It’s An Atari 80s Christmas

Atari80sXmasComms_HDRChristmas is always a great time to reflect. We usually reflect on the year that had just gone by, but for this year, let’s change that and go back a bit further, like back to the 80s when Atari was still king of the video gaming market.

Grab your eggnog and reflect on these early 80s Atari Christmas commercials compiled by haikarate4.

source: haikarate4

Just in case you wanted to know which commercials made up this great compilation, here they are:
• E.T. Commercial Atari 2600
• Atari 5200 Ms Pac Man and Jungle Hunt
• Atari 2600 Atlantis Commercial By Imagic
• Cosmic Ark By Imagic Featuring the kid from A Christmas Story
• Atari 5200 Super System Commercial


The Twelve Gifts Of Christmas

Xmas_Gifts_HDR“On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me”, No, no, no! There will be no ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’ singing here, thank you. With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we would ease the gift buying burden by giving you ‘The Twelve Gift Ideas For Christmas’ to help you get something special for your really cool geeky / nerdy partner.

Forget about going out to the local shopping centre and battling for a car park only to get frustrated when you can’t find anything suitable. We are here to make this Christmas shopping period a pleasant experience from the comfort of your own home and one where your partner will thank you for the awesome gift (Ed: don’t you mean gifts!)!

Enough chatter, as promised, here are The Twelve Gifts of Christmas!

Star Wars: The Original Topps Trading Card Series, Volume One – Just in time for the Force Awakens!

If they are Zelda fans, then this 2.5″ 8-Bit Link Action Figure will tickle their fancy

But if they are a Donkey Kong kinda guy or gal, then they’ll go ape over this!

Secure their DS / 3DS with a retro NES inspired case

Sega fans rejoice! Plug and play the Sega Nano on any TV (with composite connectivity)
There should always be a Masters Of The Universe gift under the Christmas tree

If clothing is preferred, then nothing says cool like a C64 tee

Bookworms partners will love this Commodore book!

Can’t afford a real Intellivision? Then the Intellivision Flashback is the next best thing!

Or maybe they are a ColecoVision type of gamer…

Forget forking out thousands for an arcade machine, grab them a My-Arcade mini retro machine!
And if you really want to spoil him or her, get them the ultimate handheld emulation system, the GPD XD

image source: supplied

Modern Games As Atari 2600 Carts

Have you ever wondered what your favourite modern games would look like as Atari 2600 carts? Well, check out DeviantArtist StarRoivas‘ collection and wonder no more (see the whole collection via Lord Arse on Pinterest).

shadow of the collusus


fallout 3


la noire

broken sword


god of war


silent hill

eternal darkness

Source: StarRoivas on DeviantArt via Lord Arse on Pinterest

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Atari VCS: Happy Anniversary!

Atari_VCS_TitleImagine it is September 11, 1977. If you were living in North America, you may have been lucky enough to receive the console that would transform the video games market forever – the Atari VCS (Video Computer System, later rebadged as the Atari 2600).

On this day (September 11) all those years ago, Atari made history by releasing their Atari VCS console, the first commercially successful home video gaming system. The video games market exploded with the VCS, and then imploded in the early 80s, but we won’t speak of the implosion here. Today is a day we celebrate the Atari VCS, that beautiful wood-veneer machine that brought many a joy at home, with families huddling around their TV in the lounge room to play Space Invaders and Pitfall.

I remember my first memory of the Atari VCS as if it were yesterday. My dad and I were walking along the local shopping strip when I stopped at the electronic retailer’s window TV display to be mesmirised by a little triangle shooting dots at flying rocks. The game was of course Asteroids, and I fell in love with the Atari VCS right then and there. I begged my dad to buy the console, but at $300AUD, the answer was always going to be no. Luckily for me, I had cousins that got the Atari VCS, so I liked visiting them even more than I used to. Ah, to be young again and enjoy the wonders of simple games. What were your first memories of the Atari VCS? – engage with us on Twitter or Facebook!

