Read Only Memories Issue 1 – Comic Review

Read Only Memories is a new cyberpunk noir comic being published by IDW, based in the universe of the game with the same name. Set in the time between the first game and the upcoming title Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, the story follows the character of Lexi Rivers, previously a detective and now a private investigator. Starting off the story we see Lexi posing as a reporter in an attempt to see if her clients wife is being unfaithful and giving some nice insights into the character of Lexi and the world of Read Only Memories. Upon returning to her apartment, Lexi is confronted with a robot whose significant other has gone missing and requires her help in tracking him down.

Read Only Memories quickly pulls the reader into the corrupt and intriguing world thanks to some nice bread crumbs and story hooks from the talented storyteller, Sina Grace. Also helping to draw in the reader is the gorgeous artwork by Stefano Simeone, that gives some wonderful contrast between the bright neon metropolis and the dark underbelly of Santa Cruz. Simeone’s art is simple yet expertly effective in helping to evoke real emotion and depth from the characters and their surroundings.

Whether you are a fan of the games or just looking for some good cyberpunk noir, Read Only Memories is one comic you should certainly keep on your radar.


Mat Panek, Chief Reporter
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Disclosure: Read Only Memories [comic] was kindly provided by Stride PR for this review.