PIper: Build Your First Real Computer

You know you have created something special when you have Elon Musk’s kids playing and loving it, and Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak espousing how great your product is for young minds.

Piper is a computer kit that kids assemble themselves! The Piper Computer Kit is aimed at youngsters, growing their confidence around being creators of technology instead of purely consumers.

Kids are quite inquisitive by nature – when they are given iPads, computers and smartphones, they don’t see how technology actually works.  Kids may actually think that technology works by magic, and later in life, when the opportunity to learn or build something tech-related comes up, they feel intimidated.

With LEGO and Minecraft on the other hand, you can get started right away. It’s easy. This ease leads to confidence, which in turn leads to incredible creations. The Piper Computer Kit allows kids to create with code and electronics as simply as placing LEGO bricks or craft a diamond helmet in Minecraft. Piper truly inspires the next generation of inventors and creators!

To find out more about this great computer kit, visit the Piper site.

Build it and they’ll come

Build a real computer from 100+ parts and an engineering diagram!

Create your next science project or invent a new smart home device!

Learn to build and program electronics with immediate results!

source: Piper Computer Kit