Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2019 Highlights

Oz Comic Con Melbourne (2019) has come and gone. It is always a blast attending this event.

If you missed out on being there, don’t fret, our awesome photography team from REE Photography captured some awesome pics from Melbourne on the Queen’s Birthday weekend for you to enjoy and feel like you were there!


REE Photography
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Raised By Rainbows: Adorable Pop Culture Art

Oh man, wish we had seen Luke Flowers’ brilliant Raised by Rainbows exhibit earlier!

Luke’s exhibit at Gallery 1988 has a number of cool arcade games and other popular toys related art which is very unique and absolutely adorable.

Most art pieces are sold out (Ed: darn it!), but there are a few that you can still get your hands on (Ed: looking at you ‘Mario Mayhem’)!

You got to admit, these are quite cool. Picking a favourite seems impossible!

For more details of available art to be purchased, please check out the entire Raised by Rainbows exhibit at Gallery 1988.

image source: Raised by Rainbows exhibit via Gallery 1988


Stop Motion Super Paper Mario Bros. World 1-1

Another day and another super cool creation!

This time around it is the amazing stop-motion paper animation of the classic Famicom/NES Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 stage created by Japanese artist KisaragiHutae6. The entire animation was created in his notebook with a bit of old school literal cutting and pasting onto lined notebook paper. The result is phenomenal.

Now press play and be amazed!

source: 如月二重6 Kisaragi Hutae 6

[story source: laughingsquid]



Emoji Art for Geeks

We knew there was a good use for emojis!

Our talented co-founder, Ms. Ausretrogamer has put emojis to good use by creating iconic artwork of pop culture geekiness, from Star Wars, Dr. Who, Donkey Kong, to The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, The Shining and Mortal Kombat to name just a few.

If you don’t want to miss Ms. Ausretrogamer’s geeky emoji artwork, follow her on Twitter.


Fun Little Nintendo Console Infographics

Thank you to our awesome friend Goose (on Twitter), for letting us know about these lovely little Nintendo console infographics.

We knew we had to share them with the rest of you! Now we just need to convince Entartika to create some for the SNES, N64 and GameCube.

image source: Fun Little Infographics on imgur


Handcrafted, Vintage and Unique Retro Gaming Goodies

When our friends at Pinball Press covered handcrafted and unique pinball products on Etsy, we have a lot of you asking us to do the same for retro gaming. So your wish is our command!

Here is a selection of pretty cool retro gaming items on Etsy to suit any budget and any occasion – let’s go shopping!

Sega Seal Of Quality

Streets Of Rage 3D Shadow Box Art – framed

Hylian Shield Wooden Pin – Zelda

Awesome Nostalgia Retro Gaming T-Shirt

Game Over – enamel pin

Street Fighter – Ryu: 3D Shadow Box Art (framed)

80’s Retro Gaming Cartridge Throw Pillow Case

Altered Beast T-SHIRT / Beast Mode Gym / Retro Gaming / Unisex

Video Game Controller Poster

Oregon Trail Mug

Pokemon 3D Shadow Box Art (Framed)

NES Controller Patch

Retro NES Controller Card – A Card For Any Occasion (Birthday, Christmas, Gift)

Pixelated Heart Deco Coin Necklace

Custom Commodore 64 Printed Converse Sneakers



WWII Inspired Video Game Propaganda Prints

We are huge fans of Fro’s (aka Fernando Reza) video games related propaganda posters!

His latest series are inspired by World War II video game propaganda prints. This latest set contains a whopping 26 prints! There are six new Mario and Zelda prints each, as as well as Metroid, Galaga, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, Metal Gear Solid, Joust, Frogger and many more great prints – check them all out here.

Duck Hunt – For Vital War Needs

Space Invader – Stop the Invasion

Mario – Superior Firepower

Galaga – Protect

Zelda – Victory

Tetris – Build for Victory

Zelda – Hope for the Future

Mario – Building for Victory

Pac-Man – Protect Our Pellets

Duck Hunt – Keep’em Firing

source: Fro Design Company