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2015 Australian Timezone Supanova Pinball Championship Grand Final

This past weekend pinball players from all around Australia descended on Supanova Brisbane to compete in the grand final of the 2015 Australian Timezone … [Read More...]

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The 8-Bit Guy: How Oldschool Sound/Music Worked

In this very cool video, David Murray (The 8-Bit Guy) and guest Rob Ivy (The Obsolete Geek) cover three different eras of computer music: the Internal Speaker, FM Synthesis, and PCM Samples - we learned a lot, … [Read More...]


Anniversary of the Amiga: A Good Game TV Special

2015 has been a year of major gaming and tech anniversaries, from Super Mario celebrating 30 years of busting bricks, to Sony's PlayStation hitting the magical 20th anniversary since its release in the West. … [Read More...]


Mario Myths with Mr. Miyamoto

To celebrate Mario's 30th anniversary and the release of Super Mario Maker, Shigeru Miyamoto indulges us with the answers to some important questions about Super Mario Bros. Take it away, Mr. Miyamoto! Video … [Read More...]

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