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The World’s Largest Arcade Machine

No, these pictures have not been photoshopped, this is Jason Camberis from Chicago and his Guinness World Record winning arcade machine. This World's largest … [Read More...]

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The World’s Largest Arcade Machine


Flipping Out


Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This Chiptune Before


Retro Gaming Anniversary: Nintendo 64

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Mario Myths with Mr. Miyamoto

To celebrate Mario's 30th anniversary and the release of Super Mario Maker, Shigeru Miyamoto indulges us with the answers to some important questions about Super Mario Bros. Take it away, Mr. Miyamoto! Video … [Read More...]


Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary

To help celebrate Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary (released in Japan on 13 September 1985), Nintendo UK have paid homage to the Brooklyn plumber by creating a very cool website. The dedicated site has: an … [Read More...]


Atari VCS: Happy Anniversary!

Imagine it is September 11, 1977. If you were living in North America, you may have been lucky enough to receive the console that would transform the video games market forever – the Atari VCS (Video Computer … [Read More...]

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