Most Expensive Classic Video Game Item Sold In Australia

There was something quite rare and exotic that sold on eBay Australia this week. The auction started at $500AUD, but once word got out in the gaming community (especially amongst the retro gaming collectors!), a bidding war erupted!

The exotic item that everyone was falling over themselves was a very rare Japanese Bandai Vectrex store demonstration unit. This rarity ended up selling for $4,450AUD, making it the single most expensive classic video gaming item sold in Australia**. Considering these Bandai Vectrex demo units go for $7,000AUD+, the buyer got themselves a bargain!

If you are the buyer or if someone reading this knows the buyer, please get in touch with us! In case you were wondering about the seller, they are a Japanese antiques retailer from Ocean Grove in Victoria (Australia).

** excludes arcade and pinball machines!

Sold for $4,450! An Australian record for a classic video gaming item!

The description!

Standing tall and proud! The ‘legs’ were not part of the original demo unit

Taking a closer look

Oo’er Mine Storm!

The secured control deck – just in case the player made off with the controller!

¥54,800! That was mindbogglingly expensive for the early 80s (~$650AUD)

Oh that beautiful marquee!

source: eBay Australia



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