Capcom Home Arcade

Looks like another major video games player has realised that there is money to be made out of nostalgia!

The latest company to join the fray is Capcom with their Capcom Home Arcade – a plug and play arcade twin-stick system containing 16 classic titles from the golden age of arcade gaming. The system will be powered via a micro USB, it will be Wi-Fi enabled and will plug into any of the newfangled TVs via HDMI.

The Capcom Home Arcade is slated to be released on October 25 this year at a price of €229.99, which is about $360.00 based on the current exchange rate. That is some big bikkies to fork out for such a contraption, but having Final Fight, Ghouls’n Ghosts and Giga Wing on tap, we may be swayed.

What do you think of the Capcom Home Arcade? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook to let us know.

source: Capcom Europe


Pac Maze: An Immersive Pac-Man Inspired Escape Maze

A real life Pac-Man escape maze? Yep, you have read that right!

The peeps at Pac Maze have created the ultimate nostalgic Pac-Man inspired escape maze in Melbourne for one day at a secret location within 15 minutes from the CBD!

This immersive activation will bring a huge maze with the chance for players to lose themselves in a pixelated world, running, dodging ghosts and grabbing fruit to be the ultimate winner. Inside the maze, players will need to complete a coded pac puzzle along with collecting fruit. The first to complete the puzzle and collect all the fruit will be crowned the ultimate winner. If a player gets caught by a ghost they will lose a life – lose 3 lives and you’re out! Now that is old school rules.

Once players escape the Pac Maze they can kick on in the 80’s themed pixel room, which will include the OG Pac-Man game and a DJ who will be belting out the classics to wind the clock back.

Sounds fun! For full event details and ticketing, go here.

PS: We hope this isn’t the same mob that ran the much maligned Mario Kart (IRL event) in the CBD.

Raised By Rainbows: Adorable Pop Culture Art

Oh man, wish we had seen Luke Flowers’ brilliant Raised by Rainbows exhibit earlier!

Luke’s exhibit at Gallery 1988 has a number of cool arcade games and other popular toys related art which is very unique and absolutely adorable.

Most art pieces are sold out (Ed: darn it!), but there are a few that you can still get your hands on (Ed: looking at you ‘Mario Mayhem’)!

You got to admit, these are quite cool. Picking a favourite seems impossible!

For more details of available art to be purchased, please check out the entire Raised by Rainbows exhibit at Gallery 1988.

image source: Raised by Rainbows exhibit via Gallery 1988


Sega Mega Drive Mini: To be this good takes AGES, To be this good takes SEGA

Just in case you have been in a cave without any outside contact, get your diary out now and mark September 19, 2019 as the date that the beautiful Sega Mega Drive Mini will be released in the wild to go toe-to-toe with its old foe, the SNES Classic Mini! Oh yeah, this ain’t no Flashback system!

We were amazed to find the following letter, with love, from SEGA:

My Old Friend,

I know it’s been a while. Time moves forward, yet not a day goes by that you’re not on my mind. I, the popular, star-console, you, the shy, unassuming kid, but we found common ground when we played Ecco the Dolphin together. You were so fast, racing through the Green Hill Zone with my pal, Sonic!

You sure knew how to play. The way that CRT hue hit your glazed over face as you spent another hour playing Castlevania: Bloodlines…We both knew things would change and that we’d move on to other great things, but lately, I’ve been thinking about spending time together once more. We didn’t do what we were told, but we made a good team.

I look a bit different now. I’m much smaller. I’m packing 40 games inside my sleek, molded shell, and more blast processing power than ever before.

We lived fast and dangerously, together, playing the games some of the adults weren’t too keen on (but you had the cool parents). We had the games your friends wanted to play, a whole stack of them. Shining Force, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, and Earthworm Jim, to name a few.

Sure. there were other distractions (remember pogs?). I was never jealous though because we still had Altered Beast and Gunstar Heroes.

I will try to write more regularly. I hear there is this friendly meeting space called “social media” now where I can share more.

I hope to hear from you soon.

With love,

SEGA Mega Drive Mini @-}–

Wow. We’ve never seen the SEGA Mega Drive Mini express itself like that before. If you’d like to write back, here is some information you may find useful when crafting your reply 😉

When: September 19, 2019

What: Miniature Sega Mega Drive console which will be plug-and-play ready with 40 classic games built-in! Oh yeah, the controllers will have 3 fire-buttons, not 6 (Ed: Oh well, it’s better than nothing)

Price: AU$139.00 / US$79.99 (Pre-orders via JB Hi-Fi or Play-Asia)

Announced titles (and more to come!):

  • Sonic the Hedgehog​
  • Ecco the Dolphin
  • Castlevania: Bloodlines
  • Space Harrier 2
  • Shining Force
  • Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
  • Earthworm Jim
  • Comix Zone
  • Altered Beast
  • Gunstar Heroes

So there you have it. Are you excited? Of course you are! Let us know on Twitter or Facebook which other titles you would like to see make the list of 40 legendary games.

Now, there are no limits with the Sega Mega Drive Mini!

image source: Sega Mega Drive Mini


Happy April Fools’ Day

You got to love April Fools’ Day tricksters. The more elaborate the April Fools joke (or trick), the better.

One games publisher that loved staging elaborate April Fools’ Day jokes on unsuspecting fans was Irem. While in business, Irem always had a joke or two up their sleeve come April 1.

They would create websites that were usually dedicated to promoting something that tended to poke fun at themselves and their own games, like the three “real life” models of the R-Type R-9 unit you could choose to purchase, or their new Irem Zoo, and our absolute favourite, their EXIDNA XAVY console, which was touted as the ultimate games machine that housed a self-propelled folding controller!

Irem had a lot of us gamers going with their elaborate jokes till we realised it was a ruse and in good fun. Here are a few listings of Irem’s sites that had us fooled over the years:

image source: Irem – via wayback machine



Stop Motion Super Paper Mario Bros. World 1-1

Another day and another super cool creation!

This time around it is the amazing stop-motion paper animation of the classic Famicom/NES Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 stage created by Japanese artist KisaragiHutae6. The entire animation was created in his notebook with a bit of old school literal cutting and pasting onto lined notebook paper. The result is phenomenal.

Now press play and be amazed!

source: 如月二重6 Kisaragi Hutae 6

[story source: laughingsquid]



Homemade Pinball Machines

Here we were thinking we were cool making our own pinball machine using the PinBox 3000.

Well we’ve been shown up by the MuruzCe Fun Education Turkish YouTube channel! Check out their very cool homemade pinball machines – we love the implementation of their multi-ball! Amazing stuff!

source: MuruzCe Eğlenceli Eğitim

source: MuruzCe Eğlenceli Eğitim


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