Sponsored Video: Don’t Mess Up Christmas

PS_TitleDear Family,

Thank you very much for all the socks and undies from Christmas’ past. My feet and bottom will be well covered for years to come.

I know it is the thought that counts when it comes to receiving gifts, but for this year, I thought I would make life a little easier and let you know what I wish for – It will save you from hunting those elusive elf printed socks in size 7-11.

My gift wishlist contains wondrous Sony PlayStation items that would bring lots of happiness, fun and entertainment. Not only can you play video games on the PS4, but you can also watch TV and surf the web! Heck, I’d even share the fun with you. The PS4 is truly family friendly.

Video gaming has come a long way since we all played Pong, but the essence remains the same – it brings families together in the spirit of fun. You guys remember how much fun we used to have turning the knobs and hitting a white square from one end of the screen to another? Well, the PS4 does this, but infinitely better. As the say, families that play together, stay together.

Just in case this message isn’t getting the point across, perhaps you should watch the video below. Look at how Shaun reflects on past Christmas gifts (sound familiar?) and then receives the gift he has always wanted. See his joy? That’s what I would like to experience this Christmas.

Loving you always,


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