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C64 Sideways SEUCK Competition 2015

As September is traditionally known as Shmuptember, we thought we would let you budding C64 coders know about the latest Shoot'Em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK) … [Read More...]

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Top 30 C64 Games Of August 1988

1988 was my favourite year of the 1980s. I was still playing arcade machines that had come out a year or two before '88, like Bubble Bobble and Double Dragon, but the new machines hitting our shores were just … [Read More...]


You Don’t Know Jack! Interview with Jack Tramiel from PC’89!

Considering that August is all about the Commodore 64 (#C64Month), we thought we would revisit an interview with Commodore (Ed: and Atari Corp.) founder, Jack Tramiel (born: Idek Trzmiel). The interview took … [Read More...]


15 Critical Events in Video Gaming: 1958 to 1999

When someone asks you to nominate key events in the video gaming industry, you immediately start to think Atari, which is partially correct - they did introduce us to the first mass market console, but other … [Read More...]

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