Electrifying the 80s

What a way to start the new year with these awesome 80s metal posters from the ‘Electrifying the 80s‘ collection via Displate!

There are 14 metal posters in the Electrifying the 80s collection that will make your eyes pop! Here are a few to whet your 80s loving appetite…

image source: Displate


Press Play On Tape: C64 Back To The Future

PPOT_eps8_HDRWhen Marty and Doc visited October 21 2015, they failed to tell us that the venerable Commodore 64 was still going strong, even after 33 years after its release. In episode 8 of Press Play on Tape, Daz and Alex welcome the time traveller, Mr. Ant Stiller, who will finally set the record straight on the very rosy future of the C64. Once we hit 88MPH, we’ll discover games, magazines, music, demos, hardware and all other shades of homebrew awesomeness that the C64 still receives, after many of its contemporaries had been left in its dust! Enjoy the ride!

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