Retro Gaming Festival Coming To QV Melbourne

Woohoo, it’s Game/On at QV Melbourne from this Friday, 31 August till Sunday 23 September!

QV Melbourne welcomes the new spring season with their month long Game/On event which will feature a retro gaming world with Pacman, Donkey Kong to name just a few, gaming lounges and an Augmented Reality (AR) Scavenger Hunt, live music and lots more to get your game on!

In the QV Melbourne Retro Gaming Arcade Zone there will be all of your favourite retro video games, from Frogger, Pac-Man to Donkey Kong and Space Invaders! And guess what, it’s all FREE to be enjoyed from 11am – 7pm daily in QV Square.

image source: ms.ausretrogamer

Did you say you want competitions? Well then you are in luck! There will be plenty of Gamer vs Gamer Competitions, so grab your friends (or a few strangers) and get your game on in a Super Smash Bros. showdown in QV Square! Competitions will be held every Friday from 5pm. Heats are on the 31st August, 7th and 14th of September, with the finals taking place on Friday, 21st September. If you think you’re up for the challenge (of course you are!), then get practising and register here!

If you prefer a quest, then the Augmented Reality (AR) Scavenger Hunt is for you! Explore the QV Laneways with this exclusive and FREE AR scavenger hunt for your chance to win part of a $10,000 prize pool. Some of the great prizes up for grabs include:

– Republic Boutique gift voucher
– Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer
– $100 Bar Tab from Father’s Office
– Marshall Midi ii Bluetooth Headphones, plus more!

For more deets on the AR Scavenger Hunt, check out the T&Cs.

And for every one that just wants to immerse themselves in Game/On nostalgia, there will be a party on every Friday night from 4-7pm, with a Nintendo themed candy bar, a DJ spinning retro chiptunes and a live progressive art installation in Albert Coates Lane, painted by some of Melbourne’s most vibrant visual artists. Like we said, the best part is that it is all FREE for you to enjoy.

Oh yeah, make sure you tag @qvmelbourne and use the hashtag #QVGameOn when you visit QV Square for Game/On between Friday 31 August and Sunday 23 September to go in the draw to win a $500 QV shopping spree.

Game On like Donkey Kong!

image source: ausretrogamer at PAX Aus


Awesome Chiptunes: 8 Bit Weapon

There is something about lo-tech chiptune music that gets the old aural nostalgic nerve tingling. Listening to 8 Bit Weapon’s self titled album of chipmusic certainly took us back to the heyday of computer generated music that we loved to listen to, even if the associated game was absolute crap. Music has a way of speaking to us, no matter the times we are in.

8 Bit Weapon’s album is the culmination of sound experiments that started in 2015 and ending in 2017. Created via the original Game Boy and Commodore 64 (Ed: SID forever!), the artists sought to explore the outer reaches of the Game Boy’s 8-bit CPU/4-bit sound chip, especially it’s dynamic wave channel sound manipulation capacity with the addition of the Commodore 64 SID synth bass and other sounds to round out the albums sound.

Please don’t ask us to pick a favourite track, as it is like asking to pick our favourite child – impossible! OK, if push came to shove, then we’d say Dungeon Crawler Baller is our fave track, but only just – seriously, all the tracks are ace and unique in their own way.

What Seth and Michelle (8 Bit Weapon) have created is pure awesome original and unique chiptunes that your ears will want you to play over and over. If you are into chiptunes, then this album is for you. Get it now!

Artists: 8 Bit Weapon
Album: 8 Bit Weapon (available via Bandcamp)
Cost: USD $5.00 (or more)

Michelle and Seth are 8 Bit Weapon
image source: 8 Bit Weapon

Disclosure: 8 Bit Weapon kindly provided us with the download of their album for this article.


Retro Cube Speaker and the Super GamePad

Do you want control and great sound? Do you like all things retro? Then keep reading!

8BitDo Retro Cube (Bluetooth) Speaker ($39.99 from PixelCrib)

For those of you that love listening to chiptunes (or any music) on your phone, you’ll note that the speakers aren’t much chop. Enter 8bitdo’s NES inspired Retro Cube Bluetooth Speaker! Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone and switch on the Retro Cube Speaker and you are paired up ready to blast out some cool tunes!

We absolutely love the look of the Cube, which fits right in with our retro gaming décor. The best part is, you can take it anywhere around the house (or outside) to give your ears some decent aural pleasure. At $39.99 from Pixel Crib, this is a no brainer – get one now!

MyArcade (wireless) Super GamePad ($24.99USD from MyArcade)

If you are sick of sitting close to your SNES Classic Mini due to short controller cords, then MyArcade’s Super GamePad may be the answer.

Boasting a cool SNES retro style with wireless functionality, the Super GamePad is a versatile controller that can be used to play on the SNES and NES Classic Minis and on classic (supported) virtual console titles on the Wii™/ Wii U™!

We love the SNES (PAL) colour style, but if you like the North American styling, then MyArcade has you covered. The Super GamePad may not suit those with large hands, so you may want to try one before you make a decision. For everyone else, this is a great wireless pad that features a HOME button for easy access to the game selection menu on the SNES/NES Classic Minis. There is also an intuitive TURBO button that can be assigned easily to any of the action buttons. The ergonomic grips (like newer controllers) make the Super GamePad very comfy to use.

