Read Some FREE Retro Gaming Books While In Isolation

These are unprecedented times. We have never collectively faced or experienced such a situation, so it is great to see when we rally together across this beautiful globe to self isolate to help beat this darn Coronavirus!

Thanks to some awesome retro gaming community members, like Chris Wilkins from Fusion Retro Books, they are providing some of their digital (PDF) books for free for all to enjoy while self isolating – check them out further below!

But wait there is more! The Dreamcast Junkyard folks have their The A to Z of Dreamcast Games PDF book for all of you Dreamcast fans to enjoy too, and it’s free.

image source: The Dreamcast Junkyard

These times may seem gruelling, difficult and downright crazy, but we will get through it. For the time being, settle in and immerse yourself with some great free retro gaming content!

Free Fusion Retro Books:

image source: Fusion Retro Books