C64 SEUCK Competition 2015

SEUCK_Comp_2015_headerThe voting has opened for the 2015 C64 S.E.U.C.K. Competition! The coders that slaved over their creations for your gaming pleasure, now need you to cast your vote. You have some very important decisions to make! Who deserves your vote?

Once again, this year is full of great SEUCK (Shoot’Em Up Construction Kit) game creations, from Ant Stiller‘s awesome Abyssonaut, to Alf Yngve’s GigaBlast, the decision to pick the best is going to be extremely difficult. If you haven’t already, please download each contender’s game to experience them for yourself and then cast your all important vote. Have fun, and as usual, your vote counts, so hop to it!

SEUCK_Comp_Contenderssource: TND – The New Dimension 64