Celebrate Batman Day 2019 By Playing Stern’s Batman ’66 Pinball Machine via the Internet!

We celebrate this #BatmanDay2019 (Batman’s 80th anniversary) by playing Stern Pinball’s BATMAN ’66 pinball machine via the internet!

Yep, you read that right. Finnish company Surrogate, with their motto of rethinking the way video games have been designed and bringing real-life gaming to the internet, have teamed up with pinball celebrity, Jack Danger of DeadFlip fame, to build the first internet-connected Batman ‘66 pinball machine – a world first where anyone can control the pinball machine from anywhere on this planet!

To inspire other pinball enthusiasts, check out the build video below where Shane (Surrogate CEO) and Jack (DeadFlip) go in-depth on how anyone can hook-up a pinball machine to the internet.

source: SurrogateTV

What are you waiting for? You can go and play Batman ’66 pinball over the internet right now from anywhere in the world – Play Batman ’66 here!


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