Sega-Retro Gaming-Inspired MicroSD Cards

How cool (and clever) are Sega? They seem to be attune to the market by realising that their past gaming consoles still have a place in the heart of millions of gamers around the world. Since Sega won’t be jumping into the console market any time soon (or ever again), what a better way to capture the retro gaming market with some contemporary gear – introducing the Sega (gaming console-inspired) MicroSDHC cards!

The collection of Sega MicroSD cards (Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast) are to celebrate the Mega Drive’s 30th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of Sega’s last console, the Dreamcast. The awesome microSD cards will be officially launched in Japan on October 29th (pre-orders are open right now!) via the Sega Online store, but don’t fret, international buyers can grab these too via Amazon Japan! The only drawback we can see at the moment is that these cards are only 16GB capacity. Regardless of this small drawback, we still want them all! Oh yeah, they will retail for ¥1,980 (AUD$25) plus shipping.

Now imagine your early 1990s self being transported to present day and finding out that you could put a Mega Drive microSDHC card inside of a Nintendo Switch – you’d think the world had gone crazy!

Will you getting any (or all) of these?

Image source: Amazon Japan