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Get Your Geeky Christmas Sweaters On

Ah Christmas 🎅, it's only when we see these awesome geeky sweaters that we wish it was cold down here instead of the furnace-like warmth we endure every … [Read More...]

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Get Your Geeky Christmas Sweaters On

Galencia Blasts Onto Your C64

Grab Some New Atari Jaguar and 2600 Games!

Tomb Raider Film Looks Like 2013 Game

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Commodore 65: Rarer Than Rocking Horse Poop!

Back in February 2015 we told you about the Commodore 65 (C65) that sold for a then record of AUD$26,915. Fast forward to today (November 9, 2017), and the latest C65 on eBay (serial number 000016) has sold … [Read More...]

PAX Aus Panel: Blast from the Past – How Yesterday’s Heroes Became Today’s Icons Editor-in-Chief, Alex Boz, had the privilege of being a panelist on GameSpot's 'Blast From The Past: How Yesterday's Heroes Became Today's Icons' panel at PAX Aus 2017. The panel discussed … [Read More...]

Mi-Sex: Computer Games

Watching the ABC's Classic Countdown on the weekend, we saw a music clip that triggered a torrent of nostalgia. The music clip in question was Mi-Sex's Computer Games. Released in 1979, Computer Games was … [Read More...]

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