Oh yeah, the 2 x AAA batteries that power the Super GamePad will last for 75 hours, so you can play without worrying that you will run out of controller juice! Another neat feature is the shape of the main action buttons: X and Y are convex, whereas the A and B are concave, a subtle and cool feature. Before anyone asks, you can play about 25 feet (7.5M) away from the console without lag or disconnection! So now you can play your video games from the comfort of your couch or fave recliner 😉


DISCLAIMER: The Super GamePad and Retro Cube Speaker were supplied by MyArcade and PixelCrib respectively.


Chip It: The Chiptune Cover Challenge

Soundfly, the guys that brought you the free online chiptunes crash course  has launched the “Chip It Challenge“!

The Chip It Challenge is a one-month contest (started on January 19) to win a free modded Game Boy and flash carts (courtesy of Kitsch-Bent!), feedback on your work from chip artist Chipocrite, and promo on Flypaper for your project! Entries will be judged by three prominent chiptune artists — glomag, BIAS ONE (f.k.a. minusbaby) and chiptune course instructor extraordinaire, Chipocrite! All you have to do is whip up the best 60-second cover of Devo’s classic groove “Whip It” in a chiptune/8-bit style, and you are in with a shot!

So you reckon you can whip it up? For all the info on the tools to use, rules, judgement criteria, submission and fine print details, head over here. Make sure you chip it, chip it good!

source: Soundfly


Low-Level Festival 2016

LowLevel_HDRThe Low-Level festival is happening again this year on August 19th and 20th at The Muse in Brooklyn, NYC. This year’s unique event will bring together 14 live musical and visual performances, large scale installations and game cabinets. 

Among the talented exhibitors, Andy Reitano will be there to showcase his secret soviet weapon arcade game VEC9 and the latest build of his new NES game, Super Russian Roulette. Andy will be there both days testing the latest updates with players, so make sure you drop by and give him some constructive feedback. You never know, you may score some exclusive giveaways!

Just in case you don’t know what the Low-Level festival is all about, it is two days of lo-bit music, art and indie arcade games. Performers and exhibitors at this year’s Low-Level event will include: Make Up & Vanity Set, Chipzel, FearOfDark, Trey Frey, Partytime! Hexcellent!, Enerjawn, Death by Audio Arcade, Line Wobbler and many more!

If you are keen to hit Low-Level 2016 in NYC this weekend, check out the ticketing details here!




image source: Low-Level and Andy Reitano

Chiptune Crash Course

Chiptune_fly_02Have you always wanted to create chiptunes on old gaming systems? Do you get nostalgic at the sound of old video games? Even if you have a passing interest in computer music, you will appreciate the chiptune course that is on offer from online music school Soundfly!

DIY musicans rejoice, the guys at Soundfly have launched their new and free one-of-a-kind course to teach you how to make music using the sound chips of old video game systems. The course, titled Chiptune Crash Course – Getting Started With Chip Music is taught by critically acclaimed electronic artist Chipocrite, and uncovers how to make chiptune music using a Game Boy or your computer. Popularized by such artists as Anamanaguchi and Beck, chiptune music is definitely gaining momentum in pop culture.

Through this course, students will be introduced to the hardware, how it works, and how to set up a piece of software called LSDJ (Little Sound DJ on the Game Boy) to start making complex music right away. By the end of part one, you will be able to program your own version of the C major scale — a key first step in creating more elaborate tunes. Once you master part one, the natural progression will be to dive into more complicated arrangements using four channels. Wow, now that is exciting!

All you will need is a computer, an internet connection and the desire to make sweet chip music! The course is mobile friendly and can be accessed for free (yes, for FREE!) by anyone anywhere in the world. So what are you waiting for – get jiggy wit it!

Course: Chiptunes Crash Course – Getting Started With Chip Music
Provider: Soundfly
Instructor: Chipocrite






source: Soundly


8-Bit Music Power For Your Famicom

8bit-music-power1If your Famicom is sick of old carts then this may be exactly what it was craving for – 8Bit Music Power, a new cartridge released for the Fami in over two decades! This retro 8-bit chiptunes cart will push the RP2A03 sound processor to its limit, making your Famicom pump to the beats.

You better be quick, there are only a thousand copies available of this cart, and at a price of US$29.99/~AUD$42.64, it will surely become one of the rarest gems for the Famicom.

The compilation consists of 12 tracks and features the talents of Yuriko Keino (Xevious, Pac-Land), Takeaki Kunimoto (Star Soldier, Ninja Hattori-kun) and Masahiro Kajihara (Trigger Heart Exelica, Princess Maker) among others. Complimenting the cool chiptunes is the nostalgic pixel art of Hiroshi Ono (Pac-Land, Bahamut Lagoon, Final Fantasy Tactics).

If your Famicom is in need of some new wares, then look no further than the 8Bit Music Power cart!

source: RIKI8BIT


8bit-music-power3image source: Play-Asia