Top 30 C64 Games Of August 1988

Top30_C64_Aug88_chart_HDR1988 was my favourite year of the 1980s. I was still playing arcade machines that had come out a year or two before ’88, like Bubble Bobble and Double Dragon, but the new machines hitting our shores were just so impressive – Power Drift, Galaxy ForceChase H.Q., Ninja Warriors, Dragon Ninja, P.O.W., Vigilante, Cabal, Ninja Gaiden, Forgotten Worlds, Operation Thunderbolt, we could literally go on for another couple of paragraphs! I just wish someone invented a time machine already!

1988 was also a gaming bonanza on the C64. There were great original games, film tie-ins and arcade conversions aplenty. If you were wondering what the top 30 C64 games were this month (August) in 1988, take a peek below, we promise it will send a nostalgic shiver down your spine. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Aliens was our favourite movie on VHS at the time. 1988 was a darn good year!

Top30_C64_August88_chartchart source: Zzap!64 August 1988 issue


Coin-Op Hits: July 1993

CoinOpHits_HeaderCast your mind back to mid 1993, when arcade parlours were a place you could go to and get your fix of unparalleled gaming experiences from industry heavyweights like, Sega, Taito, Atari (Ed: Yep, Atari!), Namco, Midway, Konami, Capcom and Data East (to name just a few). Throw in brilliant pinball tables from Data East, Williams and Gottlieb, and you start missing those days – Ah, if only there was time travel!

Just in case you were wondering what arcade machines and pinball tables we were most enamoured with in July 1993, take a peek below, there won’t be too many surprises! Which machines were your favourite(s)?

UPRIGHT (Arcade)

NBA_Jam 1 NBA Jam (Williams)
2 Title Fight (Sega)
3 Mortal Kombat (Midway)
4 Lethal Enforcers (Konami)
5 Street Fighter II CE (Capcom)
6 Super Chase (Taito)
7 Terminator 2 (Midway)
8 Fighter’s History (Data East)
9 Steel Gunner (Namco)
10 Golden Axe II (Sega)

DELUXE (Arcade)

VR_sega 1 Virtua Racing (Sega)
2 Suzuka 8 Hours (Namco)
3 Stadium Cross (Sega)
4 Lucky & Wild (Namco)
5 Race Drivin’ (Atari)
6 Moto Frenzy (Atari)
7 Galaxy Force (Sega)
8 Mad Dog II (ALG)
9 X-Men (Konami)
10 Hard Drivin’ (Atari)


Twilight_Zone 1 Twilight Zone (Midway)
2 Jurassic Park (Data East)
3 Addams Family (Midway)
4 Creature/Lagoon (Midway)
5 White Water (Williams)
6 Rocky & Bullwinkle (Data East)
7 Star Wars (Data East)
8 Dracula (Williams)
9 Terminator 2 (Williams)
10 Street Fighter II (Gottlieb/Premier)

 Source: Replay Magazine

Top 5 Games Charts: November 1990


There is no denying that there were some awesome games released towards the end of 1990. The below charts are testament to these great games that still endure till this day (Ed: well, some of them anyway).

So, take out those Amiga Operation Stealth diskettes and blow into that dusty Super Mario Bros. cartridge for some unabashed retro gaming experience. Nostalgia rules y’all!

  1) Golden Axe (Sega)
2) Chase HQ (Sega / Taito)
3) Operation Wolf (Sega / Taito)
4) Battle Out Run (Sega)
5) Double Dragon (Sega / Technos)


  1) Super Mario Bros 2 (Nintendo)
2) Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Nintendo)
3) The Legend Of Zelda (Nintendo)
4) Super Mario Bros (Nintendo)
5) Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest (Konami)


Amiga_108 1) Corporation (Core Design)
2) Shadow Of The Beast 2 (Psygnosis)
3) Operation Stealth (US Gold / Delphine)
4) Shadow Warriors (Ocean)
5) Wings (Mirrorsoft / Cinemaware)


atari_st 1) F-19 Stealth Fighter (Microprose)
2) Their Finest Hours (US Gold / Lucasfilm)
3) Shadow Warriors (Ocean)
4) Operation Stealth (US Gold / Delphine)
5) Midnight Resistance (Ocean)


Top 5 Games Charts: July 1996


While the music charts were being rocked by the ‘Spice Girls’ and ‘Fugees’ in July 1996, on the video games front, we had a gorilla, a street fighter and a woody toy dominating the SNES, Sega’s Saturn and Mega Drive. This month also saw an Australian inspired rugby game make the charts on Sega’s 16-bit offering. What were you playing in July 1996?