Well, with 30 million units sold worldwide and a long lifespan (games were being released for the VCS/2600 till 1992!), the Atari VCS built the foundation that latter consoles would stand on and make history for themselves. Happy anniversary, Atari VCS/2600!


image sources: gamester81 and blacknerdproblems


Operation: Atari Lynx LCD Mod

Should we allow our retro gaming gear to age gracefully, or do we do what everyone does in Hollywood, go under the surgeon’s scalpel in the hope of looking better? In this instance, having an Atari Lynx II upgraded with McWill’s LCD modification (with VGA out) was an easy choice. This surgical transplant was well worth sacrificing one Atari Lynx II out of the many sitting there to be used at ComLynx parties. The only difference being, I would have the best looking screen at the next meet *wink*

In its original form, the Lynx II’s screen isn’t the best, you are constantly angle it or mucking around with the contrast to get that perfect view. With the new LCD, that is all gone! No more mucking around with the contrast knob, and you certainly do not have to angle the Lynx II to get a better vantage point. The new screen is super sharp, able to be viewed clearly at 180 degrees! Not only that, you can also play your Lynx II on the big screen via the VGA out interface! Cor blimey!

Just like any delicate surgical procedure, I left this modification to the expertise of Dr Curlytek. With precision, Dr Curlytek was able to salvage the old screen (to be used as a spare part if need be!) and install the new one without a hitch. The mod isn’t as straight forward as the instructions lead you to believe, so it is best left for those that have steady hands and exquisite soldering skills. So was it all worth it? A photo comparison can’t do the new screen any justice – you have to see it in real life to get an appreciation of its sharpness and vividness! Imagine if Atari had installed these screens originally? Perhaps they would have sold more Lynxes!

A huge thank you to Serblander for sourcing the LCD kit and to the surgeon himself, Stacey “Dr Curlytek” Borg for his exceptional skill in transplanting the new screen into the Atari Lynx II.

The surgeon prepares!

Open that sucker!

The Lynx II opened up

Out with the old (screen)!

The new screen awaits its new host

The Lynx II patiently waits for its new internal organ

Read the instructions twice and perform surgery once – great plan!

The delicate work continues

Additional body part for the Lynx II

The Atari Lynx II in post-operation recovery

The screen test begins! Wow, looking super sharp!

Testing the VGA output! Looking good.

Let the Lynx II screen battle begin!

And the winner is……. Ah, it’s an easy choice

Interactive Family Tree Of Retro Controllers


John Kowalski (Sock Master) has created an awesome interactive retro controller family tree which takes us from Atari 2600 and Intellivision to PS3 and Wii controllers. Click on the pictures in the tree and you will find out key information about each controller – for example, the Atari 2600 controller was first released in 1977 and was sold until about 1991! While the WaveBird is notable for being the first wireless first-party controller.

As Sock Master describes:

‘I’ve put together a chart, or controller family-tree, that tries to connect all the current console controllers with their predecessors… a lot of the information presented here is my opinion. I try to keep things accurate, using facts that I know, but also making some of my own conclusions where no hard evidence is available… 

There are still a number of gaps in the family tree, as a lot of controllers are still missing from the chart. Eventually, I will try to fill in some of the holes. Current things that are missing are controllers I couldn’t get my hands on, controllers from less popular consoles, and most of the 8-bit era.’

Sock Master’s Interactive Retro Controller Family Tree
controller family tree

Source: Sock Master via Geekologie


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Nolan Bushnell: Welcome to Your World, Your Way

Nolan_Bushnell_at_FW_TITLELast night we had the unexpected pleasure of spotting Nolan Bushnell on the telly. No, we weren’t watching ‘Atari: Game Over‘, it was a new ad campaign for ANZ Bank – ‘Welcome to Your World, Your Way’.

The campaign – which aims to inspire people to shape their own world, and their own future – features a raft of ‘Worldshapers’ or ‘inspiring individuals with drive, commitment and imagination in transforming the world around them’.

Nolan Bushnell is undeniably a Worldshaper! As ANZ describe:

‘Back in 1972, few could have imagined a game console in the home. But Nolan did, and the world took note… The world has changed a lot since 1972. And Nolan has played a big part in changing it.’

The Atari co-founder is filmed playing old school arcade machines at Forgotten Worlds, an awesome barcade in Collingwood, Victoria. Ah, if only we knew Nolan was there, we would have challenged him to a game of Asteroids!

Source: ANZ Australia on YouTube