The Fortunes of Video Game Moguls

The video game industry has become an entertainment titan with budgets comparable to Hollywood blockbusters being funnelled into AAA releases and new ways to play.

From those that made gaming more accessible and affordable to the entrepreneurs who made it possible to make money live streaming and even those just in it for the cash, several incredibly savvy individuals have made a name for themselves in an increasingly saturated market.

Like them or loath them – you can find out more about the biggest gaming moguls below:

Video Game Moguls
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Press Play On Tape: The One Where Sega Released A Computer

PPOT_16_SegaIs it See-ga or Say-ga? This and many more interesting things are discussed as the Press Play On Tape podcast hosts take a look at that one time Sega entered the home computer market. Joined by Tim Arnold from the Retro Domination and +3 to Geekdom podcasts, the lads explore Sega’s history in the lead up to, and following the release of their SC-3000 computer.

The guys discuss the different versions of the SC-3000 and where it was released, before taking a peek under the hood to see what hardware drove it. Listen in as they talk about the accessories Sega made for their home computer – including what might be one of the most expensive floppy disk add-ons ever! It’d be a boring computer without games, and given Sega’s arcade history, there’s plenty to be discussed. The team runs through some of the games for the SC-3000, including a unique hidden gem from two of Sega’s greatest developers that you’ll only find on the SC-3000 (and SG-1000)!

This month Daz finally gets his chance to pick Activision as the publisher of choice. As the world’s first independent games publisher, Activision had a huge library of games to choose from, yet the audience still manage to pull a few out from left-field!

Regardless of how you pronounce Sega, the Press Play on Tape team won’t judge you. Hope you enjoy this month’s podcast!

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE podcasts are available on iTunes and Podbean


blahjediAaron Clement
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Pastfinder: A Long Lost C64 Gem

Why has it taken me almost 30 years to discover and play Pastfinder? I mean, I love shoot’em ups, so this game should have been on my radar back in the 1980s. Anyway, it is never too late to enjoy a great game, and let me say from the outset, Pastfinder is a beauty.

What’s there not to like, you are thrown thousands of years into the future on a baron planet with high radiation, you have an awesomely powerful spacecraft (called a Leeper) that is able to walk the landscape (the articulating legs look great!) and fly high to blast enemies and also drop-off supplies to the bases that desperately need them.

Pastfinder is a classic vertical shmup with a twist (think of Zaxxon, but in a vertical attribution instead of isometric) – the clever gameplay of flying and walking the landscape to avoid obstacles, together with tight controls, makes this an absolute blast! Yep, that pun was fully intended! Play this now on your C64, you won’t regret it!



pastfinder_screen2image source: Lemon64


Activision: Happy 35th Birthday

Activision_35What do you do when the company you make video games for does not want to recognise nor pay you royalties for your efforts? You become disgruntled and leave that company with a few of your programmer co-workers and form your own company. Well, that is pretty much how Activision was created – to break the shackles from Atari and recognise the programming geniuses behind some of the most beloved video games of all time.

In creating Activision; David Crane, Larry Kaplan, Alan Miller, and Bob Whitehead became the world’s first third-party video games developers. So thank you to the courage of these men, we can only speculate (Ed: shudder to think!) what would have happened if we didn’t have a third-party video games developer community.

Activision has changed over the last three and a half decades, as has the video games market, but its legacy will not be forgotten. We still love playing their creations from all those years ago, from Pitfall! and River Raid on the Atari 2600, to breaking joysticks with Decathlon on the C64. Ah, those were the days. Happy 35th birthday Activision!