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Revitalise your Retro Games with HD Retrovision Component Cables

Are you sick and tired of blurry visuals when playing your old school video games on your new HDTV? If you have thrown out your bulky CRT TV and are stuck with … [Read More...]

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Joystick Battles: Konix Speedking vs Commodore C-1342

Does size really matter? What exactly are we referring to here? Get your mind out of the gutter - we are talking about joysticks! When it comes to controlling your favourite video games, everything matters – … [Read More...]


Happy Snaps: The PowerUp Retro 8-Bit Camera

If you are a nostalgic gamer and would like to inject some retro feeling to your photos, then you may want to take note. Available for iOS devices, sushiGrass has created the PowerUp camera app. PowerUp … [Read More...]


Review: Retro Arcade Watch

Forget about wearable tech wristwatches like Sony’s Smartwatch or Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. If you want a cool retro timepiece on your wrist, then look no further than ThinkGeek’s Retro Arcade Watch. Once we … [Read More...]

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