Mama Mia: Mario Kart IRL

Mario Kart IRL

Mama Mia! The clever engineers of Waterloo Labs have created an incredible real-life Mario Kart track with a functional item system.

They explain: ‘The goal of this project is to recreate Nintendo’s Mario Kart game in real life. This involves building a system to control the movements of a full sized go-kart as well as a wireless communication system. The end result is a go-kart system where each player can race around a track and pick up items that alter the behaviors of the go-karts’.

Video source: Waterloo Labs on YouTube

I know you are probably itching to rush out to find this amazing track, but sadly it was only a temporary set up. However, all is not lost – the guys provide detailed information on how to build your own (please be sure to let us know if you do!).

And don’t forget to check out their other projects such as the Kinect-a-Sketch and the Eye controlled Mario.

Source: Waterloo Labs via Mashable


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