Learn To Make Your Own Video Games With PICO-8

Finally, my childhood dream of making games in my bedroom can come true!

How to make games with PICO-8 Kickstarter is exactly what we have been seeking – an easy-to-learn and all-in-one development tool that allows you to draw sprites, design levels and add sound effects and music. The programming itself is done in an extended version of Lua, a widely used and easy to learn programming language.

This Kickstarter (by Tassilo Rau) is for the book on how to make games with PICO-8*, which comes with 100 full-colour pages in a child-friendly layout, with reasonably sized textblocks and lots of illustrations. While the book’s primary target audience is kids and teenagers, us adults will get a hell of a lot out of it too. Feel safe in knowing that this book will help you to take your first steps to making games.

With the Kickstarter campaign ending in about two days, you better hurry and secure your tome so you can start making your own video games!

source: Tassilo Rau on Kickstarter

*Note that PICO-8 is not included with this book, so you will have to increase your pledge by USD$14.99 or buy the license separately. PICO-8 can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac or a Raspberry Pi with a 700MHz CPU and any video card.