SNES 1) Donkey Kong Country 2 (Nintendo)
2) Killer Instinct (Nintendo)
3) Yoshi’s Island (Nintendo)
4) FIFA Soccer ’96 (EA)
5) PGA Tour Golf ’96 (THQ)


MegaDriveGen 1) Toy Story (Sega)
2) FIFA Soccer ’96 (EA)
3) Sonic & Knuckles (Sega)
4) Australian Rugby League (EA)
5) Ecco the Dolphin 2: Tides of Time (Sega)


SONY DSC 1) Street Fighter Alpha (Virgin Games)
2) Panzer Dragoon Zwei (Sega)
3) Sega Rally (Sega)
4) Virtua Cop (Sega)
5) NFL: Quarterback Club (Sega)


Top 5 Games Charts: September 1987

Do you recall what you were bopping to in September of ’87? Let me remind you – “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. Don’t even try to deny it! Perhaps you were more of a Pet Shop Boys fan? Whatever your music tastes were, I bet that you would have been playing a number of the following chart toppers either on your Amstrad, Spectrum or C64:

Amstrad_CPC464 1) Paperboy (Elite)

2) Barbarian (Palace Software)

3) 6 Pak (Elite)

4) Exolon (Hewson)

5) Ball Crazy (Mastertronic)

ZXSpectrum48k 1) BMX Simulator (Codemasterts)

2) The Milk Race (Mastertronic)

3) Barbarian (Palace Software)

4) Road Runner (US Gold)

5) Destructo (Bulldog)

C64b 1) Last Ninja (System 3)

2) Barbarian (Palace Software)

3) Enduro Racer (Activision)

4) Road Runner (US Gold)

5) World Class Leaderboard (US Gold)




Top 5 Games Charts: March 1996

March 1996 saw the release of the brilliant Coen brothers movie, Fargo. In the same month, we were bopping away to Take That’s “How deep is your love” (we did?!) and the Prodigy’s “Firestarter” (that’s more like it!).

The Sega Mega Drive and Saturn were embroiled in their own 16-bit vs 32-bit war, while Nintendo’s SNES was being stretched to it’s maximum capability.

These were the top games that had us glued to our consoles in March 1996:


SNES 1) Donkey Kong Country 2 (Nintendo)
2) Yoshi’s Island (Nintendo)
3) Killer Instinct (Nintendo)
4) FIFA Soccer ’96 (EA)
5) Street Racer (Ubisoft)


MegaDriveGen 1) FIFA Soccer ’96 (EA)
2) Premier Manager (Sega)
3) Sonic & Knuckles (Sega)
4) Micro Machines ’96 (Codemasters)
5) Mickey Mania (Sony)


SONY DSC 1) Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega)
2) FIFA Soccer ’96
3) Firestorm: Thunderhawk 2 (Core Design)
4) Virtua Cop (Sega)
5) Daytona USA (Sega)


Top 5 Games Charts: May 1987

Back in May 1987, Mannequin was released and Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” was rocketing to number one on the music charts. On the video games front, the Spectrum, C64 and Atari XE/XL computers were lavished with quite a few awesome games.

These were the top five games on each platform for the month of May 1987:


C64 1) Park Patrol (Firebird)
2) BMX Simulator (Codemasters)
3) Gunship (Microprose)
4) LA SWAT (Mastertronic)
5) Micro Rhythm (Firebird)


ZXSpectrum48k 1) Leaderboard (US Gold)
2) Bomb Jack II (Elite)
3) Paperboy (Elite)
4) Olli and Lissa (Firebird)
5) Gauntlet (US Gold)


atari_xe 1) BMX Simulator (Codemasters)
2) Colony (Bulldog)
3) Green Beret (Imagine)
4) Gun Law (Mastertronic)
5) Silent Service (Microprose)