for the PAX Aus 2018 Classic Tourneys!

From tournaments on the Commodore 64, Sega Dreamcast, NES, Atari Lynx to arcade and pinball, we have your nostalgia covered! Check out the PAX Aus 2018 Classic Gaming tournament schedule below and make sure you come around to the Classic Gaming Area nice and early for your chance to become the retro gaming champion!

The PAX Aus 2018 Classic Gaming Tournaments are brought to you by these awesome community partners: Bartronica, Bayside Pinball ClubPress Play On Tape Podcast, Weird And Retro and us at Ausretrogamer.


2018 Reset C64 Craptastic 4KB Game Competition Results

This year’s Reset C64 Craptastic 4KB Game Competition was a great success and we would like to thank all of the competitors for their participation and hard work. Also a big thank-you to the judges and competition sponsors: RGCD, Pond Software, Bitmap Books and Protovision.

Every single entry was produced in the spirit of the competition and contained humour, creative ideas, and a demonstration of amazing skills by the developers – which is exactly what Craptastic is all about! Alas, there has to be a winner (even though we are proud of all the entries) and this time it is Paul Koller for his amazing Conga 4096. The arena shooter, based on RGCD’s Pan Dimensional Conga Combat, is definitely a worthy winner and is an amazing achievement by Paul and unbelievable for a 4KB game!

The winner: Conga 4096 by Paul Koller

Judges’ comments and more details will be published in a special Craptastic Reset mini-issue which will be out soon. Until then, enjoy the games which can be downloaded from the 2018 Craptastic page, and congratulations again to all of the entrants.


  1. Conga 4096 by Paul Koller (28.86)
  2. WTF by Misfit (26.71)
  3. Snake-a-Space (aka Molly) by Jamie & Molly Fuller, Wave Hero by Geir Straume (26.57)
  4. Chef Quest by Pond/Privy Software, Orbs by Raffaele Formato/Federico Sesler (26.43)
  5. Dustin’ Pond/Privy Software (26.14)
  6. #2vABC by James (24.57)
  7. Kalle Kloakk 4k by Megastyle (24.43)
  8. Trump Tower by Megastyle (24)
  9. Endless Worlds by Derek, Mach-Tank by Malcontent (23.43)
  10. Space Poker by Karol Stasiak (23)
  11. Elevator Eric by Derek (21.43)
  12. Rabid Robots 4k by Richard Bayliss/Alf Yngve (21.14)
  13. Mind the Mines by Derek (21)
  14. Freaky Fish by Chris Page (20.43)
  15. Toxic by Richard Bayliss/Shaun Pearson (19.43)
  16. Memory Safe by Jamie Fuller (19.29)
  17. Parking Assist Chicken (PAC) by Goerp (17.58)
  18. 4kventure by Endurion (16.57)
  19. Sheeps! By Matthew Clarke (16.29)
  20. Roll Roll Roll by Cout (14)
  21. G7000 Racer by Igmar Coenen (13.71)
  22. I Found A Moon Rock In My Nose by Cout (12.57)
  23. Plunko by Cout (12.43)
  24. $100 Box by Cout (11.14)

Out of the comp: Shinobiden Gaiden by @_fou_lu.

Chef Quest


Snake-a-Space (aka Molly)


Wave Hero



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Nintendo Files Patent To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Game Boy

Just in case you have just come out of a cave with no internet access, let us tell you some massive news, Nintendo has patented a Game Boy case for touchscreen devices, like the smartphone in your pocket!

Check out the filed patent here, and then hit the Eurogamer feature story for more info on this cool throwback contraption!

source: Variety & Eurogamer