Press Play On Tape: Sugar Daddy

PPOT_AmstradThe micro computing schoolyard stoush has become a threesome! Wedged between Sir Clive’s ZX Speccy and Commodore’s venerable C64 , in this month’s Press Play On Tape podcast we discuss Lord Sugar Daddy’s AMSTRAD Colour Personal Computer (CPC), with special guest and Amstrad subject matter expert, Paul Monopoli (Retrospekt).

The Amstrad love-in covers the exceptionally good, the pretty good, the bad and the downright ugly of Amstrad’s computer line and games. We also unveil Jeremy Clarkson’s brief involvement in Amstrad publications and talk about our favourite and not-so-favourite Firebird published games. As Lord Sugar once famously said, “Fair? The only fair you’re gonna get is your bloody train fare home. Listen to this Press Play on Tape podcast now or you’re fired!”.


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Top 5 Games Charts: September 1987

Do you recall what you were bopping to in September of ’87? Let me remind you – “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. Don’t even try to deny it! Perhaps you were more of a Pet Shop Boys fan? Whatever your music tastes were, I bet that you would have been playing a number of the following chart toppers either on your Amstrad, Spectrum or C64:

Amstrad_CPC464 1) Paperboy (Elite)

2) Barbarian (Palace Software)

3) 6 Pak (Elite)

4) Exolon (Hewson)

5) Ball Crazy (Mastertronic)

ZXSpectrum48k 1) BMX Simulator (Codemasterts)

2) The Milk Race (Mastertronic)

3) Barbarian (Palace Software)

4) Road Runner (US Gold)

5) Destructo (Bulldog)

C64b 1) Last Ninja (System 3)

2) Barbarian (Palace Software)

3) Enduro Racer (Activision)

4) Road Runner (US Gold)

5) World Class Leaderboard (US Gold)




Top 5 Games Charts: August 1985

While Madonna’s “Into the groove” was rocking the number one spot on the music charts in August 1985, there were some awesomely great games in the charts of that month for the C64, Spectrum and Amstrad. Here is a hit of nostalgia:


C64 1) The Way Of The Exploding Fist (Melbourne House)
2) Elite (Firebird)
3) Hyper Sports (Imagine)
4) Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Ocean)
5) Tour De France (Activision)


Amstrad_CPC464 1) Dun Darach (Gargoyle Games)
2) Beach Head (US Gold)
3) Red Moon (Level 9)
4) Alien 8 (Ultimate)
5) Knightlore (Ultimate)


 ZXSpectrum48k 1) Frank Bruno’s Boxing (Elite)
2) Hyper Sports (Imagine)
3) Jet Set Willy 2 (Software Projects)
4) Spy Vs Spy (Beyond)
5) Glass (Quicksilva)