SKYCURSER Is Coming Soon To Shoot Up Your Arcade

Who says that the arcade is dead? If you are sick of seeing redemption machines at your local amusement centre, then perhaps the new horizontal shoot’em up, SKYCURSER will draw you back for some good old fashion blasting!

Griffin Aerotech’s SKYCURSER takes players through some gorgeously drawn worlds in which they must battle mutant hordes to save the planet. SKYCURSER has a total of four missions with a reward scoring system that keeps things quite competitive.

The game runs on a platform called Airframe and its creators have also promised free game updates. A year ago, the Griffin Aerotech team expressed hopes that the open-source nature of Airframe would attract other independent designers to create games for arcade cabinets and controls. This means that operators could potentially swap several games on the same Airframe using only a USB stick, which brings back memories of swapping those good old Neo Geo MVS cartridges.

There’s a Pro (USD$700) and Deluxe (USD$1,200) version of the kitted game, each coming with necessary software and hardware while the Deluxe has additional conversion art. The game is also available in a dedicated arcade cabinet ready to hit the floor (USD$3,499). Conversion kits are expected to ship by June 2017. For information on purchasing the game in a dedicated cabinet, click here.

The arcade industry needs more of these good old fashioned arcade games, like SKYCURSER, to draw back the 80s and 90s kids (now adults) into arcade centres for them to have fun while introducing their own children to the kind of games they played at their age many moons ago.

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Arcade Machine Graveyards

Old school arcade machines may be enjoying a resurgence thank you to the success of barcades, but in their native land of Japan, some are left in haikyo (廃墟) – amusement centre graveyards.

These are just some of the shocking pictures from arcade graveyards where machines and their surroundings have been left in ruin. My heart breaks at seeing these majestic machines left in such disarray. If only they could all be saved!








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ampsArcade Machine Preservation Society [AMPS]
Taking action to save and protect our classic arcade machines from damage and decay.

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Inheriting An Old Japanese Games Centre

Some people are just lucky. Imagine if you will, your girlfriend’s grandmother (Ed: so not even your own blood relative?) buys an old building and then finds that there are two floors brimming with arcade machines and game boards dating back 20 years and she leaves them all to you! This is a true story and the lucky son of a gun is Keisuke999.

The machines were left to him to do as he wishes. So what does he do – he puts them up for sale, of course!  If you are keen to see what is on offer, take a peek at Keisuke999’s thread on NeoGAF.









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ampsArcade Machine Preservation Society [AMPS]
Taking action to save and protect our classic arcade machines from damage and decay.

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