Super Nintendo Anthology: The Ultimate Book

If there is one sure thing, it’s that Geeks-Line Publishing know how to create brilliant gaming tomes. Their latest book, Super Nintendo Anthology has launched on Kickstarter and it has already blasted past its goal.

Geeks-Line had so much content on Nintendo’s 16-bit beast that they had to split the Anthology into two volumes, one for Software and the other for Hardware. There is also a Kickstarter exclusive “Ultimate Edition” where the software and hardware volumes are bundled together in a super-duper slipcase. With a combined 620+ pages, this is going to be MEGA! Oh yeah, have no fear as Geeks-Line always delivers on their crowdfunded projects. If you already have the PlayStation, N64 and GameCube Anthologies, you know what to expect – lots of awesomeness!

As already mentioned, the 620+ pages will be richly illustrated with documents from the period, with the two Super Nintendo Anthology volumes recounting the life story of the Kyoto-based giant’s wondrous 16-bit console and delve deep into its huge international games library. This will be the definitive SNES work of reference.

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Table of contents (“Ultimate” Edition):

Software Edition

  • The Complete Official Games Library (1724 games)
  • All Games in Alphabetical Order
  • The Box Art of each Game
  • Alternative Game Titles by Region
  • ‘After-Market’ Games
  • Canceled Games

Hardware Edition

  • The SNES Epic
  • Hiroshi Yamauchi: The Man behind the Machine
  • A New Revolution Is Afoot
  • Rise of the 16-bit Machines
  • Observe – Create – Play
  • War on the Horizon
  • The First Announcement
  • The Japanese Launch
  • The American Launch
  • The European Launch
  • The View from the Top
  • A New Era
  • Swansong and Beyond
  • Secrets of the Hardware
  • Accessories (Official and Unofficial)
  • Interviews with People Who Made History
  • Developers’ Words
  • Collectible Treasures
  • Bundles & Collectors’ Editions from around the World


source: Geeks-Line’s Super Nintendo Anthology on Kickstarter