NES Cartridge Gaming On The Go

nesp_titleWant to take a piece of your NES on the go and play games on it? Yep, you read that question right – take a piece of your NES, in this instance, a NES console stuffed into a NES game cartridge that can be played on the go!

The specifications of this Nintendo Entertainment System Portable (nesP) are:

Screen: 2.8″ TFT LCD
Control: D-Pad, Select, Start, and two fire buttons
Storage: 4GB internal / SD card slot for additional storage
Battery: rechargeable Li-Ion
Players: MP3 audio player and recorder, FM radio, photo viewer and video player
Emulators: NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color
Speaker: Mono
Output: TV-Out

All in all, a pretty cool one-of-a-kind handheld device that would definitely send tongues wagging on public transport. The TV-Out is a nifty feature, so take that Sega Arcade Nano!

source: robotswillkillyou


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