Flipout 2019 Highlights: We Had A (Silver) Ball!

We always look forward to Mr. Pinball Australia Flipout Show as it gives us a chance to play heaps of pinball machines we would otherwise never get a chance to play out in the wild.

Flipout 2019 delivered the desired ‘pinball fix’ we were after, a state of pinball high which we are still riding – the buzz of playing so many pinball machines is still with us, days after the conclusion of the show! To say we had a (silver) ball at Flipout 2019, would be a gross understatement – we loved it!

A lot of hard work goes into preparing and setting up a show of this magnitude, so kudos must be given to Wayne Gillard and his Mr. Pinball Australia team, Martin Robbins from Melbourne Silverball and Scott Kellett from Zax Amusements for supplying over 70 wonderful fun machines for us to enjoy all weekend long. From our highlights package below, you’ll see that each era was represented, from gorgeous EM (Electro-Mechanical) machines, early and late Solid State machines to DMD and right up to the current LCD based pinball machines, the show catered for all pinball tastes.

The awesome folks that brought Flipout 2019 alive [L to R]: Scott Kellett (Zax Amusements) and Wayne Gillard (Mr. Pinball Australia)

The ever smiling Martin Robbins (Melbourne Silverball), showrunning the tournaments at Flipout 2019

From the pinball smorgasbord the most popular were the new offerings from American Pinball (Oktoberfest), Jersey Jack Pinball (Willy Wonka), Stern Pinball Inc. (Jurassic Park), Chicago Gaming Company (Monster Bash Remake) and Spooky Pinball (Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle). The Jersey Jack Pinball (JJP) machines proved popular all weekend long, with a long wait to play on Dialed In and Pirates of The Caribbean machines.

The JJP and Stern machines were popular with all attendees!

We had a blast playing some mid-1990s machines we hadn’t played in a long time, like Williams’ No Fear, Junk Yard and the original Monster Bash. Stern’s Elvis LE pinball machine was a surprise blast which had us pressing the start button more than a few times. Lord Of The Rings was another blast from the past which left us smiling ear to ear – an absolute brilliant machine. It was also great to experience the lesser known titles for the first time, like Thunderbirds (we won’t comment any further on this one!). We reacquainted ourselves with Team Pinball’s The Mafia and Spooky’s America’s Most Haunted – it still plays like a dream.

The Flipout 2019 walkthrough!

The highlight and ‘Best In Show’ machine for 2019 for us was Haggis Pinball‘s debut title, CELTS! This pinball machine blew our expectations by a mile. Not only was this Australian designed and made machine looking gorgeous (we love the Scottish Highland Games art theme by Sam Greenwood, aka: Most Ill), but it also sounded great (we love bagpipes) and most importantly, it played like a dream – the shots felt true and fun to hit, with the geometry being spot on. The upper flipper was fun to smack the ball around and also bumping the ball in the upper playfield against the slings definitely kept us smiling while playing. Even though the CELTS pinball machine was a pre-production model, the whole package still felt solid, something that you would expect from a JJP Collector’s Edition or Stern Limited Edition machine. We actually can’t stop thinking about CELTS, and at the current entry price point, it is very very tempting to add one to our collection.

A neat little non-pinball touch were the balloons around the floor, these created a festive mood and the mini chocolates strewn around the venue were great for our energy levels to keep us flipping.

Enjoy the Flipout 2019 highlights and we hope to see you there in 2020!

The Sandbelt Hotel – the perfect venue for Flipout 2019

Energy to keep us flippin!

We love a signed flyer!

The Melbourne Silverball Flipout 2019 tournament machines are checked one final time!

Oo’er, aren’t the tournament trophies just so gorgeous!

Having a well earned rest!



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