Classic Tetris Aussie Championship 2018

Hey Aussie peeps, hold onto your hats, as we have some huge exciting comp news!

After 8 years of the Classic Tetris World Championships (CTWC) in the USA, the competition is coming to Sydney, Australia! Get your diaries out and mark yourself away on Thursday October 4th! This is a huge deal folks, so get Tetris’n.

So what is this all about you ask? CTWC has teamed up with the awesome 1989 Arcade Bar & Kitchen (22 King Street, Newtownto crown the first ever Classic Tetris Australian Champion. Players will go head-to-head (in a best out of three games) on the Nintendo Entertainment System’s Tetris, until there is only one player remaining. There are prizes to be won, beers to be enjoyed and many classic arcades to be played. It is going to be one heck of a night that welcomes all level of Tetris fanatics, from beginners to pro.

Who will hoist the first ever CTWC Australia trophy? Well, you gotta be in it to win it!

The CTWC Australia event details:

  • When: October 4, 2018 (starts at 7:00pm)
  • Where: 1989 Arcade Bar & Kitchen – 22 King Street, Newtown
  • Event/Info: Official event page on Facebook
  • Entry: $15.00 – grab your ticket here. Each ticket is one entry into the championship and comes with a drink (beer or wine)

image source: 1989 Arcade Bar & Kitchen