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Dialed In: Meeting Jersey Jack Pinball’s Jack Guarnieri

If you weren’t aware, there is more than one player in the pinball manufacturing business. Jersey Jack Pinball started in January 2011 and immediately took the … [Read More...]

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Metal Slug: The Complete History

Do you know how many games are in the Metal Slug series? Would you believe there are over 30 'Slug' games? Yeah, we are in disbelief too. Luckily for us all, Daniel Ibbertson from Slope's Games Room has … [Read More...]

Happy 25th Anniversary Blizzard Entertainment!

Good Game's Goose Mangus did an awesome story on the history of Blizzard Entertainment on this week's show to celebrate the company's 25th anniversary (25 years - can you believe it?!). Check it out … [Read More...]

A Brief History of Virtual Reality

With the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR well and truly on the way to our living rooms, virtual reality (VR) is the biggest news in gaming right now. But let's rewind the clock some two and a half decades, back … [Read More...]

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