Get Your Keyboard To Match Your Original Game Boy

In my mind’s eye, if I imagined a Game Boy type keyboard I could use on my computer, it would definitely not look as cool as this creation by The Key Company!

The iconic look of the original Game Boy, with its white, navy, maroon and black colour scheme oozes cool Nintendo late 80s aesthetics which would look pretty awesome on other devices, like keyboards! The Key Company is currently running a group buy for their GMK DMG key-set, which is based on, surprise surprise, Nintendo’s iconic handheld. The GMK DMG key-set was designed by Reddit user Futurecrime, with colour matching being professionally done by German industrial equipment maker GMK to directly match Nintendo’s Game Boy colour scheme.

The Base kit, which is USD$169, includes 150 keys designed to cover a majority of keyboards sporting Cherry MX-compatible stems. Pull off one of your normal keys, and if there is a plus (+) sign shaped plastic peg underneath, they’ll fit. The base kit includes some super cute novelty keys sporting Game Boy button graphics, along with a set of direction keys in black with grey stripes.

There are cheaper kits, like the Pocket kit, which costs USD$48 – it comes with keys to fill in some of the more popular smaller keyboard layouts. There is also a $22 Spacebars kit which contains various sizes of space bars in the Game Boy maroon colour.

So if you are into the original Game Boy and want to pair up its colour scheme with a device you use often, like your keyboard, then check out the GMK DMG group buy at The Key Company site for more details. If you prefer to wait for the key-sets to hit the streets (Reddit’s Mechmarket), then diarise April 2019 right now!

Image source: The Key Company

[source: Kotaku]