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Good Game Top 100: Australia’s Favourite Games

For Australian viewers, I am sure I don’t have to introduce Good Game to you. For everyone else, Good Game is a popular Australian weekly program dedicated to … [Read More...]

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Nintendo Game & Watch: Octopus

How old were you in 1981? I was still in single digits and blissfully unaware how addictive Gunpei Yokoi's Nintendo Game & Watch creations would turn out to be. On this day (July 16) in 1981, Nintendo … [Read More...]


Nuts For Nintendo In 1988

Even as far back as 1988, the age old economic model of 'supply and demand' generated hype and hysteria in video games. Who better to exploit this hysteria than Nintendo. This VHS recording of a special … [Read More...]


Atari’s 8-Bit Home Computers: A Belated Love Affair

Ah Atari, how I love thee, but back in the '80s it wasn't all love. You see, I chose the Commodore 64 as my 8-bit home computer. Do I have any regrets? Absolutely not! But, with my nostalgia tinted glasses on … [Read More...]

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