Retro Arcade Watch


Everyone has a vice or should that be a fetish? Some may have a chocolate vice while others may be into their shoes – Imelda Marcos would be proud if shoes are your thing. My fetish is for wristwatches. Yep, watches. I love them. I have enough of them to rotate a different one for each day for a month!

When the cool dudes and dudettes at Think Geek tempted me with their Classic Arcade Wristwatch, my urge to resist was pretty much futile. For $49.99 USD, you get an arcade machine on your wrist that can tell the time, has a cool red lit dial and best of all, realistic pew pew sound effects! Are you tempted?

Stay tuned, a full review will follow once the Classic Arcade watch hits the wrist!

source: Think Geek


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