Good Game Pocket Visits PAX Aus Classic Gaming Area

So PAX Aus is over for another year, the event was a huge success and the Classic Gaming Area was more popular than ever!

We had a ball and were especially excited when the super-friendly guys from ABC TV’s ‘Good Game: Pocket Edition’ stopped by to enjoy the nostalgic vibes.

pax2Nich Richardson with Alex ‘ausretrogamer’ Boz, Retro Domination’s Daz Retro, Pinball Wizard Scott Kellett, and Kerith ‘ms ausretrogamer’

It’s great to see retrogaming getting some serious air time – now watch ‘Pocket Edition’ presenter Nich Richardson (@NichBoy) explore PAX Aus, and most of all – skip to 3:23 for an interview with our very own Mr Alex ‘austretrogamer’ Boz!

Video source: Good Game on YouTube

Behind the scenes:

IMG_1428Lights, camera, action ausretrogamer!

IMG_1426Interviewing Alex Kidd aficionado Braden

IMG_1444Interviewing pinball prodigy Jordan Tredaway

IMG_1425Interviewing Donkey Kong maestro Ryan

Stay tuned to for more stories about our adventures at PAX Aus 2015 over the coming days.


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