Storm Boy: The Game – Nintendo Switch Review

Storm Boy: The Game, is a charming and touching adaptation of the classic Colin Thiele story. Being developed for the 55th edition of the book and prior to the upcoming movie’s release, it envelopes the childhood joy and wonder of simple activities set against the backdrop of the pristine south Australian coastline.

Storm Boy is a story that many growing up in the 80s and 90s will remember. This beautiful story of Australiana certainly deserves more attention than it normally receives. I know that personally after playing Storm Boy: The Game, I have felt the need to look for the original source material. The game manages to capture that sense of halcyon days, swimming and running along the sand while also showing the nature of people both cruel and kind. The friendship of Storm Boy and Mr.Percival is set up wonderfully and you can really see a connection between them.

The game has a very beautiful and simplistic story book feel to it, a hand painted quality that I really enjoyed. Moving Storm Boy across the screen is very fluid and almost feels like turning pages, allowing the story to progress. Combining visuals and soundscape, the game becomes an atmospheric experience that I found very relaxing. The simplicity of the gameplay in both main story sections and mini games means anyone can appreciate the narrative being told. I did encounter one or two minor bugs during my time but nothing that detracted from the enjoyment of the game.

image source: Storm Boy: The Game

Storm Boy: The Game, is picturesque and charming.  The Story may feel a bit shortened down but certainly packs a punch and doesn’t disappoint. Don’t feel bad if you shed a tear here and there on your journey. If you are after a touching tale of friendship don’t go past this little gem.


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