€200,000 Will Get You A Complete Neo Geo AES Games Library

Have you recently won the jackpot in the lottery? If you have and you want an instant and complete Neo Geo AES games collection, then you are in luck!

For a cool €200,000 (AUD$285,716), you get the full-set of the Neo Geo AES Japanese games library which is all 100% original! Phwoar, if only we didn’t spend the lottery money on that red Ferrari!

Now if €200,000 is a tad too much, perhaps the microwave sized Neo Geo Deck: Compact Amusement System at US$59,997 (AUD$79,912) may be a bit more palatable.

Oh yeah, you can make an offer on either one of these Neo Geo eBay auctions *winks*

source: eBay

source: eBay