Jammin’ at the Commodore Club

CC_Jammin_HDRIt had been a while since we last attended the Amiga Users Group’s Commodore Club day. Going to one of these club meets is like a family reunion you look forward to – you know you will see people you know and like, and you are assured to have lots of fun. Well, it is safe to say, we had lots of fun playing games (terribly) and catching up with our great Commodore friends.

The highlight of the day was playing Throwback GamesJam It in four player mode on the C64. This pre-release basketball game even had our teams (Tweeters vs Slackers) and player names (I was MagicBoz) hard coded in by Leigh White, the brains behind the one-man-developer-shop at Throwback Games. We will interview Leigh in an upcoming feature to get to know him a little bit better and find out about his creation, Jam It, and its official release details. For now, I want to keep on jammin and slam-dunkin!

Welcome to Casa Commodore

A box of C64 goodies. Let’s play lucky dip! 

The C64 control deck! This is the nerve centre

Meticulous organisation of the C64 5.25″ floppies

The remastered Ghosts’N Goblins – it’s an absolute beauty!

The battle of Xpiose: Dr Curlytek vs Zen Mare Retro

Gonna have some Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road action!

The C64 deck in 4-Player Joystick Mode!

This stik is slik!

Run for your life!

Ice Skating (Hat Trick) battle: Reset Magazine Ed (Kev) vs The Doctor!

The lads [L to R]: Rob, Stacey and Kevin getting ready to fly some taxis!

Ashton Kutcher’s* dad’s creation – Space Taxi! *may not be true

The beautiful Commodore 128D comes to life! 

The A1200 – Now you are playing with power!

Na na na na na na na na… BATMAN!

Anyone for some Pooyan?

C16 power!

The 1200 can make anyone feel like a Hero!

Oh that lush screen!

Amiga 2000 represent baby!

Getting ready to Jam!

Jam It 4P battle: Tweeters vs Slackers! Who will win?

Oo’er, I love me some Jam It stats!

And the winner is……..

Leigh White playing his creation!

The aftermath!

Commodore Club – Going Out With A Bang!

Amiga_TitleOn a warm Sunday afternoon in December, just before Christmas, the Melbourne Amiga User Group held their final Commodore Club meet for 2014.

The final meet had everything, from the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500, to the CD32 and the Amiga 4000 beast. There were a few rarities present, the Paravision SX-1 and FMV module for the CD32 – security was quite tight around these two items (Ed: and so it should be!). There were magazines and controllers aplenty, with not one, but two Battlestations for those that like to play as if they were in an arcade.

amiga_1The highlight of the meet is always the people. Playing games is secondary, especially when you have your behind handed to you in Hat Trick on the C64!

In between the festive mood and feverish discussions, there were pizzas consumed by the bucket-load and fizzy drinks downed to quench our thirst.

As 2014 draws to a close, so does another Commodore Club event for the year. We are already looking forward to reconvening in 2015! Have yourself a Happy Commodore New Year!

The SX-1 and FMV module! I’ll tuck these into my bag…..

Giving the Amiga CD32 some boost juice!

The Amiga CD32 in its fully glory

Code in Assembler, like a cracking boss!

Drive Power!

Man your battlestations!

Look at all those lovely connectors!

This makes life easier

Lightning fast loading!

Serby says it’s Doritos Crunchy Crust pizza or bust!

Play to win

Love me these publications!

A classic C+VG Book of Maps!

Hints and tips, 1985 style

Taking control one last time for 2014!

8-Bit Battle: Atari XEGS vs Commodore 64

Every third Sunday of each month, the Amiga Users Group gets together to showcase, demonstrate, play games and most importantly, chat with other like minded passionate enthusiasts and collectors.

On this occasion, the club meet was hijacked to pit two 8-bit home computers, the Atari XEGS and the Commodore 64 in a tussle to find which reigned supreme in the 1-byte realm. There was a SX-64 thrown in for good measure, but that never factored in the Atari versus Commodore war.


The Team Atari versus Team Commodore battle royale was the brainchild of Weird and Retro’s Aleks Svetislav (Serby). In his usual selfless way, Serby brought monitors, computers, joysticks and a shed load of games for everyone to enjoy and for the battle to take place. My attention went straight to the obscure games that Serby had in his swag, like Jars’ Revenge for the C64. But there was no time to admire the stash, there was a war waging on the tables!


The two 8-bit systems had battles with each playing their respective versions of Wizard of Wor and Assembloids. Let me say, Assembloids is one heck of an addictive game. Serby warned me about it’s addictiveness – it is fantastic! Before I get sidetracked, my impression of Wizard of Wor was that it looked, sounded and played better on the C64 (sorry Serby!). In regards to Assembloids, it was a dead heat – it looked and played great on both the Atari XEGS and the Commodore 64. The other games played were Missile Command and River Raid. Both of these games were made for the little Atari – they were awesome on the XEGS.

There were no arms or legs lost in this battle, only a few sore thumbs. So, who won this battle of the 8-bit home computers? I’d say it was dead even. Whichever side you were on, you couldn’t lose. Long live the Atari and Commodore!

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Vectrex shenanigans on the C64

Jars’ Revenge – a homage to Yars’?

Gauntlet – Some 8-Bit Magic

No Hacking Allowed!