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The Magic Of Sega: 3D Arcade Classics For Your 3DS

Before Yu Suzuki embarked on the Shenmue saga, he created some of the most technically impressive and enduring games for Sega. During that golden age of arcade … [Read More...]

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The History of Mario’s Power-Ups

The Super Mario Bros. Tree of Power  Image source: Nintendo Enthusiast Watch Jason from Nintendo Enthusiast take us through the history of Mario's power-ups  starting from the very first mushroom in Super … [Read More...]


Commodore: The Amiga Years – Phoenix Rising

Just when you thought Brian Bagnall's book, Commodore: The Amiga Years was dead and buried, some good news has come to hand! Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, the book is now available for pre-order … [Read More...]


Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary

To help celebrate Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary (released in Japan on 13 September 1985), Nintendo UK have paid homage to the Brooklyn plumber by creating a very cool website. The dedicated site has: an … [Read More...]

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